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Unit 4


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Unit 4

  1. 1. Unit 4: Content Research - My Documentary PlanningTopic and TitleThe title of my documentary is going to be: Chance to Shine. I will obtain polarized opinionsby introducing in my documentary a question that enables me to obtain polarized opinions.The question will be: Why cricket is a game of mixed ethnicities at a pro and semi pro levelbut in some schools level it’s been segregated? In my documentary, I will be interviewingWasim Khan CEO of Street Chance and ex-cricketer, Eric Ferebee secretary of BatterseaCricket Club and David Dobbs teacher at Chestnut Grove School that deals with my issue.Mode of AddressThe style or mode of address of my documentary is going to be investigative, serious and afew critical modes attached to it. The reason why my documentary is going to be serious isbecause it’s a focused subject matter that people need to know about and understand theethics or morals of my documentary about the issue.PurposeThe purpose of my documentary is to inform, educate and raise awareness of how to findways for young teenagers from different ethnicities to play cricket together as onecommunity. Today’s schools, obsessed with academic league tables, prefer to concentrateon more scholarly subjects. This means shunning cricket, which is seen as taking too long toplay compared with other sports. Finally, cricket has also fallen victim to the ubiquity offootball, which now dominates the sports media and is the primary sporting obsession formost youngsters.AudienceMy primary target audience for my documentary Chance to Shine are teenager’s age 15-19only male who plays cricket and are interested in any sport area. The aim of mydocumentary is to increase aspiration, promote mutual respect, and enhance relationshipsin schools. The target audience gets addressed through the use of cutaways that representtarget audience by having young people in the video clips. The secondary target audiencefor my documentary are people age 35-50 male who are cricket fans because it’s like a goodold times in British Empire - Victorias times only played by gentlemen’s and the excitementto it.
  2. 2. The subject matter is about segregation in cricket at school level. The reason why I havedecided to choose this subject matter for my documentary is because I am, personally,interested in this subject so I can produce an effective documentary for my MediaProduction course. Yet also, the subject matter is captivating and relates to my targetaudience. It is a focused subject matter and it is current so it meets my aims.Most importantly, the conventions of my documentary are:- Non-fiction as I will be documenting an aspect of reality.- My documentary is not a biased type as it contains a variety of other personal opinionsfrom different individuals.- I will be also using archive footage for my cutaways from the secondary resources such asthe Internet, or newspapers.- Two expert opinions to make it believable and more realistic connoting that thedocumentary and the issues are for real in today’s society. I will also convey that thedocumentary is a current and new issue.- Voice over narration, which will help me include more information in my documentary anddisplay my cutaways during a voice over narration which will make my documentary morefascinating.- Cutaways where I will be displaying relevant images or pictures in my documentary.ViabilityViability means the capacity to operate or be sustained. My documentary is viable or inother words, do-able as I can arrange interviewers with the contacts that I have to make formy documentary.Prior the interviews, I will construct professional and relevant questions for myinterviewees. I am also able to conduct VoxPops. In my documentary, I will be presentingthe introduction and conclusion myself of my documentary and the characters. I have tomention that, my documentary is the viable because it is just for 5 minutes and I have bynow developed my idea thoroughly to understand and acknowledge exactly what I am goingto be doing to meet my aims and purposes.
  3. 3. Mode of documentaryThe Mode of my documentary is participatory and investigative. The reason why I am goingto participate in my documentary because it is much more better as I will know what to door what to say for my own documentary. Yet also, my character may not be available 24/7.Whereas, if there are any errors in my documentary for the scenes that I am in, I can easilydo them again.Likewise, the reason why my documentary is going to be investigative is because my aim isto find out the reasons behind segregation in cricket at school level? They will provide mewith polarized opinions.As I am from a teenage life stage too, I can relate myself to my target audience whenplanning and producing my documentary. Personally, I like documentaries that areinvestigative and participatory which makes the documentary realistic and interesting formyself, as a viewer. Therefore, because I know that this mode of address or mode willappeal to my target audience I will use it for my documentary.PresenterI have decided to present my documentary because it is my independently filmeddocumentary; I know what the story is about in depth and what I am going to be doing?I want to present the documentary at the beginning where I will introduce my documentaryto my target audience.I want to be able to present the show as my target audience will be aware of whom thepresenter is and having too much Voice Over throughout the documentary can possiblyresult in losing my target audiences interests or concentration. Personally, I like to see thepresenter in documentaries being present in it as it feels like we are being talked towards bythe presenter which makes the documentary interesting.At the beginning of the documentary, I will be talking about the introduction of thedocumentary explaining what/why I am doing it. I will then include cutaways that arerelevant to my subject matter. I might also have some background sound relevant to thedocumentary such as a song or tune.
  4. 4. LocationsFor my documentary, I have got a variety of locations where my interviewees are mostavailable and the setting represents the issues or subject matter of my documentary. Forexample, I have to interview Wasim Khan for my documentary, which is more likely going totake place in an office. However, I have arranged an interview in a cricket club with EricFerebee who is a secretary of Batteresea Cricket Club. This location is the best as it relatesand appeals to my target audience. At last, my third location takes place in academicpremises where there is a school teacher David Dobbs who will participate in my Vox Pops.A recent article or development that relates to my area of focusSignificantly, the key area of focus for my documentary is that I will be investigating therights and wrongs of segregation in cricket at school level.Relevant links for my documentary that is relevant to my area focus: and figures/ statistics for my documentary1) Content Analyses indicate that up to 75% of schools in UK have segregation in cricket atschool level which suggestive that more than half of school in UK plays football.2) 6% of students in UK at school or colleges predominantly middle to lower class peopleexpressed a belief that cricket is not taken seriously in schools and the government doesn’treally care about it in regards to football.3) In 2010, a survey by street Chance, a charity that promotes the game in schools, foundthat less than 10% played “meaningful cricket”—at least five competitive matches a year.The organisation is working hard to increase that number. But while it has had success atthe primary level, particularly by linking schools to local cricket clubs that offer facilities andcoaching, it says that getting cricket back into secondary schools is much more challenging.
  5. 5. 4) Today’s schools, obsessed with academic league tables, prefer to concentrate on morescholarly subjects. This means shunning cricket, which is seen as taking too long to playcompared with other sports. Finally, cricket has also fallen victim to the ubiquity of football,which now dominates the sports media and is the primary sporting obsession for mostyoungsters.