Sample Workbook - Performance Management


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This is a sample workbook for one of the I Can Grow People Development Modules. These are available for purchase (under license) from Ican Development Ltd. For more info contact or visit

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Sample Workbook - Performance Management

  1. 1. PerformanceManagementGrowth fromCuttings and DeadHeading  Gardeners are not afraid to deal with underperformance and take some tough decisions. That means offering extra support and care for weak plants and sometimes moving or even getting rid of plants to make way for new, up and coming ones that will perform better, or achieve more in the garden. But, effective performance management should limit any need to take this approach. 
  2. 2. Performance Management B2What is PerformanceManagement? 2 Proactive v Reactive ? ● ● ● ● ● ● Performance Try to place more management is not all effort on positive bad and you should reinforcement of the not forget to seize the good stuff rather than opportunities to pointing out mistakes recognise a great and flaws and effort, contribution or highlighting only the result. bad stuff. ● ● ● ● ● ● 2: Ican Grow People TM Copyright – Ican Development Ltd
  3. 3. Performance Management B2 The Performance Management Cycle Fill in the gaps on the Performance Management Cycle… (PM Cycle). 3 What is the purpose of the PM Cycle? Which parts of the Cycle are you strong or weak at delivering? ● ● ● The Performance Management Cycle can be used for individual, team, department and even organisational Goals ● ● ● 3: Ican Grow People TM Copyright – Ican Development Ltd
  4. 4. Performance Management B2 Growth TargetsMy Summary of GROWTH Targets 4 Dealing with and supporting weak plants - Notes and Learning 4: Ican Grow People TM Copyright – Ican Development Ltd
  5. 5. Performance Management B2 Monitor and Review ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● The Skill V Will Matrix Used as a simple way Developed by Max to gauge people Landberg ● ● ● performance and ● ● ● modify approaches to 5 managing people ● ● ● Skill v Will - Notes and Learning 5: Ican Grow People TM Copyright – Ican Development Ltd
  6. 6. Performance Management B2 Managing Poor Performance and taking action. Sometimes things don’t always go to plan and even though you put a lot of effort into setting the targets and goals for your people there’s no absolute guarantee that you will get a return on that Dealing with investment. People, like plants are complicated Poor machines and sometimes you have to deal with the situation of underperformance or far less than perfect Performance results. 6 Why do managers generally manage poor performance challenges less effectively than gardeners manage the poor performance of their plants? Well, this is a real people issue and not a plant one. Unlike plants, when we deal with people we are immersing ourselves in personalities and emotions. The consequences of our actions start to modify our beliefs and values about the situation and also our confidence to be able to deal with it in the right way. Although we don’t really admit it to ourselves it is much easier to deal with underperformance issues in a way that takes the emphasis away from tackling the situation head on and face to face.Performance management is not all bad and you should not forget to seize the opportunities to recognise a great effort,contribution or result. Try to place more effort on positive reinforcement of the good stuff rather than pointing out mistakesand flaws and highlighting only the bad stuff.Work with your team to discuss what went well regarding task completion, communication, team working and results etc.Capture their thoughts and ideas about why it all went so well so that you can store these essential ingredients for when theyare needed next time. Get into the habit of praising someone personally with a detailed explanation of why it was good sothey “get it” for next time. For example “Thanks for today Jonny, you did really well”. Although it was a nice thing to sayJonny is probably none the wiser as to why he did well. How about “Thanks for today Jenny, you did really well. I didn’t thinkwe would get all that filing done in time. But you were so organised and the logging system you created was pure brilliance. Itsaved us so much time which means we are now going to be ready for the customers in the morning, which makes me feel alot better and I’ll be able to relax tonight. I’ve really valued your ideas today and thanks for remaining energised when wewere lagging after lunch as it kick started my energy levels as well”.Jenny now knows what good looks and feels like and will be more motivated to achieve in the future following the sametemplate for success that she used on this occasion. 6: Ican Grow People TM Copyright – Ican Development Ltd
  7. 7. Performance Management B2 7 7: Ican Grow People TM Copyright – Ican Development Ltd