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05 fenton

  1. 1. The Different Faces of the Intelligent Community Panel: Ana Serrano, Founding Director, CFC Media Lab Robert Ouellete, Founder, www.meshcities.com Shaun Browne, Founder, Digital Mentor Group Shirley Fenton, NIHI, University of Waterloo Ted Maulucci, CIO, TridelAndrew Maxwell, CIO, Canadian Innovation Centre
  2. 2. Outline Intelligent Communities - Some Thoughts. Intelligent Communities and IT. Intelligent Communities and Healthcare. 2
  3. 3. Intelligent Communities 3
  4. 4. Intelligent Communities: Waterloo Culture of collaboration. History of (distributed) leadership. Evolutionary rather than revolutionary - reinvent. Innovation market place. Entrepreneurial spirit. Education excellence (UW, WLU, CC). Example: University of Waterloo. “Everything you discover belongs to you.” (“Creator owns it” intellectual property policy helps moves ideas into the economy). Ranked “most innovative” among Canada’s universities. 5 World’s largest college / university co-op education program.
  5. 5. Intelligent Communities and IT 6
  6. 6. Examples Volunteerism: Volunteer Action Centre of KW. Culture: Mennonite Heritage Portrait. 8
  7. 7. Intelligent Communitiesand Healthcare / eHealth 11
  8. 8. Healthcare Challenges in Canada (and The World) The World’s Challenges Parallel Canada’s ChallengesCanada and the World: Face the challenge of an aging population and the emergence of the impacts of obesity. Face the challenges of caring for seniors in the community. Need to better manage healthcare costs. Need to respond better to more informed patients. Need to see the benefits of eHealth in their health systems. 12
  9. 9. eHealthDefinition“eHealth is the combined use of electroniccommunication and information technology in thehealth sector.” Source: World Health Organization (WHO)However, we prefer to say that eHealth is“enabled Health.” 13
  10. 10. Canada: Challenges with Health Delivery Geography. Aging population. Shortage of health professionals. Inequitable distribution of health professionals. Patient safety. Increasing prevalence of public health threats. Limited integration. Fragmented funding. Budget constraints. Language barriers.Source – e-HI Deliverable: E. Igras – e-Health Business Opportunities:An Exploratory Study of e-Health Applications and Markets 17
  11. 11. Key Trends in Health Electronic medical and health records. Mobile, low-cost and efficient health care & surveillance. Wellness and responsibility for health. Emphasis on care in the community and in the home. Web and portal approaches (i.e. Internet). Patient safety and quality of care. Compliance to policies. Demand for and access to quality information at time of need. Informed decision making at the point of care. Best practice and evidence base frameworks. Business plans for health care. 18
  12. 12. Parting Thoughts 25
  13. 13. Parting Thoughts A community is a network. People networking creates and sustains the community. The opportunities for an intelligent community from the health space is enormous: new technologies, techniques, processes – maybe more than any other space. IT is an enabler. We just have to figure out how to do the enabling – in building communities and in delivering healthcare. 26