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Content Strategy in Brazil - Content Strategy Forum 2012, Capetown


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My personal account of Content Strategy in Brazil and trends for the future. Presentation from the 2012 Content Strategy Forum in Capetown, South Africa,

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Content Strategy in Brazil - Content Strategy Forum 2012, Capetown

  1. Capetown - South AfricaSource: Ivan Herman -
  2. Ibrahim CesarRio Claro, São Paulo, Brasil+6 years of work in the fieldTEDx OrganizerBachelor in Social Communications#csbrazil
  3. An article started the fire...As in: A List Apart 12/16/2008 -
  4. The Country
  5. The ‘B’ in B.R.I.Cs
  6. Good, Very Good!
  7. As in: Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox 10/24/2011 -
  8. As fast as we can
  9. The best thing in Brazil
  10. Content Strategy, IA, UX, Design, Programming and Coffee
  11. FIFA’s World Soccer Cup
  12. Olympic Games
  13. Hot! Hot! Hot!
  14. All you need is a plan.
  15. Ch-ch-changes!
  16. A nation of social and outgoing persons
  17. Source: IBOPE 2 º Country in FacebookSocial networking early adopters and heavy users 71h30 weekly hours - 42%!
  18. Our connection with the world
  19. Source: ANATEL 130 % Mobile in BrazilYes, we have more mobile than people!
  20. Source: IBOPE 14 % Smartphones27mi > France and Germany
  21. Source: IBOPE 73%Access to Internet
  22. Source: IBOPE88 % Use mobile with another devices63% 46% 55% 26%Music TV Web Newspaper 18% 29% 15 % Games Movies Books
  23. Brazilians LOVE videos. Yes, in Caps.
  24. Source: IBOPE 75%Watch videos. In mobile.
  25. Needs to be at the core of business
  26. author of Beyond Boundaries: The New Neuroscience of Connecting Brains with Machines---and How It Will Change Our Lives
  27. Convivial tools need a literacy
  28. “Brazilian Dream Project” by Box 1824-
  29. “Brazilian Dream Project” by Box 1824-
  30. “Brazilian Dream Project” by Box 1824-
  31. Kevin
  32. WhatWants?
  33. WhatWants?
  34. Content Efficiency
  35. Content Opportunity
  36. Content Emergence
  37. Content Complexity
  38. Content Diversity
  39. Content Specialization
  40. Content Ubiquity
  41. Content Freedom
  42. Content Mutualism
  43. Content Beauty
  44. Content Sentience
  45. Content Structure
  46. Content Evolvability
  47. Brazil as a lab
  48. Speak slowly, please!
  49. Capetown - South Africa Thank you all! @ibrahimcesarTypes in this keynoteTitles & Decorative: Multicolore by Neogrey CreativeText: FF Meta Pro by Erik Spiekermann