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06 sexual identity in tv drama

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06 sexual identity in tv drama

  1. 1. Sexual Identity in TV Drama Can you tell theirs?
  2. 2. Lesson Objectives• Understand how sexual identity is represented in TV drama;• Know how to analyse using media terminology;• Be able to analyse how sexual identity is represented through all 4 micro elements.
  3. 3. Kurt from GleeStereotypical?
  4. 4. Stereotypical?
  5. 5. How could sexual identity be represented? Present back to the group What do they look like? What do they look like? Wear? Wear? Sound like? Sound like? Do for aaliving? Do for living? How do they behave? How do they behave? Sexual Identity Prize for Prize forIn 4 groups: the most the most detailed detailed1. Gay man group group2. Straight man3. Lesbian4.Straight woman5.Ext: Link to the micro elements – how would you represent this identity?
  6. 6. Gay Straight Gay Straight Man Man Woman Woman• Henry • Tyler • Keano • Jordan• Segun • Chelsie • Ellen • Jasmine• Elaine • Jovan • Alex • Luke• Yan • Michael • Junior • Lamaar • Dominc
  7. 7. Sexual Identity4 screenings1 – watch2-4 – make notes45 mins to respond L3 Comment on all four micro2 x P.E.E.s element mostly that conform L4 Comment on four micro elements3 x P.E.E.s with some evidence that subverts stereotypes
  8. 8. Homework• Mark Candidate C’s Response• Mark Scheme1.Mark Sheet2.Highlight answer in three colours3.Justify your mark DUE ON DUE ON FRIDAY FRIDAY
  9. 9. FOLDERS1. Lesson notes2. Worksheets3. Booklets4. Organised into TV Drama and Music Industry.5. Research independent label6. AT LEAST two full answers to music exam questions.7. AT LEAST two full answers8. All marked work and teacher feedback should also be in folder including mock.
  10. 10. Homework: to come up with another three words for each analytical word