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  1. 1. Rustomjee Cambridge International School and junior college Dahisar – W, Mumbai Design For change How can you live on … after you are gone…??? An organ donation drive Team: Aaryan , Aashka,Aastha, Aayush, Devansh, Jhanvi A, Jhanvi S, Kaustubh, Kedar, Megan, Neel and Sarah
  2. 2. feel….. Deciding the topic to be selected for the project There were many projects that were considered before deciding on the organ donation campaign like.. 1.Providing pots in housing societies for birds to drink water 2.Donating books for underprivileged children 3.Spreading awareness about wet and dry wastes segregation in housing societies 4. Awareness program on organ donation
  3. 3. feel… There are millions of unfortunate people suffering from organ failures due to diseases/infections/accidents… All this when organ transplantation can help them lead a normal life……. Many people who wish to donate their organs after death are unable to do so because-they cant find means and do not have the know how to do so - or are terrified by the scams associated with it - or simply feel that their religion or culture does not allow it.. Potential donors who may be willing to donate organs are not motivated to donate due to lack of awareness.
  4. 4. imagine…. Every life is precious and more lives can be saved if more people are sensitized to the needs of patients. Every organ donated can save a life… that was what we decided to work for… Stepping stones to success: Primary target was parents during open house but most parents did not listen to us as they were more interested in talking to teachers regarding their children and all parents did not come to school at the same time … Then we decided to go to housing societies and have one to one talks with members… but again due to security issues and unavailability of interested people we could not execute our plan..hardly 5 to 6 pledges could be obtained..
  5. 5. Minimal response on open house..
  6. 6. Struggle continues • Next plan of action was to randomly put up posters in the vicinity of the school… but our teachers guided us that it would not have any outreach… • Then we thought of screening a movie related to organ donation for those interested and encouraging people to pledge organs. But our principal guided us to target a crowd which would be easily accessible and has a good influence in society. After a series of failures and change of plans…. • We organised 5 presentations to the staff of various schools and a college with authentic information related to organ donation- process, religious background, FAQs and other details while also motivating them to donate more organs… it worked ….
  7. 7. Do… Step 1: Gathering information and a resource person 1. Online research 2. Discussion with practicing doctors 3. Contacting ZTCC 4. Gathering donor cards and information on organ donation
  8. 8. donor cards …..
  9. 9. Information of ZTCC
  10. 10. planning and discussion…..
  11. 11. Step 2: Deciding the target audience 1. At first we decided on doing the awareness program on the open house for parents. However we did not get the kind of response that we expected. 2. Then we changed our attention to the societies nearby. Even that did not give the desired results. 3. Ultimately the principal suggested that we do it for the teachers and we went ahead and prepared for the presentation
  12. 12. Step 3: Presentation, collecting pledges and documentation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. . Collecting information and preparing the PowerPoint presentation Teachers feedback on ppt Fixing dates and venue for all 5 presentations Sending invitations to the teachers Co-ordination with principal and supervisors Delivery of ppt Signing of donor cards Documentation
  13. 13. at work….
  14. 14. Answering FAQs..
  15. 15. time to pledge organs…
  16. 16. One of the sheets showing pledges made after presentations….
  17. 17. The One of the sheets showing pledges made after presentations….
  18. 18. leaving an impact behind… The story does not end here… To ensure the change continues to happen we asked the attendants to influence at least one person around them and motivate him/her to donate or pledge organs… this would create a chain and spread the change all over…
  19. 19. I have not failed.. I have only found a thousand ways that don’t work..thomas edison learning experiences… • • • • • • • We learnt that nothing comes easy..all we need to do is try and try..Aaryan The best thing we did was make presentations… we prepared powerpoint presentations and presented them.. I have become more confident now.. Jhanvi At every stage in life we face problems.. We must take them as challenges and think creative.. No problem is impossible to solve… Kaustubh It was a different experience to go out exploring in the world.. Never have we worked on a project like this..Neel …there is something I learned. That is Teamwork. I really enjoyed working together and having fun when we were learning how to present a PowerPoint Presentation. …Megan It was and always will be the greatest honour to be a part of the upcoming change. At last I feel like I’m worth something…Aastha We have enlightened people that religion supports organ donation and have helped them overcome fears related to it…makes me proud..Aayush
  20. 20. Thank you