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Music task

  1. 1. G322 When? Wed 12th Jan 2011 How Long? 2 Hours- 45 minutes each question Worth How Much? 100 Marks
  2. 2. 50% What Will I Study? 50 50%Exam- 2hrs Section A: Will be a focus on TV Drama and Representation. You will develop textual analysis skills and look at technical aspects which you will apply to a short unseen extract. This analysis should be examining how the text constructs representations of gender, age, sexuality, regional identity Section B: Will be a focus on Audiences and institutions. Where we will focus on a case study about the music industry. We will consider the impact of new technologies on the way they produce, exhibit and distribute music to their audiences
  3. 3. What Will I Study? How have new technologies changed the way music is produced, distributed and consumed by audiences? The way that major and independent record labels operate in targeting audiences. The impact on file sharing and web 2.0 has had on the music industry and audiences
  4. 4. How do I get a C? Attend every lesson Make detailed notes and complete all homework Have a clear grasp of the issues involved and a sound understanding of a range of key points Use evidence in your answer Use media terminology in your answer Provide an answer relevant to the question set Attend every lesson Make detailed notes and complete all homework Research your own examples and regularly buy/read media guardian to have a range of contemporary evidence Have an excellent grasp of all the key issues Practice several mock questions under timed conditions outside of class time Use media terminology frequently and confidently Clearly address the set question How do I get a A?
  5. 5. How will I be assessed? Knowledge and Analysis Examples and Evidence Terminology EAA EG TERM
  6. 6. What is an Institution? What do we mean by audiences ?
  7. 7. You are all audiences yourselves: Answer the following questions: What music do you listen to? Where do you listen to music? In what format do you listen to music? How do you purchase music? Have you ever made any music? Do you know any unsigned artists/bands/MCs? How do you find out about new artists? What websites do you use to download/share music?
  8. 8. Where can you get some excellent evidence and examples
  9. 9. Who benefits more from new technology-Industries or Audiences?