IND-2012-39 SBS - Beer Kalwa -Save Water - Save Life


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Save Water - Save Life

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  • Get picture from mom, regarding the FEEL step where kids and teacher discuss India’s biggest problem
  • Kid looking at a painting.
  • IND-2012-39 SBS - Beer Kalwa -Save Water - Save Life

    1. 1. IntroductionSatya Bharti School – Beer Kalwa is a primary school of Bharti Foundation. Itwas established in the year 2009.Geographical Location:–Village Beer kalwa is a progressive village of our area. It is locatedat a distance of 27 kms from District Headquarter Kurukshetra,Haryana.Cultural Background:-- Major population belongs to OBC & SC Category-- Village have a strong political & economic status in the district.--Agriculture is the main source of income.
    2. 2. ‘ Save Water – Save Life ’ Our story of Change fromSatya Bharti School Beer Kalwa, District - Kurukshetra, Haryana. Students. Mentor Teacher : Mr. Shyam lal
    3. 3. FEELING• We know water is in abundance on earth but we also know drinking water/water usable is very less.• In a survey we found that water level of Beer kalwa village was at 70 feet in 2003 and in 2012 is at 140-150 feet(approx) which is almost double in a decade.• A Survey report tell that water level of District Kurukshetra is decreasing at a very high rate in comparison of other district of Haryana.• Hand pumps are not working these days and also sometime electric summer pumps are not able to through the water out because of dropping water level.
    4. 4. When we walk through thestreets of villages we foundso many causes behind thedepletion of water table.
    5. 5. Then we conducted a survey to see the average water consumption of family on daily basis.Note: All the data is collected by students during survey so Its not a official data it’s a approx data
    6. 6. We discussed the Survey reportamong our teachers, students anddecide to aware the community thatconsumption of water at this ratewill cause problem for their future.Then our students and teachers do the work for it
    7. 7. Do-Going out• We take into consideration of the following- Mass Awareness Rallies, role plays, One to One interaction with stakeholders and then hold corner meetings to address a large group of people. .
    8. 8. How we changed our selfPeople started using bucketsinstead of running tap water forusage like bathing, bathinganimals, washing vehicles,brushing, shaving and cleaningutensils etc.
    9. 9. Survey conducted again tosee the impact on society Note: All the data is collected by students during survey so Its not a official data it’s a approx data
    10. 10. Note: All the data is collected by students during survey so Its not a official data it’s a approx data
    11. 11. Every drop of water counts.We know water is very precious for all of us so, we hope that we all will use it wisely in future. Thanks Team Beer kalwa