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  1. 1. RCM Community<br />STAKEHOLDERS<br />Partners:<br />RCM COMMUNITY <br />RCM annually selects a theme, organizational partners and capstone event.<br />RCM facilitates creation of social networking groups to provide a platform for community involvement, individual participation and cross-cultural interaction in the capstone event.<br />The groups work on projects and works of art/music that will ultimately be shared at the capstone event.<br />The best work will be made available to the public for purchase.<br />Example: RCM partners with the Toronto International Film Festival<br /><ul><li> Social network groups are organized to deliver paintings, other works of art and live musical performances for selected TIFF films. People from the local community are invited to participate, e.g. especially students and members of various local clubs and associations.
  2. 2. The art and musical performances are inspired by the subject matter and stories told in the films and created by the social network groups.
  3. 3. Moviegoers are able to see the art and hear the music prior to and after the screening.
  4. 4. Moviegoers are given opportunities to purchase original works of art, prints and recordings of the music.</li></ul>STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITY<br />Social Network Groups (SNGs) are an exciting strategic opportunity for RCM. The following aspects of this initiative directly add value to RCM and key stakeholders:<br /> <br />1. Music is often tied to other activities. Broadening the scope of activities available from music to other visual and performing arts is a logical way to involve a wider swath of Canada’s diverse communities.<br /> <br />2. By partnering with other arts organizations and providing individuals with a platform for interaction, the overall arts & culture community in Canada can be strengthened and the negative effects of competition among not-for-profits reduced.<br /> <br />3. In addition to creating new revenue streams via the proposed activities, the RCM can build its brand awareness and relationships with diverse people looking for a way to connect to Canada, thereby expanding the potential donor base.<br /> <br />4. RCM affiliation will provide credibility and trustworthiness to the SNGs, enhancing the experience for participants and improving the chances of success.<br />