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Wireless technology in hospitals


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Wireless technology in hospitals

  1. 1. Wireless Technologies in our HospitalsBSc(Hons) Information Technology Top Up (Part Time)Presentation By : GUNPUTH Gulshan (1102191)LEGALLANT Dony (1102193)BOCUS Iqbal (1102196)DAC3202 – Current Trends in IT
  2. 2. Our Agenda• Mauritius Health Care Delivery Framework• Complexity of care delivery• Public v/s Private• Our Solutions using Wireless• The Challenges
  3. 3. Top View of MRU Health CarePublicv/sPrivate
  4. 4. Mauritius Health Care Delivery Framework(Public Sector)Three levels of Health Care Delivery Framework inMauritius: Primary Secondary TertiaryFact:856 doctors, 3,000 nurses, about 56 dentists and 22pharmacistsFree
  5. 5. Mauritius Health Care Delivery Framework(Private Sector)30% Market ShareFact14 private clinics (600 beds)31 private medical544 doctors () and 291 private pharmacists.In a year, 77,000 admissions for in-patient treatment,undertakes about 30,000 surgical operations and deliversover 2,500 babies.
  6. 6. Principal Pain Areas in Public Sector• high volume of paper• medical record getting lost• No integration of different departments• inventory of drugsWaiting timeNo integration of Patient History dataData gathered manually collected, stored andretrievedpiecemeal way
  7. 7. Designing the Future StateThe new paradigmthats needed forhospital management
  8. 8. National e-Health Project 2015E-health project (target Year 2015)AdvantagesCentralized dataMedical history at handElectronic health cards.
  9. 9. Future improve in the E-Health ProjectWireless Technologies=Pervasive HealthCare
  10. 10. Overview of Pervasive HealthCare
  11. 11. First Level : Intelligent Sensors
  12. 12. Intelligent Sensors (Technical Aspect)ISM band frequency spectrumNew standard (Zigbee, Bluetooth,BLE and ANT)SHORT RANGE
  13. 13. Intelligent Sensors (Technical Aspect).• 3G• 4GLONG RANGE
  14. 14. Second Level : Smart Devices (PersonalWellness Systems)pedometers,heart ratemonitors, bodyfat calipers anddigital weighscalesapps operatingon PCs orsmartphones
  15. 15. Third Level : Remote Care ServicesXXX
  16. 16. Conclusion