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Group Fursan's workshop information pack - all the details you need about the arts workshops Fursan facilitate for you. contact details via

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Group Fursan - Workshop Information Pack

  1. 1. Fursan | Information Pack | Fursan | Arts Workshops | Live Entertainment ‘’A bright idea for our world’’ Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 1
  2. 2. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | ContentsIntroduction to Workshops…………………………………. 3-4Artist and Workshop Biography…………………………… 5–6Lead Artist Profile……………………………………………. 7–8Recent Projects………………………………………………... 9 – 10Employer Comments………………………………………… 11Workshops E-Flyer…………………………………………… 12Workshops Summary………………………………………... 13 - 14Live Performances…………………………………………….. 15Contact Details………………………………………………… 16 Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 2
  3. 3. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | Introduction to WorkshopsWho are ‘Fursan’?‘Fursan’ is a world music and performance entertainment group, who facilitate avariety of workshops in schools, communities and corporate organisations. The groupconsists of three members - Abdula Khir, Farid Hamrat and Abdullah Shariff – whotogether possess a variety of qualifications and have over 10 years experience ofworking within the arts and education. These artists apply their expert knowledge andskills to creatively educate and inspire the youth of today.(Please see ‘Fursan’ Biography for detailed background information about ‘Fursan’.)Aims and objectives“Our aim is to inspire and engage individuals through the arts and creativeeducation.” – ‘Fursan’Furthermore, ‘Fursan’ not only use their workshops to teach the mastering of specificarts, such as: performance poetry, theatre and African drumming; they also aim to usethese arts as a tool to engage individuals in social and educational topics.What do ‘Fursan’ offer?‘Fursan’ facilitate a variety of workshops suitable for all age ranges, from primary andsecondary school youth to university and professional adults. Their workshops focuson the arts and through these workshops ‘Fursan’ use their talents as tools to engagestudents in a variety of social and educational themes. ‘Fursan’ have previouslydesigned workshops focusing on a variety of themes, such as: bullying, racism,poetry, drama and Islam to name a few. These specific topics are often chosen by theschool/organisation and a workshop catered to the organisation’s need is then created. Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 3
  4. 4. Fursan | Information PackWhich skills do ‘Fursan’ help participants to develop? - Performance Poetry and Slams - Creative Writing - African Drumming - Contemporary DanceHow will your organisation benefit?Schools and organisations will have the opportunity to offer their students asuccessful and creative approach to education as well as a chance for teachers andartists to work alongside one another. Furthermore, workshops are catered anddesigned specific to request - this means that a school may request an educationaltopic of their interest, e.g. bullying, which ‘Fursan’ can teach through performancepoetry and slams. Alternatively, a school or organisation could simply request adrumming workshop to enhance general artistic and musical skills.How will students benefit?Fursan’s creative approach to tackling and teaching important topics to young peoplehas thus far been a great success. Students who have taken part in previous workshopsnot only gain transferable skills, such as: confidence, teamwork and a more eloquentstyle of communication; students also leave workshops with a greater understandingand knowledge of the workshop’s key educational topic - whether this was ateamwork and communication focus or an exercise in adjectives and poetry. ‘Fursan’believe that when the arts are employed in a positive and inspiring way, this has asnowball effect in enhancing a student’s overall development and openness tolearning. Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 4
  5. 5. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | Artist and Workshops BiographyAbdullah is an experienced artist of several creative fields. Practicing within, poetry,music, short stories, contemporary dance and drama/theatre, Abdullah had been short-listed for Birmingham’s Poet Laureate position 07/08, nominated for the Short Storyaward at the Muslim Writers Awards (2007), has been nominated as a judge forseveral youth poetry slams and has performed throughout the UK and Europe as aprofessional artist with his group Fursan. Abdullah is an experienced workshop co-ordinator, due to his work under and alongside practitioners such as Richard Grant(aka Dreadlockalien), Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito and Martin Gleynn since January2007. Whilst working alongside such practitioners Abdullah has worked at all keystage levels whilst also having run workshops and mentored 16 – 20 year olds,through projects with Birmingham Central Libraries.Abdullah is a head practitioner of school and community workshops although he oftenworks with an artistic group, consisting of himself, Abdula Khir (an experienced poetand theatre actor) and Faird Hamrat (a talented singer and Djembe player). Workingtogether they are often titled by the group name ‘Fursan’. The group is artistically andeducationally diverse, as all three artists root from varying backgrounds and an ode tothis is the 8 different languages which they possess between themselves. The group ofartists have already performed at various venues, aiding charity events, been part ofthe Islam, Hip-Hop and Social Change – The Debate tour, host a Spoken Word Poetryshow on Unity 93.5 FM and have run literacy and drama/performance workshops toeducate about culture, religion and social behavior in schools at key stage 2 and 3,including the schools of Burntree, Waverly and Great Barr.The group practice and deliver workshops by fusing together curriculum requestededucation with the arts, using the art of spoken word, singing, djembe playing, theatreacting, story telling and more within games and activities to enhance literacy skills,creatively teach curriculum and social; topics (e.g. cultures, Islam or bullying) anddevelop transferrable skills in students (e.g. confidence, teamwork, responsibility.) atkey stage 2, 3 and 4. Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 5
  6. 6. Fursan | Information PackThe group possesses activities and games which engage and teach childrensuccessfully, which can be adapted and molded around requested topics from schoolsand teachers. Moreover new and innovative activities are created and implemented inworkshops by request of teachers and schools, as the group also apply theirworkshops to help create theatre, music and poetry pieces with classes to beperformed in assembly’s and school plays. - Fursan at Broadway School - Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 6
  7. 7. Fursan | Information Pack Abdullah Shariff | Lead Artist ProfilePersonal ProfileAn enthused writer, Abdullah Shariff is a distinguished performing artist and one third of thepopular world music group ‘Fursan’. He has previously been shortlisted for Birmingham’sPoet Laureate post, Muslim Writer’s short story award and has been published by AnchorBooks. Amongst working with young people and children, he works with many charities andyouth initiatives as a performer, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. As an artistAbdullah regularly conducts arts workshops in schools and communities while continuing totravel, tour and perform across the world.Personal DetailsName: Abdullah ShariffEmail: abdullahshariff1@gmail.comContact No: 07759088589Website: www.groupfursan.comArt Specialisation: Creative workshop facilitator in varied arts and educational fields: Poetry/Literature/Rap | Drama | Contemporary Dance | African Drumming/Percussion | Sports Coaching |Training and Education2005 – 2008 Birmingham University BA (Hons) Sports Management Degree2003 – 2005 Stafford College, Stafford AVCE Leisure & Recreation | AS Business Studies | AS English: Language and Literature Other Qualifications  Silver Arts Award (Aug 2010)  First Aid (At Work, Children’s and Emergency) (April 2010)  VRQ Level 2 Fitness Instructors (December 2009)  FA Football Coaching Level 1 (June 2006) Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 7
  8. 8. Fursan | Information Pack Training  Trained in contemporary dance with infuse dance (2010)  Trained in Djembe percussion with Mother Hubbard and Farid Hamrat (2008 – 2010)  Mentored and trained as workshop facilitator under Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito and Richard ‘Dreadlockalien’ Grant. (2007- 2009)  Lead Arts Workshop Training with arts organisation Aliss (2008)References ReferencesGiovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito Juaharah SalimBostin Productions Proprietor Warrington Youth Worker07789 600 645 07762944786 - Abdullah at a fundraising dinner for Haiti - Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 8
  9. 9. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | Recent ProjectsDec 2010 – The Broadway Aston School: Workshop (Birmingham) Performance Poetry: Attributes of Positive BehaviourNov 2010 – Eid in Scotland (Glasgow & Edinburgh) Live PerformanceNov 2010 – Oxfam: Fighting for Justice (Birmingham) Keynote Speech and PerformanceNov 2010 – Islamic Awareness Week (Birmingham) Live PerformanceOct 2010 – The Mac: Radiu5 Project Launch (Birmingham) Live performanceSept 2010 – The Mac: Gallery 37 (Birmingham) Media, free running and contemporary dance workshops and showcaseAug 2010 – University of Chester: Engaging with Youth Workshop (Manchester) Performance Poetry and African DrummingJuly 2010 – King Edwards Grammar School: Cultures Workshop (Birmingham) Performance Poetry/Singing and African DrummingJuly 2010 – The Broadway School: Workshop for SEN Students (Birmingham) Performance Poetry & Drama WorkshopJune 2010 – MJD Activities Camp (Bar Orb, Germany) Live PerformanceMay 2010 – Secours Islamique (Paris & Strasbourg, France) Live Performance and FundraisingMay 2010 – Karima School Workshop (High Wycombe) Drama and Percussion InstrumentApril 2010 - Burntwood Primary: English Literature Workshop (Birmingham) Poetry Writing and Live PerformanceApril 2010 – Islamic Relief (Geneva, Switzerland) Live PerformanceMarch 2010 – Lyon Special Burns Unit Hospital (Lyon, France) Live Performance and Guest VisitMarch 2010 – Secours Islamique (Lyon, France) Live Performance and Clean Water Fundraiser Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 9
  10. 10. Fursan | Information PackMarch 2010 – Karima Poetry Slam (High Wycombe) Performance/Stage Workshop & Live PerformanceMarch 2010 – 1st Witness Afghanistan Fundraiser (London) Live Performance and FundraisingFeb 2010 – Birmingham Citizens Haiti Fundraiser (Birmingham) Live Performance and FundraisingFeb 2010 – Interpal Gaza Fundraiser (Birmingham) Live PerformanceDec 2009 – YMUK Talent Search Project Finale (London) Project Management: Event Planning and Co-ordinationNov 2009 – YMUK Finalists Workshop (Manchester & London) Performance Skills and Enhancement WorkshopNov 2009 – YMUK Talent Search Project (Manchester & Birmingham) Project Management: Event Planning and Co-ordinationNov 2009 – West Midlands Police: Islamic Awareness Initiative (Birmingham) Project Management: Event Planning and Co-ordination - Farid and Abdula working with ‘YMUK’ talent search finalists - Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 10
  11. 11. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | Employer CommentsFursan did an incredible job of differentiating the work to meet everybodys needsand the students responded by producing fantastic material.- Miss Danielle Moore, English Teacher (Broadway School)Fursan have a great talent that works well with today’s youth, they engaged theirattention for hours and produced fantastic stage performances from all the youngpeople that attended - Thank You Fursan!- Muslim Youth Work Team (University of Chester)The feedback which we received from the students indicates that they enjoyed yourworkshop mainly because you made it participatory and because they felt that theyhad learnt or made something by the end– C. Parker, Headmaster (King Edward VI Aston School)Fursan provide inspiring and entertaining drumming workshops for children, fullof energy and fun, led by three dynamic and culturally diverse artists, with an addedbonus of being great role models for chlidren of all backgrounds- Shemiza Rashid, Director of the Creative Muslim NetworkThe students were amazed that they were able to produce a poem that reflected onlife and serious issues such as poverty, suffering, morality, freedom andresponsibility, while developing an appreciation for literature- Miss Saleha Begum, Senoir Supervisory Cover (Broadway School) Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 11
  12. 12. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | Workshops Flyer Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 12
  13. 13. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | Workshops SummaryWorkshops‘Fursan Workshops’ are a creative approach to education. The workshops engagestudents in social and educational topics through the medium of the arts.The workshops are headed by experienced practitioners who possess thequalifications and abilities to engage students through a wide range of activities,games and workshops for creative learning.The workshops practically involve the children and teachers in: • Fun ice breakers, team work and communication activities. • Poetry Slam competitions! • Writing and performing positive poetry • Contemporary dance • African drumming and other percussion • Dialogue and thoughts facing current social issues • A final workshop performance …which are all flexible and adjustable to needs as requested by your organisation.Duration of Workshops:Workshops are flexible to needs, varying from an hour to an entire school day andcan even be booked over a number of days if required for the creation of an artisticassembly/school show. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and aims.Cost:Workshop costs will vary depending on requirements and are flexible for schoolsand centres, in order to give all students a fairer chance at creative education. Pleasecontact us for further information on cost with your choice of workshop.* Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 13
  14. 14. Fursan | Information PackHead Artist/Educator:The workshops are headed by experienced performance poet, writer and theatreactor Abdullah Shariff (aka DoubLe). Who has been shortlisted for the BirminghamPoet Laureateship 2007/2008, Muslim Writers Awards 2007 and has worked inschools, libraries and community centres throughout the UK alongside BirminghamPoet Laureates Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito (Bostin Productions) and Richard Grant akaDreadlockalien (Dreadlockalien productions).*We understand some schools have private/varied funding structures which maycause exclusion from creative education, to give all students a fairer education, wecan make exceptions on pricing, so please do not be afraid to contact us! - Fursan in Trafalgar Square, London - Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 14
  15. 15. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | Live Performances‘Fursan’ are a world music group who provide live entertainment at a wide varietyof events for a variety of organisations including charities, corporate organisationsand schools. To find further information on Fursan’s live performance work or forbookings please visit or contact Fursan via the detailsprovided below. - Fursan performing for ‘Secours Islamique’ - Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 15
  16. 16. Fursan | Information Pack Fursan | Contact DetailsFursan work with a variety of organisation types, from schools to charities tocorporate organisations. The group can be booked for a live performance or tofacilitate a workshop to your request.For more information, bookings and for any queries please contact Fursan via thefollowing information:Phone: +44 (0) 7759088589Email: info@groupfursan.comWeb: ‘’A bright idea for our world’’ Fursan | +44 (0) 7759088589 | | 16