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Music intro lesson

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Music intro lesson

  1. 1. Audiences and Institutions Section BThe move to Digitalisation has been‘digital’ music has a massive benefit toruined the music the music industryindustry
  2. 2. The move to ‘digital’ music hasruined the music industry
  3. 3. Digitalisation has been a massive benefit tothe music industry
  4. 4. Introduction to Section BLesson Aims: Understand the requirements for Section B G322 Consider your own role as Music Industry Audiences
  5. 5. Key Media Concepts G322When?9th January 2012How Long? 2 Hours- 45 minutes each questionWorth How Much? 100 Marks- 50% of your A-Level
  6. 6. Key Media Concepts G322 Audiences InstitutionsQUESTIONNAIRE
  7. 7. How will I be assessed? Important websites to visit weekly: usicblogKnowledge and Analysis 20 igital-mediaExamples and Evidence 20Terminology 10 BOUNDARIES:A- 40+/50B- 35C- 30D- 25E- 22U- 21 AND BELOW
  8. 8. Contemporary issue in the music industry: Date/Article/SourceSummarise key points of the article:
  9. 9. Read the first page of the IFPI bookletWhat do you think?
  10. 10. Music Industry G322 The Contemporary Music Lesson Objectives: Industry To understand the key developments in the digitalisation of the music industry To examine how the changes in the music industry effect both audiences and institutions
  11. 11. Music Formats: Advantages and Disadvantages
  12. 12. Music Industry G322 Proliferation: a rapid and often excessive spread or increase Portability The ability to take something everywhere and anywhere Convergence The ability to have multi functions in one device these examples of Why are convergence?
  13. 13. HOMEWORK