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Identity theft advert 1

  1. 1. Identity theft Advert 1 By Ibrahim Hashimzay
  2. 2. NarrativeThe advert argues to protect card holders from identity theft. The goal of this advertisement is for the audience to learn from this advert rather than waiting there making it happen to you. The commercial “hooks” the audience with humour (pathos). The woman’s voice coming out of a man catches the viewer off-guard—this is not a typical way to push people to do something but to yet the mismatched voice hooks their attention long enough to watch the 30 second advertisement. Along with making the audience laugh, the commercial makes the viewers feel empathetic because the thief is taking away a lot of the victim’s hard-earned money. They will also feel anxious that if this could happen to them. This idea will also contributes to the logos of the commercial because it shows that some people will stop at nothing to get what they want, and viewers realize that nothing exempts them from identity theft. The commercial is relevant to the goal of persuading the audience to their hard earned money and retirement funds.
  3. 3. Location/Props/ actor and musicLocation: The advert will be directed in school using the gym because it’s more attention seeking and will be broken down easily to the audience to understand.Actor: My friend will be featured in the advert as an actor. (Female actress possibly a female teacher for the women voice.)Prop: Dum-bells and bench press upCostume: tracksuit and under short sleeve tee menMusic: No music at the start of the advert but will use piano sound.
  4. 4. TechnologyTechnology: For my Identity theft advert I am going to use the Sony HD camera to record my advert because it will offer me to capture the image with excellent HD quality. Moreover the Sony HD camera is full of digital technological benefits. Based on the latest technology, they are more user friendly, and also have all the latest tech intelligence features.Tripod: I am going to use the VELBON DF 40 tripod for Sony HD camera as it is extremely light and easy to carry out and also has a very smooth action has a very smooth action pan head. This will give me awesome looking tilts and pans to film.Camera Dolly: I am going to use the Camera Dolly as well because it will give the advantage of using to move the camera in a shot. Dolly will be a huge piece of equipment, normally heavy enough to hold the camera to a grip by making sure that my picture doesn’t shake or bounce.
  5. 5. TechnologyTechnology: iStop motion (pack shot)Cinematography – focus on range of shot (to improve the development)Cutting images- Cutting shots and editing will creates montages by telling a storyRecording a voiceover commentarySlowing down/ speeding images up- slowing down/speeding images up will help improve the quality of the work by giving it extra texture.
  6. 6. Key MessageThe key message of my advert is to protect yourself and your identity while you’reshopping online if you’re teen. Your identity can easily be stolen if you give tomuch information to a person you don’t know.The three important symbols which you should always use to stop your self frombeen a victim of Identity theftStop & ThinkStop and think about who can see the information you post online. Are you givingaccess to your information to total strangers?Think about why you are sharing information online. Is it going to be safe?
  7. 7. Target AudienceThe Target audience for my advert will be teenagers aged 17-18 both male and female ethnicityblack/ white lower to middle primary target that owns credit cards because their parents don’tthink to check their credit ratings or they are more careless about protecting their information.Teens are more likely to think their personal information is secure because of this, teens aremore likely to use credit cards in unsecured situations or give out personal information over thephone or Internet.The lines of appeal which I am going to use in this advert will be the following at the bottom.• Message• Voice over• Action line• logo• 30 Sec Duration• Narrative• Slogan• Text of statistic• Music
  8. 8. Logo For My AdvertIn my advert I will use a logo of the identity theft which will be important to represent thecampaign. My logo helps to identify the campaign brand and establishes it in the minds ofconsumers. Instead of just seeing or hearing the name of the campaign but by the efforts of alogo it will adds a visual image that can become implanted in peoples minds over time. It will beimportant for me to join a slogan into my advert logo design so that consumers learn to associatethem with my logo.