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Ibpa2012 401-pub101 bowermanhandout

  1. 1. Publishing 101: Crash Course in the Basics of E- and Print Publishing Page 1IBPA Publishing University 2012 IBPA Publishing University 2012 401: Publishing 101-Crash Course in the Basics of E- and Print Publishing Friday, March 9, 2012; 3:15 - 4:30 p.m. Peter Bowerman – Panelist OutlineI. A Success Story Within Reach ONE Book: “The Well-Fed Writer (www.wellfedwriter.com) o NO publisher, NO agent, NO publicist, and NO big marketing budget Virtually NO media coverage: landed book clubs, reviews, awards o Built a full-time living since 2001 (definition of “full-time living”…) Caveat: My experience is in NF (NFHT); different for fictionII. Laying the Foundation: The Crucial First Step __________________________________________ Everything that follows (books/ebooks, ezine, blog, (tele) seminars, speaking, coaching) is simply leveraging (and “technologizing”) a fundamentally good idea to start with. Think hard – What’ll Set Yours Apart? (350,000+ new books published/yr) Think “Book as a Base” with BIG “Spinoff” potential o May not be a bestseller, but may not have to be… Create a Superior (Physical) Product: o Hire Professional Creative Resources (GDs, Editors, Indexers, Printers) o Covers Are CRITICAL: Invest the $$ - Covers make or break books o Invest Time and $ Into Your Title (also a book breaker)  If writing “how-to” (Ex. The Well-Fed Writer), make title a __________.  One-Minute Manager, Chicken Soup, Fix-it-and Forget it CookbookPeter Bowerman peter@wellfedsp.com www.wellfedsp.com
  2. 2. Publishing 101: Crash Course in the Basics of E- and Print Publishing Page 2IBPA Publishing University 2012III. Marketing: A Different Approach You Have ONE Job: ______________________________________________. Your Web Site: Promo Central (and mandatory if you‟re serious…) Conventional Book Marketing Strategy: A New Strategy: o ID Target Audiences (& their Online Hangouts…) o Contact w/Offer: Free Review Copy (for reviews, blurbs, Q&As, articles)  Harness Technology: Cut „n Paste EM Pitches o Take MASSIVE Action (think hundreds, not dozens); Follow up repeatedly! o Your Secret Weapon _________________. Build a following through ezines/blogs – focus on superior content, NOT making $! BUILD A LIST – LISTS ARE GOLD! o Started ezine in May 2002 (~6200 subscribers): www.wellfedwriter.com/ezine o Started a blog for TWFW in 2008 (www.wellfedwriter.com/blog) o Started blog for TWFSP in 3/12! (www.wellfedsp.com/blog) Parlay your book into multiple income-earning directions: o More books, ebooks, speaking, teleseminars, coachingIV. Social Media & Distribution Under construction… ;)Peter Bowerman peter@wellfedsp.com www.wellfedsp.com
  3. 3. Publishing 101: Crash Course in the Basics of E- and Print Publishing Page 3IBPA Publishing University 2012V. Four-Part Ebook $trategy: (Ebooks currently only offered as PDF’s) 1) Ebook version of hard-copy books – No-brainer! o Appeal to those in remote areas, instant-gratification crowd, and tech-savvy o Nothing to print, store or ship 2) Ebooks as Purchase Bonuses: Spur Higher-profit Website Sales o Give free to buyers for purchasing off your site (where profits are higher) o High-value content peripheral to book (or from book, but more user-friendly) o Me: Ezine compilation/appendices from books with live links or as checklists o Sell also standalone (mostly to Amazon/bookstore buyers of main book) 3) Ebooks as Companion Products to Main Book: Enormous Profit Potential o What could you bundle with a book, for which people would pay $5-40+ more? o Me: 101-page book marketing template; comm‟l writer‟s tool kit/time lines o High-value content (NOT fluff/filler) will drive good word-of-mouth/steady sales o Create multiple bundles to cater to individual needs/tastes o “Tease” ebooks in main book; drive steady sales from Amazon/bookstore buyers o Two-tiered pricing: lower price for sales with main book off site; higher price for after-market purchases from Amazon/bookstore buyers 4) Complete ALL-Digital Packages o Ebook version of main book + various combos of companion ebooks o Most popular WFW bundle: ebook version of book + both companion ebooks ***************Peter Bowerman peter@wellfedsp.com www.wellfedsp.com
  4. 4. Publishing 101: Crash Course in the Basics of E- and Print Publishing Page 4IBPA Publishing University 2012Peter Bowerman BioBackgroundIn 1993, Peter Bowerman leveraged a 15-year sales/marketing career into a full-time living as a freelancecommercial writer. With NO paid professional writing experience, NO writing training, and NO industrycontacts, he was paying all his bills in under four months – using the techniques outlined in his books andseminars. He has published over 250 columns and articles and leads seminars on writing.Commercial Writing Client List (partial)Holiday Inn American ExpressCoca-Cola BellSouthUPS IBMCingular Wireless DuPontMercedes-Benz Credit Corporation The St. Vincent de Paul SocietyGeorgia-Pacific The Cartoon NetworkThe American Heart Association Centers For Disease Control (CDC)NationsBank Junior Achievement of GeorgiaPublishing SuccessIn 2000, building on his success, Bowerman wrote and self-published The Well-Fed Writer, an eventualaward-winning Book-of-the-Month Club selection. In 2005, he followed it up with its companion andtriple-award finalist, TWFW: Back For Seconds.In 2007, chronicling his self-publishing success (currently, 65,000 copies of his books in print, and afull-time living since 2001), he released The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into aFull-Time Living, a recipient of an IPPY Award and Georgia Author of the Year honors.(www.wellfedsp.com)In 2010, he released the heavily updated edition of The Well-Fed Writer, combining the content of theoriginal two WFW titles. The book has received four awards: an IPPY, and honors from the ForeWordMagazine Book of the Year, INDIE Excellence and Axiom Business Books competitions.Business Coaching/Specialty ServicesSince 2002, Bowerman has been a business coach for commercial writing startups and self-publishingventures (visit “Mentoring” at www.wellfedwriter.com). In 2010, he launched The Title Tailor, asuccessful spinoff from his self-publishing coaching – offering book titling, subtitling and back covercopywriting services to publishers and self-publishing authors (www.titletailor.com).Speaker/(Tele)Seminar LeaderBowerman is a popular, sought-after speaker at writing and publishing conferences, workshops, andteleseminars – and is known for his solid, practical content and engaging delivery. He speaks regularly oncommercial freelancing, self-publishing, marketing for writers and other subjects. For more informationon his speaking services, visit the “Need a Speaker?” link at www.wellfedwriter.com. Contact Information Peter Bowerman - 3713 Stonewall Circle, Atlanta, GA 30339 770/438-7200 - peter@wellfedwriter.com - www.wellfedwriter.com ***************Peter Bowerman peter@wellfedsp.com www.wellfedsp.com