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Ictc namir anani_20121021_final

  1. 1. 1Strengthening our comparative advantage in emerging growth sectors NAMIR ANANIPRESIDENT AND CEO, ICTC
  2. 2. About us 2The Information and Communications Technology Council(ICTC) is a national centre of expertise leading ICT researchand labour market intelligence, policy development, andprogram management for the digital economyGoals:•Promoting appropriate policies and programs to support ICTgrowth sectors with the highest potential for job creation andeconomic contribution•Increase youth employment in ICT growth sectors•Enhance women and aboriginal youth participation in theDigital Economy•Accelerating the participation of IEPs in the ICT labourmarket
  3. 3. ICT Labour Market 3 Snapshot• ICT labour market jobless rate is 2.6% today, compared to an average unemployment level of 7.4%• By 2016 Canada will require to fill 106,000 critical ICT jobs
  4. 4. Emerging Opportunities 4• Several fast emerging growth sectors in Canada with high potential for job creation and contribution to the economy, among them: • Applications and services • Mobile arena • Cloud computing• Global potential with low barriers to entry, dominated by Small & Medium Enterprises• The Apps market will have a pervasive impact on many sectors of the economy (banking, health, services, administration, etc.)
  5. 5. The Apps Economy 5• Mobile subscriptions worldwide have reached 6 billion• There are more than a billion smartphone users worldwide• Canada’s share is expected to reach $13 million before end of 2012• Canadians spend $675M on Apps, and expected to grow to $1.82 billion by 2016
  6. 6. The Apps Economy 6• The Canadian App ecosystem generates $775M per year in revenue (or 3% of worldwide revenues) estimated to reach $2.2 billion in 2016 (184% rise) in 4 years• Total related employment is 51,700 in Canada (Ontario 47%, Quebec 22%, British Colombia 15%, Prairies 11%, and Atlantic region 5%)• By 2016 it is estimated that App employment will rise to 78,000 (or 51%)
  7. 7. Challenges & Opportunities 7• Access to capital and talent is a challenge• A third of the surveyed enterprises are seeking funding to grow their operations• Despite these challenges, 41% of companies are forecasting strong growth, while the remaining 59% are expecting moderate growth
  8. 8. Take away 8• It’s an exciting time for Canada, where Canadian apps enterprises bring 3% of global revenue ($25.97 billion)• Our comparative advantages are:  The emerging sectors represent an attractive proposition for Canada where there are no apparent dominant worldwide players  We need to fast track our participation in these emerging sectors and continue to enhance our comparative advantages in: talent development; economic, educational, and immigration policies