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Windows Azure Platform Başlarken


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Windows Azure Platform Başlarken Internet Semineri Notları

A'dan Z'ye Windows Azure ile Uygulama Süreçleri

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Windows Azure Platform Başlarken

  1. 1. İbrahim ATAY | Consultant | @ibrahim_atay
  2. 2. à
  3. 3. IaaS PaaS SaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform-as-a-Service Software-as-a-Service host build consume
  4. 4. Infrastructure Platform Software (as a Service) (as a Service) (as a Service) Applications Data Data Data Runtime Runtime Runtime Middleware Middleware Middleware O/S O/S O/S Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Servers Servers Storage Storage Networking Networking You manage Runtime Middleware Servers Storage Networking O/S Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Managed by vendor Data Managed by vendor Applications Managed by vendor Applications You manage Applications You manage Packaged Software
  5. 5. Compute Inactivity Period Time
  6. 6. Time Compute
  7. 7. Time Compute
  8. 8. Time Compute
  9. 9. Virtual machines Cloud services Web sites
  10. 10. İnceleme Yapalım!
  11. 11. à
  12. 12. Open source à
  13. 13. İbrahim ATAY Software Consultant @ibrahim_atay
  14. 14. Thank You