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Trender, inspirationer och visioner - Mikael Haglund #ibmbpsse18


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Trender, inspirationer och visioner av Mikael Haglund CTO, IBM. Presentationen hölls på IBM Business Partner Summit 2018.

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Trender, inspirationer och visioner - Mikael Haglund #ibmbpsse18

  1. 1. Trender, inspirationer och visioner Mikael Haglund CTO, IBM Sweden
  2. 2. 2Think 2018 / DOC ID / Month XX, 2018 / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. The cloud has evolved as the technology for transformation 3 1.0 Efficient Infrastructure 2.0 Modern Applications Public Cloud IaaS & SaaS Low cost IT Early Adopters Hybrid Cloud PaaS & Data Engagement Apps Enterprise Value Tactical Strategic Cost Speed Transformation 3.0 Re-imagined Processes App Modernization Multi-Cloud Self-Healing Blockchain Cognitive IBM Cloud / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Multi-cloud is the key to organizational agility 4 +Public Getting new value from third parties Private Extracting value from your entire business 8 out of 10 committing to Multi-Cloud 71% use 3 or more clouds IBM Cloud / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Private cloud is critical to the IBM cloud strategy 5IBM Cloud/ © 2018 IBM Corporation Choice with consistency Hybrid integration DevOps productivity Cognitive solutions Powerful, accessible data and analytics Behind the firewall for the most demanding workloads PRIVATE Maximize on cloud agility and economics PUBLIC Public cloud benefits, with dedicated infrastructure DEDICATED Seamless Experience Regardless of which combination you choose, you get a single, seamless experience.
  6. 6. 6 Multi-cloud management and orchestration Modernize and optimize existing applications Opening up enterprise data centers to work with cloud services Create new cloud- native applications Key use cases driving private cloud adoption 1 2 3 IBM Cloud / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. • Core operational services including logging, monitoring, security • Flexibility to integrate with existing tools and processes • Integration capabilities to unlock and connect • Secure access to public cloud services (AI, Blockchain) • Consistent experience across private/public • Containerized versions of IBM Middleware • Prescriptive guidance to optimize workloads • Work with existing apps, data, skills, infrastructure • Open Kubernetes-based container platform • Cloud Foundry for app dev and deployment • DevOps toolchain integration 7 Rapid Innovation Hybrid Integration Investment Leverage Management & Compliance IBM Cloud Private brings cloud native to the enterprise:
  8. 8. Built with open standards, preventing vendor lock-in 8 Automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications Define, install, and upgrade Kubernetes applications Executable package of software that includes everything needed to run it Text or image Text or image Text or image Containers Orchestration Management Infrastructure as code to provision public cloud and on- premises environments Text or image Provisioning IBM Cloud / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. 999 Solution Overview Choose your infrastructure: IBM Z Enterprise Content Catalog Open Source and IBM Middleware, Data, Analytics, and AI Software Core Operational Services Log Management, Monitoring, Security, Alerting Kubernetes Container Orchestration Platform Strategic Value: Self-service catalog Agility, scalability, and elasticity Self-healing Enterprise security No vendor lock-in IBM Cloud / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. 101010 Free Community Edition Try IBM Cloud Private IBM Cloud / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Ilmarinen accelerates innovation with IBM Cloud Private 11 Business Needs • Speed time to market • Monolithic applications that were hard to maintain and required a lot of resources Solution: IBM Cloud Private • Phase 1: Move WebSphere investments to containers • Phase 2: Migrate DataPower, MQ, and other middleware Benefits • Faster time to market through improved DevOps practices in a secure, on-premises environment • Greater efficiency and reduced costs through containerized approach IBM Cloud / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. 12IBM Research / © 2018 IBM Corporation AI Everywhere Healthcare Finance Government Education Retail Energy Science Deeper Insights Distributed deep learning Quantum computing Cognitive discovery Data centric systems Machine foresight Neuromorphic computing Engagement Reimagined New AI modalities Human-machine collaboration Conversational agents Embodied cognition Augmented reality Cognitive blockchain Personalization at Scale Context-aware systems Personalized healthcare Micro-segmentation Fraud management Targeted marketing Personalized learning Individualized solutions Instrumented Planet Smart sensors Connected cars Cognitive environments Smarter cities Macroscopes Digital agriculture Cyber-physical systems Crypto anchors Smart energy What lies ahead?
  13. 13. IBM Research / © 2017 IBM Corporation 13 AI Everywhere Artificial intelligence (AI) will rapidly evolve from narrow capabilities to broader intelligence with integrated knowledge and adaptive learning. AI will permeate every discipline and all industries – from finance to education to healthcare – boosting productivity and enabling brand new opportunities.
  14. 14. 14 Deeper Insights New solutions will emerge for deriving insight from vast quantities and types of data. Technologies inspired by the natural world – like neuromorphic and quantum computing – will allow us to sense, analyze, and understand things never before possible.
  15. 15. Quantum Computing and IBM Q: An Introduction
  16. 16. Quantum Computing Quantum computer at IBM Research IBM quantum bit device IBM Quantum Experience 16IBM Research / © 2018 IBM Corporation IBM is building the first universal quantum computers for business and science IBM Research / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. ©2017 IBM Corporation 27 May 2018 The second half of the chess board On the first day After 1 week 127 grains of rice
  18. 18. ©2017 IBM Corporation 27 May 2018 On the first day After 1 week 127 grains of rice After 1 month 268,435,455 grains of rice (5,368 1kg bags of rice) After 64 days 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains of rice, weighing 461,168,602,000 metric tons… larger than Mount Everest Over 1,000 times the global production of rice
  19. 19. What will the applications be for quantum computing? Quantum Computing and IBM Q: An Introduction We believe the following areas might be useful to explore for the early applications of quantum computing: Chemistry Material design, oil and gas, drug discovery Artificial Intelligence Classification, machine learning, linear algebra Financial Services Portfolio optimization, scenario analysis, pricing
  20. 20. Quantum Computing and IBM Q: An Introduction
  21. 21. IBM announced in early 2017 that we were building the first universal quantum computers for business and science IBM Q and Quantum Computing for the 21st Century IBM Q
  22. 22. Your next steps to getting Quantum Ready Quantum Computing and IBM Q: An Introduction IBM Q Discover more about IBM’s quantum computing initiative Explore the IBM Q Experience and start using real machines today Collaborate, research, and start applying quantum computing through the IBM Q Network Learn about and start using the QISKit software development kit
  23. 23. 23 Brain-Inspired Neuromorphic Systems
  24. 24. © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation TrueNorth, SyNAPSE chip One million neurons 256 million synapses 5.4B transistors 4,096 parallel and distributed cores interconnected in an on-chip mesh network 70mW total power while running a typical recurrent network at biological real-time
  25. 25. IBM Research / Confidential / © 2017 IBM Corporation Instrumented Planet AI Everywhere Deeper Insights Engagement Reimagined Personali- zation at Scale What lies ahead? 26
  26. 26. Framtiden Är Nu!
  27. 27. © 2016 International Business Machines Corporation Mikael Haglund, IBM Tack!
  28. 28. Hedy Lamarr, ur Wikipedia: Hedy Lamarr väckte uppmärksamhet för sina vågade nakenscener i filmen Extas (1933).Till Hollywood kom hon 1938, där hon av vissa, såväl dåtidens som nutida, filmkritiker ansågs vara den vackraste kvinna som någonsin förekommit på vita duken. Hennes största filmsuccé var Simson och Delila 1949. 1942 fick Lamarr och tonsättaren George Antheil patent på sin uppfinning, Secret Communication System (US Patent 2,292,387), som möjliggjorde automatiskt frekvensbyte mellan 88 olika kanaler. Syftet med uppfinningen var att försvåra spårning av radiostyrda torpeder. Uppfinningen registrerades, men användes inte förrän många decennier senare av privata företag.Tekniken användes först 1962 av amerikanska militären under blockaden av Kuba. Den "bandspridningsteknik" som Lamarr bidrog till lade även grunden till det som idag bildar vår tekniska plattform, som utgörs av mobiltelefoner samt andra trådlösa enheter. År 1997 hedrades hon med Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Pioneer Award.[2] Senare samma år blev Hedy Lamarr den första kvinnliga mottagaren av BULBIE ™ Gnass Spirit of Achievement Award, ett prestigefyllt pris som anses vara en ”Oscar” för uppfinnare. Hon ses som en visionär vars tekniska skarpsinne var långt före sin tid.