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5 min madness

The slides of the 5 minutes madness presentation at the IDIMC conference this January 2016.

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5 min madness

  1. 1. EASIER, BETTER, FASTER?How social media facilitate tacit knowledge sharing practices between employees within governmental bodies. Iris Buunk PhD Student Centre for Social Informatics School of Computing Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation @irisbuunk
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Source: Matthew Petroff, 2013
  4. 4. The issues - 1/4 Tacit knowledge Ideas, experiences, feelings, know-how, lessons learned, best practices
  5. 5. The issues – 2/4. Sharing tacit knowledge The easiest way to share tacit knowledge is when people are face-to-face. It can be time consuming, if employees work apart from each other. Source: Jack Morey_
  6. 6. The issues – 3/4. Using the right tools When tacit knowledge is shared collectively, it can enhance the intellectual capital for the organisation.  Without the appropriate tools, it is difficult to enable the creation of this new knowledge. Source: Geoffrey Whiteway_
  7. 7. The issues – 4/4. Social media Social media enable social interactions between people wherever they are located.  There is a lack of evidence on how well they facilitate the sharing of tacit knowledge. Source: Jack Morey_
  8. 8. Knowledge sharing practices Source: Greg Williams_ Informal talks Source: Video conferencing Story telling… Communities of Practice Source: Jack Morey_
  9. 9. Why sharing tacit knowledge?  Enhance working practices  Enable collective intelligence (if shared in group)  Facilitate problems solving  Contribute to the organisational learning process
  10. 10. Curious to know more?
  11. 11. List of sources • Slide 2:,,, Nfaragallah • Slide 3: Matthew Petroff, • Slide 4: Iris Buunk (2014) • Slide 5: Jack Morey • Slide 6: Geoffrey Whiteway • Slide 7: Jack Morey • Slide 8: Greg Williams, Pixabay, Jack Morey