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En presentation om IBM MessageSight som erbjuder skalbar konnektivitet.

Läs mer om Utveckling och sammankoppling för mobila enheter (

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IBM Systems of Interaction

  1. 1. Delivering Systems of Interaction Ileana Honigblum Connectivity & Integration Sales Leader © 2013 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Business transactions have moved beyond the enterprise.. The planet is wiring itself to a new nervous system Bridge tomorrow’s innovations with the systems that power the businesses today 1 billion Smartphone users by 2016 534 billion Dollars in mobile transactions by 2015 1 trillion 85% Devices connected to the internet by 2013 Of enterprises use external cloud services 69.1% Increase in mobile transaction volume since 2011 126 million Tablet users by 2016
  3. 3. Our World is Filling with Devices – and their Big Data Rice grains grown each year Ants crawling the earth 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quadrillion) 100,000,000,000,000,000 (100 quadrillion) Devices produced each year 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 quintillion) More than 1 billion devices for every one of us 3 © 2013 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. The way we reach and understand customers is evolving Connected Cars Websites Partners Websites APIs Game Consoles Connected Appliances Trillions 2013+ Millions 1993 - 2000 Internet TVs 4 Smartphones Tablets
  5. 5. Your Integration needs are changing and growing… Systems of Record Systems of Engagement
  6. 6. Bridge tomorrow’s innovations with the systems that power the businesses today Systems of Interaction Systems of Record Systems of Engagement
  7. 7. Today’s Systems of Record were once the Systems of Engagement Goals Data and Process Integrity Now mature and well established (usually) Ensure continuous availability and resilience Reduce cost to operate and maintain Reduce pace of required changes Emphasizes transactions
  8. 8. Focus shifted to delivering new ways to engage with customers, employees and partners Goals Improving interactions with customers to meet heightened expectations Connecting people in real time Enabling self-service to increase customer satisfaction Attracting more business by creating new business models Emphasizes content
  9. 9. When Systems of Engagement are unplugged… Customer uses Mobile app to interact with Airline Can show my ticket Can show my seat Can see upgrade option Can check flight status Can’t change my ticket Can’t move my seat Can’t buy upgrade Can’t change flight New Integration Requirements: Connect front-office Systems of Engagements with back-office Systems of Record Rapidly develop services for new interactions beyond the four walls of the enterprise Quickly and easily scale capture all of the different end points from front-office engagements Act on insights from real-time integration to enable continuous insights
  10. 10. Integration Turns Mobile Interactions into Transactions IBM Integration Bus Over 1/3 of all mobile technology leaders are actively integrating to back end systems Integration to back-end systems allows business to capitalize on mobile interactions A SOA-based integration layer provides reusable services as APIs for mobile interactions An ESB approach allows complex interactions to be packaged as simple APIs to reduce multiple calls to the back end Integration Bus: – Mobile enable any enterprise service in a few clicks in conjunction with Worklight Key Capabilities • Scalable infrastructure – Build robust solutions with integrated caching and security • Rapid publishing – Push updates to mobile users from enterprise applications • Rapid Cloud connectivity – Create end-to-end mobile solutions for SAP, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, and more • Reliable messaging to apps • Pre-packaged templates Business Value • Up to 60% development reduction • Flexibility and change control
  11. 11. Act on insights from real-time information to transform evolving opportunities into better outcomes Web Mobile Social Email Call centers Kiosks / POS Physical locations Sensors Generating Insight Near-real-time visibility into all data networks, including files and messages Automated, intelligent decision-making Manage risk through predictive analytics based on customer data Speed up decision-making through real-time monitoring of key business metrics and performance indicators Monitor and analyze client activities and usage patterns to gain essential insight into needs and expectations
  12. 12. Enabling Predictive Enterprise with Real-time Analytics Bring together variety of real-time data from any source, at velocity, to generate insights z
  13. 13. Lack of integration impedes innovation “integration with back-office systems is the biggest barrier to consumer-facing systems of engagement” What is your most significant technical barrier to creating effective customer-facing systems? (Systems of Engagement) Inadequate integration with back-office systems (Systems of Record) 42% 35% Inadequate security Inadequate master-data management 34% Inadequate content management 30% Slow or unpredictable performance 30% Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM, Q1 2013 Systems of Engagement Demand New Integration Solutions – And a New IT, Forrester, April 2013
  14. 14. Addressing challenge of creating Systems of Interaction Integrating Systems of Engagement and Record Control and manage services Scalable and reliable access to information Build and run Mobile applications Integrate virtually any applications Expose services via APIs to accelerate innovation Integrate SaaS and On Prem Secure access across enterprise boundaries Real-time awareness of Internet of Things and Mobile
  15. 15. IBM Systems of Interaction Portfolio Industry Patterns Decisions & Analytics Rules Situations Analytics Internet of Things Business Process Human Tasks Workflow Collaborate Mobile Service Dev Ops Build Service Service Service Integration Gateway Integration Bus Transform Route Choreograph Cloud Secure Manage Scale Govern APIs Social & Web Messaging Data Caching Application Foundation Search Partners
  16. 16. Another way to look it...
  17. 17. Today’s challenges demand a complete integration solution IBM Business Integration
  18. 18. … and a complete Messaging solution Universal messaging backbone for transporting virtually any information IMS .NET Pattern App DB2 JCAPS Pattern CICS TS Service SAP Files Rules Process Analytics ○ Shared backbone for delivering all kinds of business data: messages, events, files, service interactions, mobile, sensors ○ Proven, reliable delivery of business critical data transactions ○ Preserve integrity of data with end-to-end encryption ○ Time-independent processing through asynchronous exchange (queuing) ○ Efficient messaging for mobile and sensors ○ Flexible distribution of information based on topics (just publish and subscribe to data) ○ Connect at Internet scale IBM Business Integration
  19. 19. Integration Bus unifies the whole enterprise Provides universal connectivity to integrate across all Systems of Record ○ Integrate virtually any System of Record including services, applications, data sources ○ Easily convert & transform business data ○ Accelerate integration & promote best practices with pre-built patterns ○ Built-in packaged application connectors ○ Rapid integration with graphical tooling ○ Supports wide range of developer skills including Java and .NET ○ Natural fit with MQ & WAS environments ○ Standards-based data modelling aligns with Master Data Mgmt IBM Business Integration
  20. 20. Integration Gateway extends beyond the enterprise Provides secure connectivity reaching out to Systems of Engagement ○ Rapidly connect out to Systems of Engagement ○ Accelerate integration & promote best practices with pre-built patterns ○ Secure access to enterprise systems and data by providing a “force-field” around the business ○ Rapidly and easily synchronise SaaS application data with on-premise ○ Rapidly integrate mobile apps with enterprise systems and data ○ Track shifting market trends by engaging clients’ social network and circle of contacts ○ Capture real-time data from millions of sensors ○ Enable secure B2B exchange with communities of trading partners ○ Drive innovation from external developer communities with enterprise API management ○ Gain real-time insights from Big data that cannot be readily stored and accessed IBM IBM Business Integration Integration
  21. 21. Internet of Things instruments our entire world, Mobile is Changing Businesses
  22. 22. Mobile Connectivity – Mobile and M2M The Business Impact of Connected Devices could be Worth US$4.5 Trillion in 2020 Link Although millions of new devices and machines are connected to mobile networks every month, we are still just scratching the surface of what is possible. “Today the connected devices market is dominated by mobile phones, but this will change in the future as a new wave of smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics and M2M devices connect everything from cars to health services and even entire cities,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. An extraordinary 240 million tonnes of food spoils during transit and storage every year in developing countries. The use of mobile connections to track trucks and monitor the temperature of storage facilities would save enough food to feed more than 40 million people annually – equivalent to the entire population of Kenya Mobile technology can also make travelling safer; in developed countries, one in nine of the lives lost in road accidents could be saved by in-car connectivity that calls the emergency services automatically in the event of a collision, providing accurate location information and other relevant details. In cities, intelligent transport systems, which monitor traffic flows and direct drivers accordingly, can ease congestion, reduce commuting times, lower stress levels and keep the economy moving •Over 50% of [Car] consumers would be swayed by the presence of an internet-capable device * •Over 50% of global vehicles sales in 2015 to be connected (either by embedded tethered or smart phone integration) •Every car to be connected in multiple manners by 2025 Top Ten Connected Applications in 2020 – GSMA ** (link) Application Connected Car Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance New Business Models for Car Usage Traffic Management Electric Vehicle Charging Clinical Remote Monitoring Assisted Living Home and Building Security Smart Meters Building Automation Value ($USb) 600 245 225 100 75 350 270 250 105 40
  23. 23. Mobile Connectivity – Mobile and M2M
  24. 24. The next generation of connected vehicles will create massive data which will to be processed through High Performing Backends The next generation connected vehicle journey Upcoming models will launch millions of connected vehicles Vehicles will be fully packed with sensors Sensors will create GBytes of data per vehicle per hour (big data) Millions of vehicles will be connected in parallel ... ... sending and receiving millions of messages Mobile Messaging - Connectivity Big Data Real Time Analytics Cloud Advanced Mobility
  25. 25. The Connected Vehicle - A megatrend in the Automotive Industry which drives intelligent solutions for customers After-Sales / Diagnostics Other cars Multimedia devices Infrastructure Infotainment 25 Advanced Mobility
  26. 26. Internet of Things Industry Examples Banking Monetize Paid home care family services Retail Transport Cash replacement Paid Alerts to travellers Sensor enabled Loyalty cards Congestion charging Component predictive replacement Delivery and stock replenishment optimization Smart Cities Traffic mgmt Fleet mgmt Cash replacement solutions Healthcare Automotive Store layout optimization Pay-per-drive car rental Mobile Banking Optimized Cash management ER Bed Resource Mgmt Optimize Banking the unbanked Biometrics Extend 26 Life style monitoring Smarter Subsidies Remote ATM Management Control In-car Movies, Music, Games Dynamic Authorization Highly Automated Driving Smart Vending Machines Remote Drive-train optimization Mobility Services Pay-per-use energy Delay nonessential supply during peak loads Smart home services Delivery Lockers Store energy mgmt Remote Hospital environment Mgmt Airport Management E&U Crowd mgmt Store parking mgmt Timetable mgmt Dynamic price labels Asset mgmt Remotely control consumer devices © 2013 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Automotive Examples – Connected Car Tracking where cars are, how cars move in space and in relation to other Cars ! ! ! Slope aware power train optimization Flooding/Slippery risk aware Driving alert 100 Dynamic/Variable Speed Limit alert & speed control Low Bridge ! ! Signal status aware speed control going thru crossing :-) Dynamic parking space availability navigation 27 Height/load limit aware fleet driving alert & detouring Bus Passenger crowd aware bus dynamic speed management Accident/congestion aware detouring & navigation Co2 Environment pollution surveillance traffic fencing control & fleet alert © 2013 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. IBM MessageSight • The growth of mobiles, sensors and intelligent devices demands a change to how we do business • IBM MessageSight is a secure, easy to deploy appliance-based messaging server that is optimized to address the massive scale requirements of the machine to machine (m2m) and mobile use cases • Designed to sit at the edge of the enterprise and can extend your existing messaging infrastructure or be used standalone • Part of the MobileFirst family integrating with BigData and Analytics engines to provide an end to end solution
  29. 29. IBM MessageSight: Key Messages "IBM MessageSight sits on the edge of the enterprise, providing highly scalable connectivity to the mobile internet and your existing enterprise intranet. Message Sight extends MQ to Mobile and Internet“ MessageSight is poised to do for mobile and devices what MQ did for enterprise applications "Easy to Setup and Configure" – – For IT people, this is a "makes my job easier/makes me look better" reinforcement. – For business/money-focused constituents, its a "rapid time to value" reinforcement (I need this done now/quickly). Operational costs => direct impact on the operational costs and reduce future hidden costs uncertainty related to growth.
  30. 30. IBM Systems of Interaction Portfolio Complete Rapid Patterns-driven Standards-based Polyglot Flexible deployment