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Jason Stevens - Event Speaking 2012


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Take advantage of Jason's diary and book him for your seminar, conference,business meeting,team-build, away day etc.
Jason has designed 4 innovative and engaging talks based on feedback from clients and suited to the current economical climate. Delivered with style and humour these talks will shine on stage!
For more details look in this short ppt overview.

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Jason Stevens - Event Speaking 2012

  1. 1. Public Speaker TheatreTop Talks from Jason Stevens for 2012
  2. 2. Jason Stevens• Owner and Director of Ican Development Ltd. Atraining and development company specialising inGREAT Leadership and Management Development• Author of “ I Can Grow People – For blooming greatresults!”. An innovative and uniquely creative look atthe essentials of management through a gardeningmetaphor• An engaging and straight- talking speaker who getsthe point across in powerful ways using props, visuals,audience participation… and humour!
  3. 3. Booking Now for 2012!• Bring something new, relevant andmemorable to your next Business Seminar,Conference or Team Away Day• Inspire your delegates• Gain expert insights• Draw on the latest research and thinking• Choose from Jason’s “Hot Topics” of 2012• Add your KEY messages• Leave people thinking, feeling and doingthings differently• Take advantage of Jason’s diary
  4. 4. Jason StevensHAS THE SHOW!
  5. 5. Hot Topics for 2012Jason has designedhis public speaking“Acts” for 2012 basedon the currenteconomic climate,client feedback andtopics that areengaging and flexibleenough to includeyour key businessmessagesJason can also hostyour business eventand / or develop atalk based on aspecific topic youhave in mind
  6. 6. This years events and activities Act 1 – I Can Grow People - Based on Jason’s book…this talk is a highly amusing yet informative look at the essentialsof management using a gardening metaphor! Using props andstunning visuals, Jason helps managers to visualise their “PeopleGarden” and provides some great tips for growing people inthe workplace. Act 2 – Leadership Timeline – Using history as a lesson,Jason looks back at the 20th Century with a fascinating visualtimeline and explores how the greatest leaders of the past tookadvantage of tough times to make a difference and achievegreatness. Act 3 – All you need is Trust (& Credibility) – Achallenge to all of us in the world… from presidents to politiciansto bankers and managers. How do managers build Trust andmaintain Credibility? Using the latest research Jason has theanswers. Act 4 – Gone in 60 minutes! – Using 60 PowerPointimages which are automatically set up to move forward atrandom times, Jason frantically tries to instill 18 years of top tipson management & Leadership not knowing when the next slidewill appear… with usually hilarious results!
  7. 7. Take control of Jason’s Diary 1 2 3 Leadership 4 5 6 Timeline – Client A Head Office 7 8 Ican Grow 9 10 11 12 & Trust 13 People – Credibility – ICC Qatar Oil Birmingham Company 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Gone in 60 22 23 Grow 24 Ican 25 26 27 Seconds! – People – Manager Director Conf Away Day 28 29 30 31
  8. 8. A Quality Presentation by… Jason Stevens +44 750 800 2288 +44 700 345 1 789