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Media 2012

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Media 2012

  1. 1. Questions to PracticeDiscuss how the labels you have studied appeal to their target audiences?How far has technology changed the way that music is marketed andpromoted for the companies that you have studied.What are the positive and negative effects of new technology for the labelsand audiences you have studied?How does the type of record label effect the products that are produced andmarketed with the labels you have studied.
  2. 2. G322 Music Industry Exam PreparationTerminology TEST Consumption Synergy Level 3: Cross Media Promotion Define at least 3 of the following terms. Proliferation Level 4: Ownership Add an example for each one. Convergence Sampling effect
  3. 3. Piracy Re-CapWrite a PEE about how SONY combat piracyP One way that Sony have tried to combat the negative effects of piracy is by………………EE This allows them to……………………
  4. 4. G322 Music Industry Exam PreparationBy the end of the To what extent does digital distribution affect thelesson I will be marketing and consumption of media products in theable to: media area you have studied? Production What are the traditional ways ofThis is VITAL marketing musicTo recordcompanies Marketing/Promotion artist?particular major What are the wayslabels and Targeting Audiences that newWho may spend technology/digitalhuge budgets on Distribution media has effectedmarketing artists marketing and promotion? Consumption/Exchange
  5. 5. Contemporary Marketing Strategies AIM Institutions/Owners/Artists want to get their music/products to the target audiencePROBLEM Fragmented Audiences Divided/niche specialist Non-traditional use of the media eg. watching TV etcSOLUTION Cross Media Promotion Viral Marketing/Online Marketing Direct Marketing Mobile Marketing Apps and use of new technology
  6. 6. CROSS MEDIA PROMOTION/Horizontal IntegrationCROSS MEDIA PROMOTION-using more than one type of media to promoteartists. For example 1Directions songs performed on Glee (music and TV)HORIZONTAL INTEGRATIONCompanies using their other media outlets THEY OWN to promote their artists Aerosmith (signed to Sony) have earnt more money in royalties from Guitar Hero on PS3 than from selling albums in the last few years Sony Example: Independent Label Example :
  7. 7. Viral Marketing What is it? Viral Marketing- using audiences and the internet to spread a marketing message Viral marketing is a great talent launching mechanism if done correctly. It works particularly well for bands and musicians for 2 key reasons 1. Friends trust each others judgment 2. It’s inexpensiveSony Example:Independent Label Example:
  8. 8. Direct Marketing What is it? Direct Marketing- Needs can be identified and profiles of interest can be compiled to enable them to targeted with future products This way concert tickets, merchandise as well as music can be targeted to fans I Tunes can create a profile of audiences tastes We7, Last FM, YouTube Facebook all do this.Sony Example:Independent Label Example:
  9. 9. Mobile MarketingWhat is it?Using Smart phones to target audiences such as apps and augmentedrealitySony Example:Independent Label Example:
  10. 10. Apps Marketing What is it?- using innovitive mobile and tablet applications to engage and share Sony Ericsson Xperia handsets on the Orange network will have access to an exclusive David Guetta app linked to a Facebook site hosted by the two brands. The site will feature previews of upcoming tracks, videos and competitions to meet the DJ and become a reporter on his Facebook page The companies say their new marketing campaign is timed to fit in with the release of David Guettas latest album, the summer festival seasonIndependent Label Example:Sony Own Example:
  11. 11. Collecting EvidenceEVIDENCE CHALLENGEYou will have 10mins at each station1. Contemporary evidence2. Independent Label research3. Twitter terminology desk4. Planning an answer to the question
  12. 12. Collecting EvidenceWrite a plan for the following exam questionusing this evidence To what extent does digital distribution affect the marketing and consumption of media products in the media area you have studied?