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  1. 1. Ibrahim HashimzayMedia Production Year 13
  2. 2.  The idea actually came from my media teacher as he suggested that it would be interesting to make a documentary about why cricket is not a mixed game as I play cricket myself. Idea : Why cricket is not a mixed game?
  3. 3.  Audience feedbackMy audience thought that the questionwouldn’t be targeted towards teenagers as theyare my target audience and also cricket is amix game at pro and semi pro level so theywouldn’t be interested in hearing this again.
  4. 4.  Teacher feedback also changed my idea as they suggested that it would be hard to film and said that my idea is too wide and too much to cover in 5minutes.
  5. 5. Taking the audience feedback and theteachers comment into account anddecided to research about a question thatwill make my documentary look moreprofessional and enjoyable to the audienceto watch.
  6. 6. The factor that shaped my idea was by doinglots of secondary research to investigate that ifthere was any documentary similar to mine butunfortunately I couldn’t find any documentaryin TV apart from a documentary that was out incinema in September 2012 called “Fire ofBabylon”.
  7. 7. Location: I do have a strong location to film mydocumentary which will be school and cricketclubs. Have people to interview for mydocumentary such as students in school, PEteacher and etc. Also I have 1 expert opinionthat will make my documentary look moreprofessional.
  8. 8. The reason why I decided to abandon my other ideas and chose the idea 2 which was regarding (Whycricket is a game of mixed ethnicities at a pro and semi pro level but in some schools level it’s beensegregated) is because it is a practical and imaginative idea that has never been seen as important orserious. Yet also, common documentaries are haven’t raise this topic yet, which gives me the opportunityto do so. Furthermore I have lots of skill in this area of the field as I play cricket myself.Moreover, the other reason why cricket idea is the most practical and imaginative idea is because cricket isa game invented by English and it’s a concern that the game is not played enough in school as much theothers sports such as football. Cricket is slowly dying in the country that was once known to be the gameof gentlemen’s.I could use the audience’s feedback to reflect and improve on what’s not particularly good in my idea. Iwould approach teenagers with more friendly expressions which will allow me to communicate with themsuccessfully regarding the cricket.I will go to clubs to discuss the issues about the fact that cricket is not common among young teenagers.In addition, to that I will ask questions from teenagers in chestnut Grove School that why don’t they likecricket as much as other sports that is been played in the school. Also I will conduct interviews with schoolPE teachers if there is anything that could be done to save the game of cricket.Finally I will meet cricket coaches outside school to talk about why cricket is common among Asian peoplerather than other race.