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The Heart Of Anatolia (Kütahya)


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The Heart Of Anatolia (Kütahya)

  1. 1. 60-KÜTAHYA
  2. 2. The world's first Collective Bussiness Agreement was signed in Kütahya in July 13, 1766 KÜTAHYA
  3. 5. Kütahya was the capital of Germiyan Beyliği for 130 years,and was the centre of Ottoman Anatolian Beylerbeyi for 400 years The Germiyan street
  4. 11. The Dumlupınar monuments for the memory of martyrs of that war
  5. 12. Evliya Çelebi Ottoman traveler and writer of Book of Travels
  6. 17. The Mawlawi's house and mosque
  7. 19. The first and the only ceramic museum in Europe and in the world is in Kütahya
  8. 23. The most important porcelain works of Turkey,are in Kütahya
  9. 34. Azinoi The first ancient stock exchange office in the world was set up in Aizanoi in Çavdarhisar
  10. 35. The best reserved Zeus Temple is in Aizanoi
  11. 36. T he Thermal Spas in Kütahya are used in Treating many ailments.
  12. 37. The museum of Hayme Ana,who is the mother of Osmangazi who was the fist emperor of the Ottoman Empire
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