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Appeal to audience


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Appeal to audience

  1. 1. Appeal to audienceClass FeedbackThe class felt that my documentary appealed to them as an audience not only regarding thetopic itself but at how I tackled the topic thereby informing and educating them. They alsoexpressed that it clearly showed that it was targeting those aged 16 -19. It was howeverargued that I could have had a range of different responses from the females’ point of viewwhich I agree with totally. It didnot really register with me at first because my topic is mainlymale orientated, maybe if I tackled anissue relating to both genders it would have been apriority to me.Teachers FeedbackMy teacher felt that my documentary appealed to the audience that I justified in mytreatment and would appeal to those on a national scale. I agree with this statement totallybecausemy intention was to appeal to those interested in my topic. The fact that it wouldappeal to those on a national scale was justified by the use of expert interviews.Furthermore, they emphasised the fact that all those featured in my documentary werecricket expert wouldalso create general interest in the topic and would mean that peoplewill be interested in watching my documentary.Own FeedbackI think my documentarywill be successfully appealing to the target audience explained in myconduct. However, after carefully analysing my documentary, I believe I should haveusedSixth form students opinions as well in my documentary in order to make it biasedandwould’ve had more variety of different ethnicities as well.Place in marketClass FeedbackIt was expressed by the class that my documentary was a USP itself purely because it is atopic that has not been focused on in too much detail by any other mediums. They came toconclusion that this has probably been the first documentary to focus on what I focused on.Furthermore, they also said that it was good how I looked at both sides of the argument andof how I incorporated the issue of why cricket is been a game of mixed ethnicity atprofessional level at school level it’s been segregated amongst young people in my
  2. 2. documentary. What was the most insightful response I got was that I included quite a lot ofinformation from all aspects of the topic whilst not losing focus. However, in terms of beingsuitable for the channel 4 or ITV 4, it was expressed that due to the lack of differentethnicities featured in my documentary it affected its suitability. I agree with this statementto a certain extent as I could have had a variety of different ethnicities through morevoxspops but I realised it too late so I tried to include some variety through thearchivefootage used towards the end, but I do understand and agree with this statement.Teachers FeedbackMy teachers felt that my documentary was unique in the way in which I looked atsegregation of cricket at school amongst young people from different angle. I agree with thisstatement because I saw the niche in the market and tried to exploit to the fullest. Referringback to the appeal to the audience, they did feel that it might not have place in the marketbecause of the fact that it does not appeal to everyone.Own FeedbackAfter watching and analysing my documentary I think that it has a place in the marketbecause theargument regarding segregation of cricket at school amongst young people hasgrown. Therefore a lot of people will be interested to watch the documentary and willdefinitely have a place in the market.ConventionsClass FeedbackThe class felt that I successfully demonstrated a range of different conventions in mydocumentary. Iagree with this statement because I think I could have clearly shownthedifferent ways in which I used the conventions. Moreover, they agreed that the choice ofmusic wasgood and helped contribute the style and tone of the documentary. I agree withthis but I tried tofind suitable songs to create a specific atmosphere. However, I chosespecific songs particularly toreflect the points expressed in the documentary.Teachers FeedbackMy teacher argued that I showed the general conventions of a general documentary,however, the main aspect of my documentary that stood out to them was the vast amountof archive footage used. I agree that the amount of archive footage could havebeenminimised but I think I should get credited for the way in which I edited the footage
  3. 3. throughout the documentary playing close attention to how it was used in relation to thevoice over. What I believe to be the best feedback was the fact that I didn’t demonstrate avariety of different camera shots and angles. I agree with this simply because it’s true. Therewere minor attempts to demonstrate different shot types at specific times of documentarybut it clearly wasn’t enough.Own FeedbackAfter watching my documentary I think that I demonstrated the general conventions ofinterviews, voxspops, and the use of archive footage but I did not explore the creativeconventions. The feedback I got regarding the archive footage was really good so therefore,only regret not experimenting with different camera techniques because it may have had adramatic impact on my final grade. This is not to say that I didn’t try to experiment with thecamera but I just felt that it looked sticky in relation to the whole documentary. I wanted itto be professional and simple.Use of TechnologyClass FeedbackThe class felt that I used the editing programme, Final Cut pro, effectively to produce acreativedocumentary. They paid close attention to the how I carefully monitored the soundlevels betweenboth the music and the voice over. I agree with this statement because Iwanted to ensure that the voiceover was mostly heard and that the music at a level tocreate an atmospheric effect. Onanother issue, they felt that I used Photoshop effectively aswell to produce good logo for my documentary to represent what my documentary wasabout.Teachers FeedbackMy clients focused closely on the way in which I edited my footage especially regarding thevoxspops, interviews and archive footage. I totally agree with this because I think theeditingwas the bestaspect of my documentary. I wanted to reflect the characteristics of mytopic regarding its tempoand reflect it in my documentary but maintaining a fast pace.Own FeedbackIn my own opinion I think that I demonstrated a good level of technological use in mydocumentary.It was shown in many ways, by the use ofrecording of the voice over, theediting of captured and archive footage and interviews. Referring back to the archive
  4. 4. footage, I think that it was good how I implemented and incorporated different examples ofarchive footage.ImprovementsClass FeedbackAfter the class watched my documentary they suggested that since it focused onsegregation of cricket at school I should have involved students from SixthForms. I agreewith this to the fullest because I was too focused on getting cricket experts to feature in mydocumentary that I forgot about getting other possible contributors surrounding the topic. Ithink that it would have helped increased the overall appeal of the documentary therebyallowing it to be suitable to be broadcasted on the channel 4 or ITV 4. Furthermore, itwouldhelp justify the other argument investigated in my documentary.Teachers FeedbackOne improvement suggested by my clients was that there should have been a cleardifference between those who were interviewed and those who weren’t. I can understandwhy this may have been said because I used the exact same shot types for the voxspops andthe interviews. However, Imust disagree because when I first showed the rough edit to myteachers they felt the same way but Iam 100% certain sure that I introduced myinterviewees clearly in my final piece. I used the archive footage, Voiceover and ashton tointroduce every interviewee; I don’t think there could have been any better way of meintroducing them and the interview.Own FeedbackWhat was brought to my attention after watching my documentary was that I could havehad amore engaging voice over. Even though I recorded the voice over, I think that thosewho watch would have got bored. On another note, I think a possible improvement couldhave to be the exclusion of Sixth Form student’s opinion because if I had more Sixth Formstudents in my documentary for thatparticular purpose then it would have been my uniqueselling point.