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  1. 1. cutout for the story little red collage for Oumriding hood with light shadow Koulthoom using copper,contrast cold, acetate
  2. 2. book covers for three well known children stories (old MacDonald, ugly duckling, and the.three little pigs) with a twist that makes them horror stories
  3. 3. a silk screen portrait ofOum Kolthoum using theprimary colors
  4. 4. monogram of my name initials‫ أ‬for ‫( أبراهيم‬ibrahim)‫ ع‬for ‫( عيتاني‬itani) typographic bookmarks typographic poster
  5. 5. FOX car agencycorporate identity
  6. 6. special edition of Kefraya red winethe theme is picnic
  7. 7. package yourself is a project that helpsexpress yourself in a package.this package is based on parallelogramsand I used phosphoric and silver colorsgiving it a futuristic feel
  8. 8. a typographic tea line for designersthere are three types of teaand the designers drink the onesuitable to the situation they are in
  9. 9. illustration using Adobe illustrator skittles invitation card skittles fun package
  10. 10. artistic news paper each issuepresents a specific artist andincludes a poster from the work
  11. 11. an animal magazineThe front and back coverwith one spread
  12. 12. toon boom 2D animation
  13. 13. stop motion 1
  14. 14. stop motion 2
  15. 15. Insection logo this project introduces the mutation creating visuals inspired by the topic between the human genes and the insects genes creating an new species .that has super vision
  16. 16. Interactive website explaining my topic
  17. 17. Introduction Logo animation forthe website done in 3D max
  18. 18. RAID logoRAID 3D poster using red blue .glasses to view it in 3D My final project was to make the setting of the game (RAID) on 3d max and make a camera walkthrough to show the players the setting, I also did a logo animation .which is kind of a teaser for the game
  19. 19. logo animation/teaser for the gamealso available in 3D (using red blue glasses)
  20. 20. insect modeling on 3Dmax the three setting of the game
  21. 21. insect walking under the skin of a playerGAME OVER!
  22. 22. Olive CommunicationsConsultants MBH automatic transfer switch catalogue, showing the cover and the inside separators with a unique die cut
  23. 23. Olive CommunicationsConsultants
  24. 24. Olive CommunicationsConsultantsTwo front/back cover options for HAWK brand identity guidline
  25. 25. Olive CommunicationsConsultants Inside separators following a specific monotone
  26. 26. Olive CommunicationsConsultants
  27. 27. Olive CommunicationsConsultants
  28. 28. Olive CommunicationsConsultants Index page for MBH lamps and gears catalogue
  29. 29. Olive CommunicationsConsultants Pin pay poster Pin Pay is a new service that allowes you to use your phone as your wallet where you can pay, get paid, transfer money, and many other options . In other words your phone is your wallet
  30. 30. Olive CommunicationsConsultants
  31. 31. Olive CommunicationsConsultants
  32. 32. banner advertisment logo