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  • I welcome both of you for my Final year project presentation and I sincerely hope it will be a very enjoyable time together Let start
  • In this first slide of my presentation, I would like to share what ill be talking in the next 15 minutes.First there will be the introduction of the current system Followed with some problems encountering by the systemI will then compare different types of help desk system Then alternative ways to solve the issues encountering by the current systemFollowed with my proposed solution with its features and the technologies im planning to useAnd Finally the expected Gantt Chart for delivering the project
  • Before moving, I would like to talk a little bit about IT in general.As we all know, IT is the driving force in today’s world. Organisation rely heavily and invest big amount of money in ITThus, it is crucial that IS is always available or the we can say also the mean time for repair should be kept to the minimum.Machines do failsSetbacks are not only in financial terms but also reputation when once stigmatized remains forever.Therefore, it is imperative that all necessary measures are taken to address problems at the earliest.
  • In the next slides, I discuss more of the problems that relate the Air Mauritius system.
  • Here you will see that I have list some of the problems and lack of the current system.Inventory is done manuallyThe name of the software that Air Mauritius currently using is Siebel
  • The objectives of the new system will not only facilitates technician but will also enable user education through the KB.It’s quite common that a user will request for assistance for a minor problem in his workstation, for example the mouse is not functioning.This kind of incident is frequent and much time is being devoted to attend it.By the KB, users will be able to help themselves by searching in the KB for simple troubleshooting guides like the mouse not functioning, “ the mouse cable is unplug”
  • Before moving on, I will compare some existing help desk system which will be categorized as web based and local application and there features.
  • Among the options that can be used to create a support system to end-users, I have chosen to create a website simply because: Easily accessibleMaintenance and updateScalabilityDeployment
  • Incidents will be categorized as:UnansweredUnclosedHandled by whomDynamic time count for the incident till resolveReports:Technician StatisticsUser StatisticsSummary of incident-reportKnowledge BasedInventory:Add new asset with their details and assign to specific users Export to CSVSearchAdministration:New ticket:Create a new ticket on behalf of someone.
  • Here is the different technologies im expecting to use to complete the project
  • The proposed Gantt Chart
  • I thank you both for your kind attention
  • Atom™ helpdesk final presentation

    1. 1. CSE3000Y - Final Year ProjectPresentationName: Mohammad Iqbal Dilmahomed BocusStudent ID: 1102196Programme: BSc(Hons): Information Technology ( Top Up)
    2. 2. Agenda Introduction Problem definition Aims and objectives Comparison of existing helpdesk system Approaches to helpdesk system Alternative way to solve the problem Proposed solution Features Proposed technology and software Gantt chart
    3. 3. Introduction What is a helpdesk? A helpdesk is an assistance and information resourcethat provide solutions or troubleshoot computer relatedor similar problems.
    4. 4. Introdution (ctd) The purpose of embarking on this project is to providean alternative solution to the current helpdesk systemused by Air Mauritius. Air Mauritius help desk system is not a well organized,that is, there are different types of options a user canrequest for help and this creates havoc at certain pointin time.
    5. 5. Problem Definition No automatic follow up of incidents No exact knowledge base There is no detailed inventory of current equipment Siebel as a generic software means that it has not beenexclusively developed for helpdesk thus leading tosome missing options No graphical report of number of incidents ortechnician statistics
    6. 6. Aims and objectives of a HelpdeskSupport System Provide an organizational structure Provide a centralized point of contact for problemresolution and inquiry Provide day to day support Quick and efficient way of resolving incidents Gathering information for KB Educate users
    7. 7. Comparison of existing helpdesksystem Spiceworks Manage Engine Service Desk Plus Helpdesk pilot Enterprise wizard
    8. 8. Comparison of two web based system
    9. 9. Comparison of two local softwarewith web system
    10. 10. Approaches to Helpdesk system Generally, support can be brought to customers/users : Toll free number (Phone) Website Email Different solutions can be explored: Completely web-based Remote Local and web-based ( desktop and website) Local software ( desktop)
    11. 11. Alternative way to solve theproblem Use of an existing open source software and incorporatethe missing features that the current system requiresOR Instead of studying the different components of an existingopen source software and understanding the differentmodules and how to integrate the new modules in thesoftware, it will be wise to create a new system afresh.
    12. 12. Features A new system with below features will be developed: Categorization of incidents ( unanswered, unclosed,etc.) Report Knowledge based Inventory Administration Ticketing system
    13. 13. Proposed technology and softwareTechnologies SoftwareASP.NET DreamweaverMySQL Microsoft Visual Studio UltimateJavascript Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2AJAX/JQuery PhotoshopCSS/HTMLVB.NET
    14. 14. Gantt Chart