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  1. 1. PDHPEHealth encompasses all aspects of anindividual’s wellbeing.The PDHPE course is reflective of this.So why is PDHPE important?......
  2. 2. PE.... Promotes Physical Activity• Students are encouraged to be physicallyactive every day• Physical activity results in a healthier andhappier lifestyle• Physical activity is fun
  3. 3. PDH...Encourages an understandingand valuing of self and othersStudents are able to....• form positive attitudes about themselves and others• identify and appropriately express a range of feelings• work cooperatively in teams and enjoy stable andsatisfying interpersonal relationships• They are more tolerant and caring membersof the community
  4. 4. PDH... Teaches the factorsinfluencing personal health choicesPDH considers the personal health decisions thatstudents make about their lives This includes:• nutrition• hygiene• consumerism• drug use• environment• disease prevention
  5. 5. PDHPE promotes students wellbeingand healthy living