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Iwcs and cisco watson kista summit 2018 v2


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Samarbeta både över tid och i realtid
Cisco Spark och IBM Connections – tillsammans! Kombinera ledaren för konversationer i realtid – text, video, individuellt och i team med branschledaren sedan sju år för internt samarbete, transparens och nätverk.
Talare: Bo Holtemann, Solution Specialist, IBM Collaboration Solutions
Presentation från Watson Kista Summit 2018

Published in: Technology
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Iwcs and cisco watson kista summit 2018 v2

  1. 1. Watson Kista Summit 2018 Get the job done w. IBM Watson Collaboration Solutions and Cisco Spark February 7th, 2018
  2. 2. An idea is born and a joint team formed to formulate, create, and define the new strategy and offerings • Brainstorm, ideation and ongoing conversations • Review, analyze and make decisions on direction • Create, store, share, comment and collaborate • Find and engage external experts Direction and strategy is finalized, development teams work together to make the joint solution a reality • Define specs, Q&A, communicate and resolve issues • Share and review progress and success and get real time critique and feedback • Store and share content beyond the boundaries of the development teams to the product, sales, and marketing teams Solution is presented to executive teams for funding and final go ahead • Sales teams and partners are educated on the solution • Feedback, Q&A, issues are escalated and triaged • Improvements, refinements, and future updates are worked via the same process Solution Value in the Real World
  3. 3. Knowledge Collaboration Solutions with IBM and Cisco Rethinking End-to-End Collaboration SSO Automated Provisioning Uniform Support Open APIs “The partnership between IBM and Cisco brings the best collaboration and communication solutions together in the market. This new way of work will change the way business users get their work done.” This presentation contains materials that are either copyright © 2017 IBM Corporation or copyright © 2017 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Decisions Email CognitiveSocial Messaging Calling*Meetings
  4. 4. WebEx as default Cisco Spark Cisco Spark WebEx as default meeting
  5. 5. • Presence awareness • Click-to • call (soft phone) • video chat • Cisco Spark support for IBM Connections capabilities • Profile and business card integration • Connections Files picker • Save to Connections Files • Publishing chat and meeting extension definitions and ISV App integration pattern for exploitation by 3rd parties … READ go innovate! Roadmap topics
  6. 6. What is Cisco Spark Business MESSAGING – team persistent chat/rooms Business MEETINGS: Basic and Advanced Video as a service, Video endpoints, Hybrid option API’s Integration BOTs CALLING: Cloud PBX and option for Hybrid setup Note: Calling is currently NOT on IBM parts NOTE: Cisco Spark Advanced Meetings = WebEx
  7. 7. Teams Calls Persistent chats Whiteboard Audio & video Including Screen share Meeting ”Basic” Add integrations/ Bots
  8. 8. Knowledge centric Ideas Experts Sharing Innovation Contribution, tagging You, me, us Knowledge centric powered IBM Connections
  9. 9. Dear Dr. Watson and Watson Collaboration – who can help? Who knows?
  10. 10. • Share to the enterprise via tags • REUSE the share, the knowledge, the files, the skills • Enterprise knowledge search • Expertise locator – the REAL expert, tagged by people! • Find asset/content – ever heard “do not reinvent the wheel?” • Knowledge accident – imagen that • Take the team skill to the enterprise • One good example: Cisco Spark team 1, team 2, team 3 … how do i share the team’s information and knowledge cross org? IBM Connections Social cloud simply put
  11. 11. App developed – assign Cisco Spark space directly to the IBM Collaboration Community for direct access
  12. 12. Vision - Cognitive
  13. 13. IBM Collaboration Solutions at Think #11 Deep Dives #14 Hands-On Labs #9 Featured Sessions • Get together with business partners and customers sharing insights. • Access to ICS Technical experts, Managers, Product Managers.