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Tv crime drama charcters ad


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Tv crime drama charcters ad

  1. 1. 05/03/12 What are the typical character types in a TV Crime Drama?C Be able to define typical character types from Crime DramasB Be able to apply Propp’s character theory to a Crime DramaA Be able to analyse the representations of these character types Poirot Luther Miss MarpleWho is the odd one out? (AND WHY?)EXT: What links these images? (AND WHY?)
  2. 2. Main Character Types: Hero, Heroine, Anti-hero cop, Officers of grumpy, buddy, quirky, rookie, the law bad tempered, experts Luther, Colombo, Cagney & Lacey, Jack Bauer New victims every episode. Victims Audience tend to sympathise. Flashbacks sometimes used. CSI uses flashbacks to show us the victims story Suspected of committing the Suspects crime. Wrongly arrested. Treated badly when innocent. Represent the opposition to the Criminals law. Weak, misguided, stupid or clever.
  3. 3. Vladamir Propp’s Character Types: Hero Who goes on a quest Villain Who is against the hero 1.What is the quest? Dispatcher Who sets the hero off on their 2.Who are the clear quest character types? 3.What character types are missing? Donor Helps the hero EXT: How well does Propp’s theory apply? Suggest some reasons Princess What is the prize for the hero? as to how it does or doesn’t.
  4. 4. Vladamir Propp’s Character Types: Officers of Hero Dr. Harry Cunningham the law Suspects Villain ? Criminals Dispatcher On the phone Donor Dr. Nicky Alexander Officers of the law Princess Solving the murder Victims
  5. 5. Using the template create a character for a TV Crime Drama Swap your character with a partner and underneath answer the following questions: 1) Who is the ‘stock’ character type. Name 2) How have they r e p r e s e n t e d them? DescriptionQuirk / Point of interest
  6. 6. Consider the following statements about c h a r a c t e r s in TV Crime drama TV Crime Drama presents us with unfair representations of gender Using your DVD covers, notes on character fromCrime drama still portrays a very masculine culture in the screening and the police force sketches which do you agree with and why? Crime drama shows women playing powerful and intelligent characters Leading detectives in television crime drama are mostly white and male
  7. 7. Characters and Representation Homework:Over the next few weeks you will Need to research your own casestudy TV Crime Drama to discuss in the exam:By next week you must hand in the first two slides of your case study
  8. 8. What is TV Crime Drama?AO1 & AO3