Project "Pectins"


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Project "Pectins"

  1. 1. Project «Pectins» Association “Ukrainian Innovation Companies” «Ukrainian Center of Commercialization and Technology Transfer» 49000, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, 49000, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, K.Marx av., 81 K.Marx av., 81 Website: Website: E-mail: E-mail: Phone / Fax: +38 (0562) 35-00-80 Phone / Fax: +38 (056) 376-10-70
  2. 2. Problems of pectin production Using of environmentally High energy consumption hazardous strong acids A considerable length of Inefficient binding of in the pectin production in the production (HCI, the production process radionuclides HNO3, H3PO4, H2SO4) High cost of raw materials Increased consumption and the problems Low saturation of the of ethanol associated with its world pectin market (Alcohol) reduction in cost
  3. 3. The benefits of innovative technology • The possibility of using dried and fresh raw materials, which will increase the working time of the plant up to 250 days a year. • Technology has a closed cycle of water supply, it saves resources. • The technology is implemented on a typical standard equipment. • The possibility of producing pectin from various types of dried raw materials reduces the dependence of the producer from the yield and season duration. Benefits Toxic metals, Binding, % SUBSTANCE Lanthanum Cerium Yttrium Niobium Plumbum Standard 20 15 18 80 45 pectin Pectin 79 75 69 90 90 (ITE technology)
  4. 4. Stages of the project and list of works I stage Volume of investment Experimental and technological production of pectin and its certification. Business plan. 12 Development of technology pool for the months 129 000 $ implementation of organizational and pre- work. II stage Drafting of the plant construction. Solution of land issues. 24 Construction of the first module of the plant, months 8 271 020 $ capacity of 200 tons of pectin in the year. III stage Construction and commissioning of for 6 months on additional modules of the plant with access to each subsequent 141 031 490 $ production cell a given production capacity of 2000 tons.
  5. 5. Integral project performance indicators Investment Payback Period Hurdle rate profitability Planned indicator / Risk indicator Current stage of the project • Technology of production pectin from pumpkin was tested in the laboratory and industrial conditions of production. • The presence of patents, which protecting technology. • The presence of specification on the production of pectin from pumpkin. • Elements of know-how technology was proven in industrial conditions at the factories of Spain and India. • Pumpkin pectin has been clinically tested in the second Children’s Hospital of Kiev, in the areas of in the areas of Chernobyl contamination (at the Institute of Microbiology and Virology of NASU) and at the Kiev Postgraduate Medical Institute.
  6. 6. The volume of market and rate of market development Distribution of pectin market among The distribution of consumption in the world producers world pectin market (in thousands of tons) The world pectin market is currently estimated at 319 million U.S. dollars. There is a steady increase in the consumption of pectin on average 3,0 - 3,5% per year. World production of pectin - 80 thousand tons per year. Consumption of pectin in Ukraine - 800 tons per year.
  7. 7. Product application areas
  8. 8. Consumers Multinationals: Nestle Barilla GlaxoSmithKline Danone Kellogg’s Unilever Parmalat Ukraine: Confectionery Betteks Foods Trading house «Griffon and K» Ltd. Corporation JSC «Conti» SE «Hadler» «AVK» Limited «Palmyra» (Kiev) Roshen (Donetsk) (Kiev) (Donetsk) (Kiev) (Odessa) (Kiev) Other countries: «Baltic Group» «Soyuzopttorg» «Globar» OJSC Belkhim OJSC «Bucuria» (Russia) (Russia) (Russia) (Belarus) (Moldavia)