Windows Azure Platform Göç Süreçleri


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Windows Azure Platform Göç Süreçleri Internet Semineri Notları

A'dan Z'ye Windows Azure ile Uygulama Süreçleri

Kurumsal ihtiyaçlar, gün geçtikçe artmakta ve değişmektedir. Günümüzde şirketler, müşterilerini memnun etmeyi amaçlamaktadır. Bu amaç ile çeşitli iş süreçleri gerçekleştirmektedir. İş süreçlerinin, otomatize ve standartlara uygun olarak, gerçekleştirmesi amacı ile iş uygulamaları kullanılmaktadır.

İş gereksinimleri ve sürekliliği, uygulama yoğunlukları zaman içerisinde farklıklar göstermektedir. Kurumlar, iş süreçlerinin devamlı ve en az maliyet ile gerçekleştirmek amacı ile Cloud Computing sağlayıcılara ve özellikle Windows Azure Platform geçiş yapmaktadır.

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  • Slide Objectives:Outline the AgendaTransition:The topics discussed in the presentation focus on two main tools.Speaking Points:DAC Framework and then Import/Export ServiceSQL Server Data ToolsOther ToolsBest PracticesNotes:Any notes go here
  • Slide Objectives:Highlight the Windows Azure Virtual Machines featureSpeaking Points:As you saw you can use both Windows Server or LinuxYou can install any software you want in the virtual machine. It’s your virtual machineYou can also setup a virtual private network to connect VMs to your on-premises infrastructure
  • Slide Objective:Show images available at preview
  • Slide Objective:Explain workflow for bringing your own VHDNotes:This use case is when you already have a “golden image(s)” your company uses for server provisioning or you have a VM running on premises that you would just like to run in our data center. You take the vhd – use CSUpload or System Center App Controller to upload as a page blob to a storage account. From there use the portal to add as an image (sysprepped) or disk (configured VM) and there you can create a VM based off of the vhd.
  • Slide Objective:Explain how to create an image in the cloudNotes:This use case is about using the capture feature of IaaS to create OS images. The first part you start with a base vhd that you then custom with software binaries, registry settings etc.. You run sysprep.exe and generalize/shutdown the OS. You can then upload it if coming from on-premises or just click the capture button if you created the VM in the cloud. Capture allows you to take a generalized VM and save the underlying VHD as a new image in your image library.
  • Slide Objectives:Describe the Windows Azure Web Sites FeatureSpeaking Points:TransitionVirtual machine capabilities are one of the great features as part of this Azure release.Next one I want to talk about are Windows Azure Web SitesBasically with Windows Azure Web Sites there is a managed service that you can use to run web sites and web APIs. You don’t have to worry or think about VMs, servers, or infrastructure. You can simply focus on building and deploying HTTP based applications.Enables you to build web sites using ASP.NET, Node.js, or PHPAllows you to use any tool and any operating system to build these sites including Windows, OS X, and Linux. You can easily deploy these sites using the tools and infrastructure you know. We support several flexible deployment options including FTP, GIT, and Team Foundation ServicesWhat is nice about this offering is that not only does it enable to very quickly get going, but it also allows you to start with a free offer in a shared environment. You can then scale up these sites using reserved instances for higher performance and isolation and scale out these sites as your web site becomes successful and you have increased load.
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how developers have a choice in publishing methods to Windows Azure Web Sites and that regardless of which method they choose publishing is fast and easy. You can even publish from a non-Windows machine using FTP or Git.Notes:
  • Windows Azure Platform Göç Süreçleri

    1. 1. İbrahim ATAY | Consultant | @ibrahim_atay
    2. 2. Virtual machines
    3. 3. Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2012 Evaluation Windows Server 2012 OpenSUSE 12.1 CentOS 6.2 Ubuntu 12.04 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP2
    4. 4. On-Premises Cloud MyApp.vhd On Premises Virtual Server Provision VM from Image or Disk using portal, script or API
    5. 5. Imaging VMs in the Cloud Cloud Base.VHD Identical/similar deployment instances using common OS image as start Capture VM Saves Customized Image to Your Image Library
    6. 6. Uygulama Yapalım VM
    7. 7. Web sites Build with ASP.NET, Node.js or PHP Deploy in seconds with FTP, Git or TFS Start for free, scale up as your traffic grows
    8. 8. Uygulama Yapalım Website
    9. 9. İbrahim ATAY Software Consultant @ibrahim_atay
    10. 10. Thank You