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Fape orientation 2013 2nd


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Fape orientation 2013 2nd

  1. 1. ORIENTATION ON THE GASTPEGUIDELINES FOR S.Y. 2013-2014ANDGENERAL ASSEMBLYMay 22, 2013St. Mary’sAcademy of Guagua
  2. 2.  Kindly update and submit it in front while waitingfor the Orientation to start. Thank you.
  3. 3. ACADEMIA DE SANGABRIEL ARCHANGELMalolos CityMs. Antonette de los Reyes
  4. 4. HOLY FAMILYACADEMYAngeles CitySr. Josefina Nepomuceno
  5. 5. LA CONCEPCIONCOLLEGECity of San Jose del MonteMs. Marites M. Valendez
  6. 6. MARY THE QUEENSCHOOL OF MALOLOSMalolos CityMs. Claribelle Villaceran
  7. 7. MYSTICAL ROSESCHOOL OFBULACAN, INC.Sta. Maria, Bulacan Ms. Rosario Garraton
  8. 8. ROSEBELLEACADEMYVictoria, TarlacMr. Diego Liñan
  9. 9. SAINT JEAN BAPTISTEACADEMYBaliuag, BulacanMs. Josefine Gapac
  10. 10. ST. JOHNACADEMY OFBAYANIHANBocaue, BulacanMrs. Gloria Galang
  11. 11. SAN LORENZO RUIZDIOCESAN ACADEMY,INC.San Leonardo, Nueva EcijaRev. Fr. Elmer Villamayor
  12. 12. THE HOLY LADYACADEMYMarilao, BulacanDr. Filomena de Guia
  13. 13. VICTORIA CATHOLICSCHOOLVictoria, TarlacSr. Crescencia Sanchez, OP
  14. 14. Republic Act No. 10533“ENHANCED BASICEDUCATION ACT OF2013”Signed by Pres. Aquino last May 15, 2013
  15. 15. Fixed Slots and New Schools 35,743Additional Slots• Based on shortage 7,659• Based on performance 1,350 _____________TOTAL44,752
  16. 16. FIXED SLOTS – number of slots enjoyedlast yearADDITIONAL SLOTS – based onshortages by municipality as determinedby the Office of the Planning Service ofDepEDINCENTIVE SLOTS – based onperformance of schools• Accredited Schools - plus 30 slots• Above Standard Rating - plus 15 slots
  17. 17.  Had to be stopped second week of March 2013since classes were no longer regular then. It will resume most likely on the Second Week ofClasses. Priority will be given to those which weresubmitted 2012-2013. Consider the schedule of Certifiers.
  18. 18. Will still be given the fixed slot allocationthis school year 2013-2014No additional slotsGiven one-year period to pass and complywith the recommendations, otherwise, theywon’t be given freshmen slots on thefollowing school year.
  19. 19. Branches and extension campuses needto be certified in order to avail of ESCslots, even if the main campus is alreadycertified.
  20. 20.  Write a letter of intent to the FAPE ExecutiveDirector, Dr. Carolina C. Porio Have it endorsed by the Division/ RegionalOffice of DepED and the RPC. Accomplish the Self-Survey Instrument (3copies) Submit them to Makati office. Makati Office will call you for the certificationschedule.
  21. 21.  Those due for Re-certification, as announcedduring the Orientation last year at BarCIE Submit documents to Makati. Makati Office (Ms. Norma Aguilus/Ms. CherryPalabrica) will inform you of the schedule. FAPE Region 3 does not have any involvement inthe recertification. Submit documents the soonest so you can bescheduled.
  22. 22.  It will be the decision of the Team who visited theschool. Team is composed of the AcademicsSpecialist, Campus Specialist and the ManagementSpecialist. It is three specialists who will deliberate to arrive at thefinal decision. The decision will NEVER be influenced by any personoutside the team. The decision/result becomes final once approved bythe FAPE Executive Director.
  23. 23.  Once payment is received, the school must:• Prepare the PAYROLL in several copies (ESC OnlineEncoding System)• Payroll shall be filed separately with DepEDBSE, FAPE, DepED Regional Office, DepED DivisionOffice, and the school concerned within two (2) weeks fromthe date of the payroll.• DepED Division Office is tasked to monitor the smoothimplementation of the TSS and to report immediately to theDepED Regional Office, cc: Central Office, all violations, ifany, that have been committed by ESC schools.
  24. 24.  TSS Payroll (One copy only) Official Receipt issued by the schoolacknowledging DepED for the receipt of ESC,EVS and TSS funds. Official Receipt from BIR after the tax for theTSS has been remitted. (the second and third documents are to besubmitted only to FAPE Region 3 only)
  25. 25. Grade 8, No.01
  26. 26.  Folders 0-5, for ESC, TSS, EVS (as may beapplicable) Student’s Contracts Enrollment lists noted by DepED Division/Region• 1. listing by section• 2. alphabetical listing of students, regardless of genderand section BUT by year level. Grantees names must behighlighted.
  27. 27. June 15, 2013 – RPC starts acceptingdocuments• 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM only• Documents may be received at FAPE Region3 Office at 063 Sta. Filomena, Guagua Or at St. Nicholas Academy of Guagua Please advise the RPC of your arrival at least a daybefore
  28. 28. July 15, 2013 – CUT OFF dateAugust 15, 2013 – LAST DAY forsubmission of documents to the FAPERegion 3 Office. At midnight of August15, the EOES will be closed.
  29. 29. Schools are to submit documents to FAPERegion 3 Office and NOT to the RegionalOffice.FAPE Region 3 Office will process thedocuments first before bringing them to theRO.It will be FAPE Region 3 Office which willbring them to the RO and to FAPE Makati.
  30. 30.  On Process (School) On Process (Region) On Hold (Region) Submitted to FAPE On Process (FAPE) On Hold (FAPE) Submitted to DepED
  31. 31.  Is usually announced to facilitate an orderlyheadcount of grantees, although it may alsobe done as a SURPRISE VISIT Students are to be arranged following theirESC numbers on their IDs Provide a microphone so that the Monitorscan talk to the students, as the need arises. Teachers MUST assist to make theheadcount very orderly. Teachers must be ready with theiraccomplished FORM 1 and PRC licenses.
  33. 33.  FAPE schools’ involvement Number of participants sent by schools Kind of participants, attitude Registration Fees charged Hotels• Live in / Live out Food Hand outs
  34. 34. To be done in the form of a CHECK, pay tothe order of the DEPARTMENT OFEDUCATION.Prepare a Transmittal letter addressed toUSEC Francisco Varela, DepED CentralFurnish FAPE Makati and FAPE Region3Office photocopies of the saidcommunication and check