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04 ethnicity revision day


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04 ethnicity revision day

  1. 1. Rules •30 seconds per pair •Each pair plays twice •Cant mention the word or the micro-element •Most correct wins a prize •Member from the other team stands over shoulder NO CHEATING!• Henry • Tyler • Keano • Jordan• • Chelsie • • Segun Ellen Jasmine • Jovan• Elaine • Alex • Luke • Michael• Yan • Dominc • Junior • Lamaar
  2. 2. How is Ethnicity represented in TV Drama? Range of representation, stereotypes and language
  3. 3. Ethnicity• What is ethnicity? Ext: Why do we• Are these typical have these stereotypicalrepresentations? views?
  4. 4. What is ethnicity?• Racial stereotypes - based on social myths perpetuated through time;• Different minority ethnic groups generally under represented in TV Dramas.• Are stereotypes reinforced or subverted?• How could you represent Ethnicity through sound
  5. 5. How is ETHNICITY being represented?
  6. 6. Which Ethnic Groups are being represented in this clip?HOTEL BABYLON• Which Ethnic Groups are represented in this clip?• Who is superior and who is inferior?
  7. 7. Which Ethnic Groups are being represented in this clip?HOTEL BABYLON• Group of immigrants / hotel staff• White Male – hotel staff / protagonist• White Male – immigration officer / antagonist• Black male - hotel employee• Black male - medical knowledge / cleaner• Black male - cleaner• White female – hotel employee / receptionist• Asian female – Jackie / protagonist
  8. 8. How is Ethnicity represented through the use of: CAMS CLPPPSCinematographyMise-en-sceneSoundEditing DVDN PECT 4 screeningsL3 Comment on all four microelement mostly that conform 1 – watchL4 Comment on four micro elements 2-4 – make noteswith some evidence that subvertsstereotypes 45 mins to respond
  9. 9. Plenary• Highlight with two colours• One colour for a point you made• One colour for a point you would add
  10. 10. Homework• Timed conditions (45 mins)• Due in on Friday