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01 potter

  1. 1. Research & The Intelligent Nation Dr. Ian Potter Vice President, Engineering National Research Council
  2. 2. Global  Popula*on  and  Urbaniza*on  
  3. 3. What  Ci*es  Must  Provide  •  Sustainable  supply  of  safe  food  •  Sustainable  supply  of  safe  water  •  Sustainable  supply  of  safe  energy  •  Sustainable  eco-­‐system  •  Security  of  persons,  property  and  informa*on  •  Advanced  communica*ons  and  entertainment   systems  •  Sustainable  industrial  base  (economic  and   environmental)  •  Sustainable  transporta*on  systems  •  Sustainable  health  and  educa*on  
  4. 4. Our  ci@es  and  civiliza@on  were  designed  during  the   most  stable  weather  in  the  last  1000  years.  Located  in  areas  prone  to  storm  damage  and  flooding.   Roof  colours  and  parking  lots  suck  up  heat   Avia*on  hubs  located  in  storm  centers  
  5. 5. Blue  Sky  Day  in  Beijing   May  2007  
  6. 6. Public  concern  for  popula*on  health  and   environmental  issues  is  steadily  rising   •  Asthma  and  pulmonary  health   •  Pharmaceu*cals,  contaminants  and   other  chemicals  in  food  and  water   supplies   •  Emissions  and  mould  in  buildings   •  Rise  in  allergies   •  Emissions  and  spills  associated  with   industrial  development  
  7. 7. Containment  doesn’t  eliminate  the  problem  and  expanding  landfill  sites  is  an  undesirable   use  for  land  
  8. 8. The  Next  Genera*on  Community  •  s*mula*ng  and   •  lower  cost,  including   aesthe*cally  pleasing   lower  cost  of  living   work  environment   •  cleaner  environment  •  more  space   •  more  personal  control  •  self  actualiza*on  and   and  influence  on  local   personal  opportuni*es   governance  •  proximity  to  family  and   •  closer  to  nature   friends   •  access  to  services  and  •  heightened  sense  of   infrastructure   personal  security  •  less  stress  and  ease  of   lifestyle  
  9. 9. Imagine  neighbourhoods  that  Next  Genera*on   are  regenera@ve  and  give   more  than  they  take–   Communi*es   –  produce  more  energy  than   they  consume;   –  provide  strong  social   support  networks  for  their   residents;   –  generate  wealth  from   valued  goods  and  services;   –  minimize  their  ecological   footprint,  curtail  GHG   emissions  and  enhance  the   natural  and  human   environment;   –  resilient  and  able  to   respond  effec@vely  to   unexpected  shocks  and   threats.