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09 final revision lesson

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09 final revision lesson

  1. 1. REVISION LESSON EXAM: Wed 9th Jan 2013 Write down at least 3 Dos and 3 Donts for the examHow is age/gender/ethnicity/socialclass/sexual identity/regionalidenity/disability REPRESENTED through the
  2. 2. Dos & Donts• Make lots of notes • Describe the• Use your anagrams so you know what to meaning of words look for• Use symbols and abbreviations to include • Waste time with an more intro/ conclusion• Use your screening time well – either be • Generally analyse making notes or beginning your answer• Use the PEE structure • Write lots on one• Use as much terminology as you can micro element and• Only refer to the area of representation then run out of time stated • Be inaccurate – with• Cover all 4 micro elements spelling or what you• Plan your time – will you write so many PEEs are saying on each section in turn or will you follow the chronological order of the clip • Forget terminology• Start with editing to make sure you don’t • Stop writing! miss it• Always state whether they are subverting/reinforcing/conforming to stereotypes
  3. 3. • My strongest micro element is…• My strongest area of representation is…• My weakest micro element is…• My weakest area of representation is…
  4. 4. YEAR 12 MEDIA PEEs 1.Identify if you are a P(point), E (Evidence) or E(Explanation)? 1.Find the rest of your answer2.Is yours a strong answer? - Discuss
  5. 5. • The girl’s youth is represented through mise-en- scene especially in her clothing.
  6. 6. •The character of Amy wearing bright yellow
  7. 7. •Connoting her young, childish personality.
  8. 8. •Cinematography is used to represent the men’s age.
  9. 9. • Panning is used when the men are at work. This signifies they are working together as a team.
  10. 10. • This connotes they are mature because they are not playing around, they are working hard. This conforms to a typical representation of
  11. 11. • The man’s age is represented by his voice.
  12. 12. • For example the diegetic dialogue, tone and language when he says “My dear, you haven’t a clue”.
  13. 13. • This connotes his power over the younger girl. This conforms to the conventional representation of a dominant adult being condescending to the young through his language
  14. 14. • Furthermore, we also denote that when she is told to leave she throws a tantrum and yells ‘I Hate You’ to Paul and storms off. Connoting to the audience childlike behaviour.
  15. 15. • The production design is represented by age through mise en scene.
  16. 16. •The production site is set on a large farm/village.
  17. 17. • This conforms to the typical representation of age as old people go and live on farms for peace and quiet away from loud noise and busy things.
  18. 18. • Editing in the clips shows a conformity view of a typical young girl
  19. 19. • The use of long takes for the older male and short takes for the young girl connotes that the older man is more dominant
  20. 20. • This agrees with the stereotype that older characters hold more power than the younger generation
  21. 21. 1 High Angle / Low Angle AREA OF REPRESENTATION? Who is superior?
  22. 22. 2 High Angle / Low Angle AREA OF REPRESENTATION? Who is superior?
  23. 23. 3 High Angle / Low Angle AREA OF REPRESENTATION? Who is superior?
  24. 24. 4 High Angle / Low Angle AREA OF REPRESENTATION? Who is superior?
  25. 25. Anagrams and Microelements
  26. 26. Anagrams and MicroelementsMISE EN SCENE CINEMATOGRAPHYCLPPPS CAMSCostume, make up Close up, extreme close up/long shot,Lighting - high key, low key, interior, mid shot, two shot, POV, high/low/cantedexterior, artificial, back lighting angle, over the shoulder,composition, framing, rule of thirds, power points,Production Design deep/shallow focus, depth of field,Props tracking, panning, zooming, tilting,Performance (body language, facial craningexpressions)SpaceSOUND EDITINGDVDN PECTSound bridge, motif, non- Fast/slow pace, long/short takes,diegetic/diegetic, ambient, fade, dissolve, cut, transition,instrumental, soundtrack, tone, 180 degree rule,tempo, dialogue, sound effects, montage/continuity editing,foley, match on action, eyelinesynchronous/asynchronous, match,cross cutting/parallelincidental, music score editing, simultaneous action
  27. 27. Microelement?
  28. 28. Cinematography: Rule of Thirds
  29. 29. Micro element?SHALLOW FOCUS DEEP FOCUS
  31. 31. Editing Techniques: INFERIOR / SUPERIORINFERIOR / Stereotype SUPERIOR / Stereotypee.g. Long take = slow physically, frail, e.g. Long take = dominant, powerful,exhausted, weak, slow thinking…old age in control of the scene…masculinity
  32. 32. Sound Dialogue Ambient Soundtrack Instrumental Sound bridge Synchronous Asynchronous Sound effect Tone Volume Foley ScoreDiegetic Non-diegetic BothINFERIOR / Stereotype SUPERIOR / Stereotypee.g. Slow tempo instrumental score = e.g. Slow tempo instrumental score =lower class, depressing, low ambition upper class, regal, sophisticated, refined
  33. 33.• My strongest micro element is…• My strongest area of representation is…• My weakest micro element is…• My weakest area of representation is…
  34. 34. Rules •30 seconds per pair •Each pair plays twice •Cant mention the word or the micro-element •Most correct wins a prize •Member from the other team stands over shoulder NO CHEATING!• Henry • Tyler • Keano • Jordan• • Chelsie • • Segun Ellen Jasmine • Jovan• Elaine • Alex • Luke • Dominc• Yan • Junior • Lamaar

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