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Power ai nordics dcm


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PowerAI introduktion
Talare: David Chancellor Madison, Cognitive & AI Sales Leader for Systems Europe, IBM
Presentation från Watson Kista Summit 2018

Published in: Technology
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Power ai nordics dcm

  1. 1. 1 © Hortonworks Inc. 2011 – 2017. All Rights Reserved1 © Hortonworks Inc. 2011 – 2017. All Rights Reserved David Chancellor‐Maddison AI Leader Europe IBM
  2. 2. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2017 Agenda  Destination AI  Data: Is my unique asset, but I have amnesia  Data Landscape and Tools  PowerAI and 53 Industry use cases in 6 months  We can help you.
  3. 3. PowerAI!NOT PowerAI! Enterprise-Ready Software Distribution Built on Open Source fast, easy deployment
  4. 4. Data Time Available Data Understood Data Enterprise Amnesia 80 million wearable health devices will be available by 2017. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated daily by connected machines. There will be 28 times more sensor- enabled devices than people by the year 2020. 25 gigabytes of data per hour is generated by a connected car. 90% of cars will be connected by 2020. 153 exabytes of healthcare data generated by devices in 2013. Increasing to 2,314 exabytes in 2020. 1.7 megabytes of data per second generated by every human being on the planet by 2020.
  5. 5. 1(7:25.())(&76(&2120,(62)6&$/( 2)7+(:25/'·6 '$7$$1·7%(*22*/(' Data acumen is one area where every company has an equal opportunity to do the incredible
  6. 6. 6 © Hortonworks Inc. 2011 – 2017. All Rights Reserved The Modern Data Platform Oracle, MsSQL,DB2 EDB, MongoDB,Neo4J Hadoop Spark, Hortonworks, Kinetica,BlazeGraphArtificial Intelligence • Headache • Traditional Data • Cost Optimisation • Asset • New Data Sources • App Modern/ Speciality • HIGH VALUE • Artificial Intelligence • ML/DL • HIGH VALUE • High Perf Data Analytics • Geospacial Temporal • Business Enabled • 3x Price Performance • Offload to High Value Combining Innovation
  7. 7. 7 © Hortonworks Inc. 2011 – 2017. All Rights Reserved Capture streaming data Deliver perishable insights Combine new  old data Store data forever Access a multi‐tenant data lake Model with machine learning DATA AT REST (Hortonworks Data Platform) DATA IN MOTION (Hortonworks DataFlow) ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE Perishable Insights Historical Insights A Connected Data Strategy for All Data C L O U D On Premise
  8. 8. Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Applications Machine Learning Deep Learning (Neural Networks) The deeper you go, the more value you gain, and the more you know
  9. 9. IBM OpenPOWER Moves on Deep Learning with a Vengeance…“ enterprise-ready software distribution built on open source tools for ease of development performance faster training times for data scientists IBM’s OpenPOWER organization has clearly stepped up its game this week with a massive move towards making Deep Learning and AI efforts far more affordable.
  10. 10. requires different skills DEPLOY INFER experience all that pain again MAINTAIN ACCURACY Iterate faster and do it again Assisted parameter selection and tuning most time spent here DATA PREPARATION up and running over a quick lunch time spent drops from 80% to 30% very iterative BUILD, TRAIN, OPTIMIZE 9 days work becomes 4 hours … more models weeks to months UP RUNNING
  11. 11. accident risk rate 90% inspection times 10X number of inspections
  12. 12. 12 Automotive AI and HPC platform Leading European truck manufacturer builds next-generation HPC platform Winning Solution Power8 with P100 PowerAI Competition Intel and related vendours Solution Benefits Superior performance and a commitment to open source Business Partner: Conoa Use-case contact: Kristoffer Pettersson About the customer One of the first companies in the world to make commercial vehicles. This long-standing brand manufactures heavy trucks, buses and engines at 17 production sites in 14 countries. Business challenge and solution They are facing a major change in the market with new and old competitors developing autonomous driving and driver assistance. To meet the demands of the future, they need an HPC platform tuned for deep learning and not only for traditional technical computing. They also have a strategy to use as much open source SW as possible. They have invested in 3 Power8 nodes with P100 GPU as a test bench for developing their next generation platform providing AI, Modern Databases and Technical Computing. Why did the Client choose IBM Systems “The potential for Power CPUs in HPC is too attractive to me to not begin serious concrete activities in that direction. We can’t ignore it”
  13. 13. 13 University Research platform for AI Healthcare University looking for partnership in AI research for Genomics Winning Solution Power9 with V100 PowerAI Competition DELL Solution Benefits • The University looked to IBM for an innovative partner who could provide a leading edge AI platform. Business Partner: Netorek Use-case contact: Kai Salmi Teppo Seesto About the customer Founded in 1863, the university has its origins in the first Finnish-speaking teacher training college, the so-called Teacher Seminary. The teacher seminary evolved into the College of Education in 1937, at which time it was given the authority to grant doctorate degrees. In the 1960s, the college started teaching and researching in the sciences and in 1967 was renamed. The university offers a wide range of study programmes for bachelors and masters degrees conducted in English, many of which are unique in Finland. Natural Sciences, Human Sciences, Sports and Health Sciences as well as Teacher education are the university's areas of special expertise. Business challenge and solution The University is building a prototype of systems for a new social and health reform. It needs to be prepared for big AI tasks, so they need an extremely powerful AI solution. The Dean at IT faculty at the Univ insisted on nothing less than Volta GPUs as the scope of AI tasks is still open. Why did the Client choose IBM Systems IBM were able to show how we cooperate with other leading edge research institutions around the world and position our unique technology for Deep Learning and AI.
  14. 14. 14 Winning Solution • OEM Power AC922 with 2GPUs Competition • different x86 vendors Solution Benefits • Proven Power performance and reliability from local ISV, in connection with local SW solution. The most appropriate solution due to current political demands. Business Partner: KNS with ISV Polymatica: Use-case contact: Victoria Nuzhnaya/Russia/IBM About the customer Administration of the City – organization of state power, heads the system of Executive authorities of the city, which includes branch and functional Executive authorities (departments, committees, management, control and inspection) exercising Executive and administrative functions in certain sectors and areas of city management, as well as the territorial bodies of the Executive power to control is the prefectures of administrative districts and district Council. Business challenge and solution The client needed to implement a system of interactive multi-dimensional analysis of distributed data and opted for a solution from Polymatica that offers the required functionality. This system will help the client to realise multipurpose tool for tasks of visualization and big data analytics. Why did the Client choose IBM Systems Polymatica recommended IBM Power System AC922 based on the strong performance advantage over x86 that they experienced during porting and testing of their solution on Minsky servers. NVIDIA NVLink technology, creating a direct, ultra-fast connection between CPU and GPU was the key to this success. Administration of Governmental Department Accelerated BI with
  15. 15. 15 Oil Industry Reservoir Simulation Oil exploration company investing in IBM innovation Winning Solution Power9 with V100 Competition x86 with PCI attached GPU Solution Benefits • Higher performance in a similar package and the POWER solution allows them to scale up to larger models and support more concurrent users Business Partner: KomplexIT, ISV is Ridgeway Kite Use-case contact: Christopher Fabritius About the customer An international oil and gas company with a 2016 entitlement production of 313,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Their production comes from Denmark, UK, Norway, Kazakhstan, the US Gulf of Mexico and Algeria. Exploration and development activities are on-going in Angola, Kenya, Brazil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq and in the producing countries. Business challenge and solution Maersk Oil has a need for the industry standard HPC solution for their reservoir simulation. They have a research project looking into the possibility of using GPU accelerated systems instead of CPU only in order to gain more insight, higher resolution, more runs in a given timeframe, more concurrent users etc. Why did the Client choose IBM Systems ISV, Ridgeway Kite, recommended IBM and we provided a good experience with the benchmark centre in Poughkeepsie through out the benchmark process. With IBM’s solution, they will be able to support more users and make more runs in the same time frame than with a competing solution
  16. 16. 16 © Hortonworks Inc. 2011 – 2017. All Rights Reserved IBM Cognitive Systems Solutions Center Email: Submit Online Request: Experts • Engage Cross Brand • Weekly Tech Talk • Solutions Application Specialists Best Practices    Reference  Architecture • Develop Reference Architectures • Drive Requirements Collateral • Provide Enablement • Ensure Web Presence Amit Dave Somas Balasubram Annika Blank Antonio Orbe Dirk-Jan Niggebrugge Florin Manaila Moya Brannan Wijay Wijayakumaran Dennis Kwok Dong Xu Fangyuan Zhou Rich Lee Wei Meng Fujio Inoue Kentaroh Ishimatsu Kohhei Nomura Takeo Machida Mariano Nicolas Batista Cesar Flores Joao Natalino De Oliveira Carlos Augusto Rodrigues dos Santos Wainer Mendes Toni Jorge Vergara Beatriz Woiler Chuck Gray Jerry Carroll Dennis Lawler Terry Letherland Proshanta Saha Jamie Syptak