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Music week 3

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Music week 3

  1. 1. Seating Plan Elaine Junior Lemar and Micheal Tyler Jasmine Luke Chelsie Jordan Henry Yan Segun EllenJovan Elaine Dominic Keano
  2. 2. What are the key differences between a major and independent record label? Level 3: Bullet point 5 reasons Level 4: Write a paragraph explaining the difference using as much terminology as possible
  5. 5. By The end of the lesson: : Understand and be able to identify some differences betweena major and independent record label.Structure and essay response using the PEE structure to answer an examquestion Debate and argue the key differences between Sony and theIndependent label you have researched.Use evidence and terminology effectively to create an argument thataddresses the exam question.5 Lessons until ExamMock Exam- Next week Monday= Need to achieve at least one gradebelow target. ONE side of A4 notes allowed only
  7. 7. Read and do the following:Level 3: Underline the key terms and brainstorm what youwould discuss for this questionLevel 4: Re-write the question in your own words and write aplan for what you would discuss What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for the institutions you have studied?
  8. 8. What significance does the continuing development of digital mediatechnology have for the institutions you have studied?
  9. 9. What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for the institutions you have studied? 5mins: Introduction: What are your case studies- how are they different, what are the key words in the question that you will explore, what are some key changes in the music industry that have effected the issues in the question? USE AS MUCH TERMINOLOGY HERE AS YOU CAN3PEEs effect on Sony/Majors (CONSIDER positive/negative)3 PEEs effect on independent Label (CONSIDER positive/negative)5mins- conclude- Who else? How has digital media effected the audience andunsigned artists? what are the latest developments issues/what is the future? Level 4- Have specific evidence and a sense of argument.
  10. 10. NEW DEFINITION CHALLEGE: USE THESE IN YOUR ANSWER IF YOU CAN Fragmented Audiences The way in which texts are not only consumed by media audiences, but the way media audiences interact with media text in the digital age (issues of piracy, technologies, user-distribution/promotion). Proliferation The most damaging type of piracy. This is when music is hacked and stolen during the production stage before the music has been distributed legally. Convergence Marketing messages are addressed directly to the customer and/or customers. Direct marketing relies on being able to address the members of a target market specifically. Exchange Refers to a device that has more than one function. This is where products have ‘converged’ into an all in one device-egIphone. Direct marketing The rapid growth. This could apply to content (the music), hardware or technology in the music industry Pre-release piracy Modern audiences are increasingly separated and may be split into sub groups and consume music in a more personalised way.
  11. 11. TAKE ONE of your PEES that you think has the BEST evidence and themost terminology.WRITE it on a Post it.In your group of four decide who’s PEE is the best and why?
  12. 12. HOMEWORK: Using the feedback from your homework this weekRe-do this question using the comments you have been given to improve.