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IBM Finance Forum Johan Lindstrom 2014


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Johan Lindström, CFO IBM Sverige, delar med sig av erfarenheterna av IBMs egna transformation och hur man idag arbetar mer med analys i sitt arbete,

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IBM Finance Forum Johan Lindstrom 2014

  1. 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation IBMs Finance Transformation mot bättre verksamhetsstyrning Johan Lindstrom CFO IBM Sverige
  2. 2. © 2014 IBM Corporation2 Our Strategy is built around Transformation – our enterprise model evolved based on Innovation and Global Integration  Reality of Global Integration  Emergence of a New Computing Model  Innovation and Integration  Shift to higher value business  Invest in Growth Markets  Global Integration  Invest in Innovation  Ongoing productivity and margin improvement International Multi-national Global EnterpriseWe saw Change Coming … and Transformed IBM Up to 1990s 2000 and beyond
  3. 3. © 2014 IBM Corporation3  14,000 Finance employees – 2x Competition  Decentralized organization  Disparate Financial Systems  High percent of time spent on Administrative tasks  Finance organization viewed as low value add Lack of corporate-wide data strategy  Inconsistent definitions  Unique measurements  Slow close process  Lack of data integrity and transparency No global process leadership  Inefficient processes  Inability to implement best practices across units  No measure of process efficiency Multiple data centers/applications  Lack of integration  20 – 25 years old ! Pre-1994, IBM Finance was mostly decentralized and a maze of Financial Systems Vital information was lost at every consolidation level
  4. 4. © 2014 IBM Corporation4  8 process teams formed  Driven by external benchmarks  Linked to IT initiatives Process Enhancements Key initiatives  Improve productivity by 50% within 24 months  Significantly increase data quality and availability Objectives Data Strategy  Common chart of accounts  Information warehouse  Functional productivity "Workbench" Information Technology  Reduce data centers  Reduce key applications  Create/implement strategic, integrated architecture After defining the major objectives, IBM took a three prong approach for its Finance Transformation
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  10. 10. © 2014 IBM Corporation10 Finance Transformation
  11. 11. © 2014 IBM Corporation11 Finance Transformation
  12. 12. © 2014 IBM Corporation12 Changing Focus of Finance’s Job Requirements and Skills Finance value is bifurcating Skills need to evolve from Core to Consultative Process Efficiency •Deploy Global Processes •Deliver Standardized Support •Leverage Skills/Tools for Scale •Accurate and Timely Data Actionable Insight •Headlights and Roadmaps •Expertise in Growth Areas •Business Intelligence/Analytics •Align Resources for Rev. Growth Value Proposition Efficiency Standards Harmonization Agility Effectiveness Predictive Business Acumen Actionable Profitable Growth Skills StrategicInsight Quantitative Qualitative Core Leadership ConsultativeAnalytical Pulling Reports Performing Ledger entries Accounting Principles Reconciling Data Project Management Building Trust Data Modelling Trend Analysis Forecasting Statistical Techniques Packaging & Presenting Negotiating Problem Solving Listening Business Acumen Partnership Influencing Risk Management Invoicing Financial Concepts Insight Generation Change Management Scenario analysis Business Ethics Persuasive Communication
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