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The Heart Of Anatolia (Manisa)


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  • çok leziz bir Manisa.....
    Azizim...yüreğinize emeğinize beyninize sağlık....
    sizi biz ruhumuzla sevdik...ellere vermeyiz....:)
    saygı ve sevgiler...yürek dolusu....
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  • Selam Anadolu Kartalı,
    Bir başka yapıt. Bana lise yıllarımı hatırlattın. Mesir macunu zamanı lise gezi düzenlemişti ve tadı hala damağımda. Senin yapıtınında tadı gayet güzel olmuş. Tebrikler sevgi ve saygılarımla...
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  • Spil Dağı, una montaña llena de leyendas e historia: el lugar predilecto de la diosa Cibeles, la tragedia y las lágrimas de Niobe… que hermoso país…
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The Heart Of Anatolia (Manisa)

  1. 1. 62- MANİSA
  2. 2. Manisa
  4. 17. The Sultan Mosque built in year 1522 by Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Süleyman the magnificent and wife to Sultan Selim is within the complex of the buildings adjacent to the mosque. Everyone could to have a bath in the hammam of the complex free of charge and the poor was given food at the alms house. Various diseases were treated in the Darussifa – the hospital of the complex.
  5. 18. The mesir paste consisting of 41 types of ingredients many of them being the spices prepared by Merkez Effendi, the first governor of Darussifa healed Hafsa Sultan who could not be cured by the physicians of the palace. Thus, the paste became very famous. This paste which bears the fame of a medicine in the public and is preferred persistently was handed out to people by time.
  6. 19. According to the widespread belief among the public those who eat this paste on Nevruz Festival does not have any kind of pain or ache and are protected from snake beats for one year. At present, mesir paste scattering ceremony which is a part of the festivity program starting on the 21st of March catch the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.
  7. 26. Welcome to KIRKAĞAÇ
  8. 28. The Melon Festival -KIRKAĞAÇ
  9. 29. Fairy chimneys - Akhisar
  10. 30. Kybele Turgutlu
  11. 32. Sardis, also Sardes -SALİHLİ The capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia
  12. 35. Traditional Kula Houses
  13. 38. in the Kula street
  14. 43. The bazaar KULA
  15. 44. boxer Fish Seller
  16. 46. Mount Sipylus
  17. 47. The "Weeping Rock" associated with Niobe in Mount Sipylus
  18. 48. The Yörük , also Yürük or Yuruk
  19. 51. Pottery
  20. 54. The Camel wrestling Festival- Saruhanlı
  21. 61. The Zeybek dance by Efe
  22. 63. Tulipa orphanidea
  23. 64. Music .. I didn't love you so your heart could belong to strangers. <ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>January 2010 </li></ul>