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Counterparts[1] jorge celis and rafael sierra


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Counterparts[1] jorge celis and rafael sierra

  1. 1. Counterparts By: James Joyce Rafael Sierra Jorge Celis
  2. 2. MAIN CHARACTERS I’m Farrington, a middle age man, with great bulk, lazy, drunk, stuffy, I’m also a lonely person who only thinks about myself and I blame others about my own problems. I’m Mr. Alleyne, a Little man, with gold-rimmed glasses, aggressive, I don’t care about others, I don’t like Farrington because I caught him mimicking my North of Ireland accent one day.
  3. 3. Plot of the Story! This story is about a man called Farrington who works in a office as a contracts maker, during the story, he’s got problems with his boss Mr. Alleyne because he doesn’t have his duties at time and Mr. Alleyne always complains about him and humiliates him, that’s why Farrington hates him. Mr. Alleyne asks him for a work that is supposed to be done before 4 o’clock at that day, but Farrington doesn’t feel like doing it and instead of staying at the office working he goes out and drinks a beer , when he comes back, he realizes Mr. Alleyne needs the contract ready , but this is incomplete, anyway he gives him the contract, when Mr. Alleyne realizes the contract is not well done, he looks for Farrington and begins a tirade of abuses against him, which makes Farrington goes away the office, as Farrington wants to get drunk but he hasn’t any money, he goes to a pawn-office with his watch-chain, after that he gets drunk with his fellows and begins to make trials of strength; unfortunately, Farrington loses the trial twice, gets angry and decides to go home, when he arrives home his wife isn’t there and he talks to his son who offers to make dinner for him, but Farrington begins to beat him because the little boy lets the fire out, the little boy only says “ I’ll say a Hail Mary for you” and that’s how the story ends.
  4. 4. Mr. Alleyne tells Farrington off… Farrington doesn’t feel like working… And he goes out to drink a beer… Mr. Alleyne hits Farrington… He meets his friends to forget his problems… Farrington loses his reputation as a strong man… EVENTS At home he beats his son while the little boy prays… He feels full of smouldering anger and humiliated and…
  5. 5. JAMES JOYCE James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (2 February 1882 – 13 January 1941) was an Irish writer and poet, widely considered to be one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, one of his writing is counterparts in which he shows us the lack of spirit and social sense of Ireland in that time, the poorness, laziness and drinks make us imagine the desolation that someone can feel. On the other hand Joyce teaches us not to be like that man in the story, but to be strength in front of the problems and he makes us understand that the solution for our problems is not in others but ourselves.