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Beyond Hyper-Connected Societies.
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#Unplugging Workshop 20th June 2014 University of Oxford


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By 20th June 2014, Dr Calzada (Future of Cities & COMPAS) and Dr Cobo (OII) from the University of Oxford have held a Workshop titled: #Unplugging > Beyond Hyper-Connected Societies that will take place at The Oxford Research Centre in Humanities in Oxford (UK) from 13:00-16:00.
The article #Unplugging > Deconstructing the Smart City by the two authors is forthcoming.

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#Unplugging Workshop 20th June 2014 University of Oxford

  1. 1. #Unplugging > Beyond Hyper-Connected Societies. http://www.unplugging.eu Workshop supported by > The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities TORCH University of Oxford (UK) http://www.torch.ox.ac.uk/unplugging 20 th June 2014. From 13:00-16:00. Oxford (UK) Keywords: Unplugging, Digital Humanities, Cross-disciplinary Research, Social Networks, Social Capital, Smart City, Social Innovation, Networked Individualism, Liquid and Networked Society, Public Space and Millennials. • To congregate scholars from Digital Humanities, OII, FoC, InSIS, COMPAS, Oxford Martin School, Säid Business School, Sustainable Urban Development Programme Oxford, Transport Unit and Environmental Change Institute, among others, generating a dialogue between individual academics and communities interested in critically analyzing the social implications of the hyper-connected society. • To facilitate networking and face-to-face conversations to stimulate a live exchange between researchers and individuals with an interest in understanding the side effects of the internet and other socio-technical factors in everyday life. Methodology: The workshop will include presentations and interdisciplinary group discussions: (1) to debate and exchange relevant research and experiences (2) to go beyond the techno-determinism views and explore some of the side-effects of an increasingly hyper-connected society (3) to explore avenues of further research. Summary: The workshop will consist of academics from across the disciplines to critically analyse why the current socio-technical transformations, such as the expansion of social networks and the smart city, should not necessarily be understood as a proxy of ‘social capital’ for a better urban governance. Framed in the context of a society heavily influenced by the promises of Smart Cities, Big Data, smart devices etc., a cross-disciplinary analysis will discuss the side- effects and tensions between being online 24/7 and the subtle notion of #Unplugging, conceived as a rare privilege that only a few members of hyper-connected societies can attain. Aim: The goal of this workshop is to provide a framework for deconstructing the on-going discourse of Smart Cities articulating ten dimensions grounded in a critical social innovation perspective and exploring new transitions and tensions in this agenda. Location: The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (Humanities Division, University of Oxford). Wednesday, 20th June 2014 from 13:00 to 16:00 (BST) Oxford, United Kingdom Booking: Participation is free, but space is limited and registration is required. Please click here to register. http://unplugged-cities.eventbrite.co.uk Convenors: Igor Calzada: PostDoctoral Research Fellow Future of Cities, COMPAS & InSIS - University of Oxford. Cristobal Cobo: Research Fellow Oxford Internet Institute - University of Oxford. By  Dan  Perjovschi