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Published in: Education, Business
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  1. 1. Learning through Touch SRD Matunga
  2. 2. Feel
  3. 3. For some, the world is full of darkness and helplessness. But yet, there is enthusiasm to learn! Enthusiasm to stand on ones own feet.
  4. 4. • Smt. Kamala Mehta Dadar School For the Blind was in need of the latest Braille Typewriter (Costing Rs. 24,000/-) as the ones that they had were too old. • They also required Braille Paper. • So we decided to help them out by gifting them a Braille Typewriter and some Braille Papers.
  5. 5. Imagine
  6. 6. We started collecting old newspapers from different houses, so that we could sell them. In turn, we received the money required for the Braille Printer.
  7. 7. We collected newspapers weighing 2550 kgs i.e. Rs 25,500 /- were collected.
  8. 8. Do
  9. 9. Out of the money collected we bought a Braille Printer worth Rs. 24 000/- and 15 packs of Braille paper worth Rs. 1500/- from the National Association for Blind (NAB).
  10. 10. It was then gifted to the girls of Smt. Kamala Mehta Dadar School for the Blind.
  11. 11. On spending time with the children, we appreciated the different talents they possessed and how perfectly they did their activities. We really enjoyed our time with them!
  12. 12. Thank you DFC! • Sharanya Naik • Asang Mehta • Aman Shah • Aishlinn Sheth • Keval Sanghvi