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GJU Innovation Management Diploma


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The first of its kind in the Middle East, Innovation Management Professional Diploma, based on international best practices customized to the Middle East. The Diploma is being offered by the German Jordanian University through its Consultation and Training Center and Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PIE).
The program is composed of 6 training modules each of 15 training hours and an integrated project. Participants will be qualified to get a professional diploma from the German Jordanian University that is recognized by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education. In order to be qualified for the diploma certificates, all modules must be attended and the project must be delivered.

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GJU Innovation Management Diploma

  1. 1. GJU Innovation Management Diploma Launching Event
  3. 3. How it all started GJU • 2005 Office for Industrial Links • 2009 Program innovation & entrepreneurship • 2013 Innovation Space • 2017
  4. 4. Entrepreneurship Service Program Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PIE) “Entrepreneurship and innovation are cornerstones of national economic development.” Create an entrepreneurial eco-system at GJU Encourage graduates to establish their own business Participate in Competitions Transfer Research into Business GJU Alumni Entrepreneurship Award “Job Creation through Responsible Innovation” 4
  5. 5. Program Objectives Utilize the graduation projects for • Collaboration with the industry • Establishment of startups Improve the employability of the graduates • Skills development (presentation, negotiation, etc.) • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & creativity skills Facilitate access to funds and competitions
  6. 6. PIE Students Activities GJU Hackathons Innovative Graduation Projects Entrepreneurship Corner in the Career Fair Innovation Space (Opening on 12/4/2017) Innovation Culture Development (coaching)
  7. 7. July 23rd 2016 GJU Health Hackathon GJU Green Ideathon Some Events Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) GJU Startup Weekend Nov. 12th - 14th 2015
  8. 8. GJU Innovation Management Diploma Enhancing Organizational Innovation & Entrepreneurial Spirit
  9. 9. The story from the Start R&D Design Engineer Develop new technologies and products Questioning • Why some products fail? • Why creative people are not active? Innovation Management Innovation Techniques
  10. 10. Innovation •“Process” followed to obtain •something new •that solves a specific problem •and can be utilized
  11. 11. Why Innovation Management Competitive Advantage Time Today Innovation Management Productivity Quality
  12. 12. Innovation Management Investment / Tools People Innovation Environment
  13. 13. What is Innovation Management Innovation Mgmt Structure Process Strategy People
  14. 14. Sustainability Turning plans into action Achieving sustainability Multi-horizon portfolio
  16. 16. Program Design Startups Corporations / Organizations
  17. 17. Program Design Research (Why) Practice (How) GJU Diploma
  18. 18. Program Design Global Local GJU Diploma
  20. 20. Diploma Modules • Creativity TechniquesCreativity • Innovation, R&D and Technology ManagementInnovation Management • Business Model InnovationBusiness Model • Product Management and DevelopmentProduct Management • Intellectual Property RightsIP • Market Research & ToolsTools Module • Integrated ProjectProject
  21. 21. Creativity Techniques Generate, capture and evaluate Ideas New ideas for products/services Creative meetings for quick decisions New strategies exploration
  22. 22. Innovation Management Manage the process, people, strategy & structure at your organization Reduce Innovation Resistance Recognition System Develop Innovation Strategies Monitor the impact
  23. 23. Business Model Business Model Innovation Value Proposition Design Reinnovate the business Build strategies focusing on the customer
  24. 24. Product Management Lean Product Management Product Life Cycle Management Test the customer with MVPs Analyze the innovation portfolio
  25. 25. Intellectual Property Rights IP Rights Management and negotiation Identify & Protect the innovations Negotiate partnerships for innovation
  26. 26. Tools Market Research Tools Innovation Games & Tools Understand the customers needs Motivate the team with meaningful games
  27. 27. Integrated Project Project Development Customized project for your organization Integrate the concepts of the diploma
  29. 29. Certificate •Recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education •Issued by the German Jordanian University •As a Professional Diploma
  30. 30. Program Logistics •Early Birds Registration deadline : –15th June 2017 •First Module start date: – July 2017 •Each Module is 15 hours over 2 weeks
  31. 31. Q&A
  32. 32. Thank you Email: Phone: 079-5447042 Website: Sample Material: