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Greenpeace shakhbanov1

  1. 1. Greenpeace
  2. 2.  Greenpeace is known for his loud actions, aimed at attracting media attention to environmental issues. The organization seeks to visit an environmental crime scene and give people independent and reliable information.
  3. 3. The main goal - to achieve global environmental issues, including by bringing them to the attention of the public and authorities. Greenpeace exists only through donations from supporters and fundamentally does not accept funding from government agencies, political parties or businesses.
  4. 4. Greenpeace (born Greenpeace «Green World") - an international public environmental organization based in Vancouver, Canada September 15, 1971 David McTaggart.
  6. 6. In 1969, the U.S. government planned to hold underground nuclear tests in Alaska to the Aleutian Islands. However, some people were afraid that it would cause earthquake and the subsequent tidal wave
  7. 7. In the demonstration was attended by about 10,000 people. They blocked the US-Canadian border and were holding placards on which was written "Do not make waves. If you do not understand, then it is your fault. "? Some of the protesters were members of the Canadian branch of the club "Sierra» (Sierra Club).
  8. 8. Protests of environmentalists forced the U.S. government to stop testing at Amchitka area by the end of 1971. The island became a bird sanctuary. In May 1972, the organization was officially renamed «Greenpeace».
  9. 9. Next protest took place in 1975 near Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific, where France conducted atmospheric nuclear tests. Share held by David McTaggart, who in 1979 became the head of Greenpeace International. Through the actions of Greenpeace France also stopped its tests.
  10. 10. In the 1970th Greenpeace hold many campaigns against whale’s poachers
  11. 11. Since the beginning of the second half of the 1970s. Greenpeace has launched a campaign against the commercial production of fur seals, seal pups.
  12. 12. In 1985, the Greenpeace ship "Rainbow Warrior» («Rainbow Warrior») held evacuate Pacific atoll of Rongelap.
  13. 13. In the 1990s, Greenpeace drew attention to the problem of air pollution and ozone depletion.
  14. 14. In 1996, Greenpeace launched a campaign against genetically modified foods.
  15. 15. In the Soviet Union, Greenpeace appeared in the 80s. In March 1989, the USSR double album titled "Greenpeace. Breakthrough »(Greenpeace Breakthrough), which participated in the recording of U2, REM, Sting, Sade, Dire Straits and other musicians.
  16. 16. In July 1989, at a press conference on board the Greenpeace ship "Rainbow Warrior" Alexey Yablokov officially announced Greenpeace office in the USSR "the first independent organization in the Soviet Union." In 1992 he formed Greenpeace Russia. in 2001 opened an office in St. Petersburg.
  17. 17. Campaigns and projects in Russia Baikal campaign genetic campaign Forest Campaign The "Restore our forests" The project "World Heritage" toxic campaign energy campaign The project "Clean Neva"
  18. 18. structure representatives national offices representatives national offices representatives national offices representatives national offices representatives national offices Greenpeace Council Board of Greenpeace International Chairman of the Board executive director
  19. 19.  Europe: Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland  Asia: China, India, Japan  Africa: Congo, Senegal, South Africa  North America: Canada, Mexico, United States  South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile  Australia and Oceania: New Zealand
  20. 20.         From the first days of its existence, and so far they are guided by certain principles : 1 ) Independence Greenpeace exists only on donations from individuals and private charities , not taking money from the public , businesses and political parties. 2) non-violent Greenpeace does not accept any form of violence as a method of achieving the goals . All shares - an expression of peaceful protest , even if those actions appear mixed. Never respond to aggression by the same , even when faced with intimidation or threat. 3) The protest action Believes in the protest, which brings results . Believes that the shares will inspire people and organizations to change their attitude towards nature . This is not the only , but probably the most sensible way to draw attention to the environmental issue and make necessary changes . 4) Together we - force
  21. 21.  Some of the achievements of Greenpeace Russia  The development of a federal program for energy efficiency.  After years of public campaign Dutch company URENCO stopped import of waste uranium industry in Russia .  The Russian Government has committed itself to implement during the 2014 Olympics the principle of " zero waste ." According to these obligations , all the garbage generated during the construction and operation of the Olympic venues , will be sent for recycling and reuse. This principle also promised extended to the whole territory of the city of Sochi .  Approved boundaries of the Baikal natural territory  Created Kalevala National Park - it was the result of hard work of eleven , take many forms - from negotiating with official bodies to conduct field research and international environmental camps.
  22. 22.   Now one of the important tasks before Greenpeace persuaded to reconsider the Russian energy strategy of Russia , to cancel the construction of floating nuclear power station in Kamchatka. This earthquake-prone region . Tsunami in the area of location of the station can ​ reach 4 meters.  The whole world has seen the effects of radiation on the example of the tragedy of the accident at the plant "Fukushima1". Reactor cooling system can fail and without any tsunami. In the last 7 years at Russian nuclear power plants annually emergency protection works about 10 times , and the reactors are jammed . On the revision of energy policy in favor of alternative energy have already announced Germany , Venezuela , Thailand, Israel , Peru , Switzerland. Greenpeace calls to follow the example of these countries and to revise the Russian energy strategy in favor of renewable energy sources.
  23. 23. criticism Greenpeace often caught and prosecuted for fabricating evidence allegedly showing about harming the environment. In this regard we can recall the following points: • deliberate torture seal the camera in 1979;? • fee for West African fishermen catching contaminated fish;? • Preview of clean sand as radioactively contaminated in 1996? • fee teenagers from Seattle for $ 5 each for ensuring that they protested in front of the camera against the sale of Icelandic fish in 1999.
  24. 24. Sierra Club (The Sierra Club) was organized in 1892 to preserve and protect the remaining places in America untouched wilderness. Today, the Sierra Club is one of the most influential non-governmental environmental organizations in the U.S., which has a membership of more 500,000 members.
  25. 25. Original «Rainbow Warrior» was built as a trawler in 1955 by MAFF and belonged to Sir William Hardy. Greenpeace bought for 40,000 pounds renovating and April 29, 1978 received the name «Rainbow Warrior». This title is borrowed from the prophecy Alaska North American continent , which states verbatim : "In the days when the world is sick and near death , the people will rise up like Warriors of the rainbow ." C the late 1970s to the early 1980s schooner participated in protests against Greenpeace whale hunting and nuclear tests. July 10, 1985 was sunk by French secret service agents (DGSE) in the harbor of Port Auckland, New Zealand. In 1987, under heavy international pressure, the French government paid Greenpeace NZ $ 8.16 million compensation. Since 1989, this name is a new ship - «Rainbow Warrior II».
  26. 26. Join Greenpeace and stand with us to protect the planet
  27. 27. The Presentation “Greenpeace” represented by the2nd year student SHahbanov Arsen
  28. 28.  – Официальный сайт Greenpeace  - Greenpeace России  Денис Тукмаков - Сети «Гринписа» // Газета «Завтра», № 40(305), 1999г.  