Unit 4


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Unit 4

  1. 1. Ibrahim Hashimzay Media ProductionUnit 4: Research into similar texts/audienceMy task is to produce a comparative analysis of at least two documentaries with screengrabbed analysis of codes and conventions.The documentary is from BBC One. It’s a true story that follows the young Liverpudlianboxer Natasha Jones as she competes to represent Britain at the Olympic Games. Thepresenter introduces us to the personal world of Natasha Jones and the challenges and thecommitment she had for boxing. This is the directional debut of photographer Steven Readwho captures gritty urban images and stories of working class struggle in contrast to thefanfare and glamour of the first British Olympics in over 60 years. It was broadcasted onTuesday 17thJuly 2012 at 11.05pm on BBC One. It is funded by BBC One and the length ofthe documentary is 70 minutes long.The modes of address for this documentary is light hearted, believe, dream and celebratorybecause it follows the good fortune of this ordinary liverpudlian for 750 days as she strive tostrive to realise her Olympic dream, offering intimate insight into her lives and the battlesshe faces both in and out of the ring. This documentary wants to educate the viewers aboutNatasha Jones striving for a chance to make it to GB Olympic boxing squad and qualify forthe 2012 Games to make history.In addition, the conventions of the documentary are non-fictional, cutaways, archive andvoiceover about boxing documenting an aspect of reality. The uses of expert opinion in thedocumentary are from people such as coaches who are expert in the boxing field. Thelocation for shooting this documentary were set in different area such as Natasha home,boxing club and etc with the help of handheld camera work for realism. Cutaways areengaging and attractive for the target audience. Edit creates a rhythm, narrative, use of 5shot rule. The style or mode of the documentary is biographical and fly on the wall as itconnects the audience to the documentary.
  2. 2. Ibrahim Hashimzay Media ProductionThe target audience for this documentary is men and women aged 20- 30 middle class frommulticultural backgroundsfor people who love sports and are very passionate about it.Conventionally, there is a voice over of Natasha Jones at the start of the documentaryspeaking about her dreams and the love for boxing. This is followed by the use of close upshot of her body training in the ring that connotesher feelings, reactions, and to showNatasha emotional excitement, grief and joy. This is Similar to Fire in Babylon documentary,where we are, instantly, introduced to someone talking about an aspect relevant to thedocumentary.In comparison to the Knockout Scousers documentary, I have chosen Fire in Babylondocumentary that is from Channel 4 which is also from the same genre field sport but verydifferent. This documentary is about the record-breaking West Indies cricket team of the1970s and 1980s that describes the ascension of West Indies cricket from being a teamlargely composed of highly talented, entertaining, "Calypso Cricketers" to a determined unitthat dominated world cricket for nearly twenty years. The documentary is been written anddirected by Steven Riley and was nominated for a British Independent Film Award for BestDocumentary. This was broadcasted on Monday 9thMay 2011 at 8:00pm. The length of thedocumentary is 80 minutes long.The significant difference between the two documentaries is that Knockout Scousers reflectthe boxing life whereas, Fire in Babylon investigate in deeper beyond the sportingachievements and paints the victories against a backdrop of racism from which theCaribbean - and the wider world - was starting to emerge. Both documentaries are actuallymade to achieve their goals and dreams that had to made the viewers to watch thedocumentary till the end to see how they were crown champion and the struggle they hadto face. Both documentaries were made interesting with exciting use of archive footage andcutaways that showed the real aspect of the documentaries.
  3. 3. Ibrahim Hashimzay Media ProductionContrastingly, the use of soundtrack that are been used in both documentaries areengaging, interesting and relaxing that created atmosphere and mood. However, theviewers will start to wonder what the documentary may be about. This sort of music indocumentary may create the ‘edge of the seat’ effect.Another difference in both documentaries is that Knockout Scousers documentary is anordinary show that isn’t really targeted at a wide range of audiences. Unlike, Fire in Babylondocumentary which is primarily, targeted at men and cricket fans who are aged 16- 25, froma diverse working class background.At the beginning of Fire in Babylon documentary there are male voice overs of commentersintroducing us to so called Fire in Babylon documentary. Those voice overs are from thetime of 70s and 80s cricket that were involved in that time of the game. The cutaways are of70s and 80s cricket match between England and West Indies which are used to showrealism. There is long takes dominance; it is documenting an aspect of reality and non-fiction depicting realism and the beauty of cricket.The convention that the Fire in Babylon has used in the documentary but knockout Scousersdocumentary hasnt is archive footage from the old footage of the cricket games betweenEngland and West Indies that the presenter was talking about in the documentary. Incomparison, Knockout Scousers had only primary footage where they actually went andfilmed the documentary on the day of the shooting nothing from the past.The Fire in Babylon documentary ends with a description of how the West Indians earnedthe respect, admiration, and love of cricket fans and even opposing teams from across theworld. As the end credits roll, Michael Holding describes how between February, 1980 toMarch, 1995; the West Indies Cricket Team did not lose a single Test series. Whereas inKnockout Scousers the documentary ends with Natasha Jones been crown champion withgold medal of female boxing.In addition, there is an expert opinion from the past cricketer who were involved in thosematches at that time in the documentary. Similar to the knockout Scousers documentarywhere the Natasha boxing coach speaks about the commitment she had for boxing and thehard time she had to go through to achieve what she wanted for years.
  4. 4. Ibrahim Hashimzay Media ProductionOverall, the comparison between the Knockout Scousers with Fire in Babylon documentaryhas been very interesting as both of the documentaries where based on realistic aspects oflife and the reality behind them explored in the documentaries. By contrasting the twodifferent documentaries I have acknowledged that by producing a documentary about sportit requires high media skills, knowledge and adequate planning.
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