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IBM BC2015 - Enabling Digital Transformation (Infrastructure Matters)


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Presentationen hölls av Marie Wieck, General Manager - Middleware, IBM Systems, på IBM Business Connect 2015.
Remake your Organization for the Future - Helping IT Leaders Become Trusted Service Providers in the Cognitive era.
Internet of Things isn’t just a hype. There are many success stories already, and many more to come. But how to make money with IoT? It’s not all about new technology but the new way of thinking business models enabled by innovations. Winners are the ones who re-write the rules of specific business sector. Just optimizing certain industries is simply not good enough, even though it’s often the easiest and good way to start with. This presentation will deep dive into the elements of success through several real customer cases within IoT startups and established businesses.

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IBM BC2015 - Enabling Digital Transformation (Infrastructure Matters)

  1. 1. Remake your Organization for the Future Helping IT Leaders Become Trusted Service Providers in the Cognitive Era An IBM Systems Story October 2015
  2. 2. | 1 Future Made| 2Future Made | 2IBM Systems Welcome to the Cognitive Era: A new era in technology, a new era in business Data is transforming industries and professions Computing is entering a new Cognitive Era The world is being reinvented in code Where code goes, where data flows, cognition will follow.
  3. 3. | 1 Future Made| 3Future Made | 3IBM Systems …while maintaining their core businesses IT leaders must drive innovation at unprecedented speed and scale …. Driving innovation: Maintaining business: IoT will connect 30 billion devices by 2020 48% of shoppers want on- demand personalized promotions 6.75 TBs of data will be created per person per day by 2018 65% of transactions with healthcare organizations will be mobile by 2018 Average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million Average hourly cost of downtime is over $1.6 million
  4. 4. Digital is not the destination, but it is required . . . Reshape the customer experience Reshapetheoperatingmodel Value proposition focus Valuedeliveryfocus Sources: 1.“Digital reinvention”, IBM institute for Business Value, December 2013 2.“Inside the mind of Generation D”, IBM Center for Applied Insights, October 2014 +10pts +6pts +6pts Performance vs non-digital peers on key metrics Share of customer wallet 3-yr customer retention % of new product dev initiatives released | 4IBM Systems
  5. 5. An architectural foundation for Cognitive Business APIs Enterprise Infrastructure Digital Innovation Integration Partners Apps Access Info Process Interaction Hybrid Cloud IBM StorageIBM LinuxONE Data IBM z Systems IBM Power Systems IBM Middleware IBM BlueMix | 5IBM Systems
  6. 6. | 1 Future Made| 6Future Made | 6IBM Systems Hybrid Cloud is a key enabler that means evolving IT infrastructure in three areas Accelerate speed of innovation for new services Deliver real-time business visibility and insights Ensure secure, compliant and predictable IT services Integration for Mobile Services Tap into the API economy and extend infrastructure investments to drive innovation Data for Analytics Services Integrate data from various sources and derive real- time insights from oceans of data Operations for Service Predictability Provide visibility and control across all IT services to deliver continuous operations
  7. 7. | 1 Future Made| 7Future Made | 7IBM Systems Integration for mobile services
  8. 8. Integration for mobile services accelerates innovation to differentiate from competitors and access cognitive services Enabled rapid customer growth by quickly extending business operations to mobile devices | 8
  9. 9. Connecting to enterprise IT and digital ecosystems requires thinking differently about APIs, scalability and security Open up to ecosystem partners in a safe and controlled way? Support the flood of new users, transactions and services? Protect enterprise data from unauthorized users? APIs to enable external partners to securely connect to your core systems and data Infrastructure that scales to accommodate rapid growth without service disruption Enhancing security through encryption, workload isolation, and API management How do you… Requires… Future MadeFuture MadeIBM Systems | 9
  10. 10. Relationship Extraction Questions & Answers Language Detection Personality Insights Keyword Extraction Image Link Extraction Feed Detection Visual Recognition Concept Expansion Concept Insights Dialog Sentiment Analysis Text to Speech Tradeoff Analytics Natural Language Classifier Author Extraction Speech to Text Retrieve & Rank Watson News Language Translation Entity Extraction Tone Analyzer Concept Tagging Taxonomy Text Extraction Message Resonance Image Tagging Face Detection Answer Generation Usage Insights Fusion Q&A Video Augmentation Decision Optimization Knowledge Graph Risk Stratification Policy Identification Emotion Analysis Decision Support Criteria Classification Knowledge Canvas Easy Adaptation Knowledge Studio Service Statistical Dialog Q&A Qualification Factoid Pipeline Case Evaluation 10 The Waston that competed on Jeopardy! in 2011 comprised what is now a single API—Q&A—built on five underlying technologies. Since then, Watson has grown to a family of 28 APIs. On average there are 1.3B Watson API calls / month. By the end of 2016, there will be nearly 50 Watson APIs— with more added every year. Natural Language Processing Machine Learning Question Analysis Feature Engineering Ontology Analysis Cognitive Business is powered by IBM Watson
  11. 11. With Integration from IBM, now you can: Open new markets by allowing ecosystem developers to securely leverage business assets Provide average response times of 30 milliseconds supporting 50 million mobile transactions daily Scale up to 9 quintillion files and yottabytes of data for virtually unlimited growth Support 675 million messages and handle $1 trillion of financial traffic per day Enable full disk encryption and file-level encryption on all tiers of storage with no performance degradation | 1 Future MadeFuture MadeIBM Systems | 11
  12. 12. M2M Technologies captures new customer segments through their partner ecosystem Secure gateway platform safely exposes sensitive data to authorized users API management software unlocks core systems to allow developers to create new customized features Portals help engage application developers and help administrators establish policies for critical API attributes IBM Systems helps an electronics firm expand their target market by creating and managing APIs that allows their partners to quickly add new capabilities. | 12
  13. 13. | 1 Future Made| 13Future Made | 13IBM Systems Data for analytics services
  14. 14. Data for analytics services deliver cognitive insights to improve operational decisions and provide superior customer experiences Maximized advertising revenues by providing advertisers with greater customer visibility | 14
  15. 15. Delivering real-time analytics services requires thinking differently about data acquisition, placement and compute Develop a complete view of your customers and business? Improve analytics service performance and efficiency? Analyze oceans of data to derive real-time decisions? Acquiring and integrating enterprise and external data using infrastructure optimized for big data Placing data and analytics applications in the right location to maximize speed Servers and flash storage designed specifically for the cognitive era How do you… Requires… Future Made| 15Future MadeIBM Systems | 15
  16. 16. With Data from IBM, now you can: Run analytics queries up to 2,000X faster by moving analytics closer to the data Increase analytics performance by 2.5X with a balanced system design delivering greater I/O bandwidth, memory and threads per core Achieve 7.5X increase in business application performance with low latency flash storage Deliver 400 GB per second data throughput to storage architecture Secure data integration to over 80 platforms, including industry standard databases and ERP systems Future Made| 16Future MadeIBM Systems | 16
  17. 17. Data for analytics services deliver cognitive insights to improve operational decisions and provide superior customer experiences Delivered cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to customers at point of sale in seconds | 17
  18. 18. | 1 Future Made| 18Future Made | 18IBM Systems Operations for service predictability
  19. 19. Operations for service predictability ensures superior availability in an unpredictable world Managed business change by centralizing network operations activity | 19
  20. 20. Providing superior service availability requires thinking differently about systems design, service management and availability Ensure that my IT services will meet the needs of my business? Safeguard that my IT operations are running smoothly? Prevent unplanned downtime and outages? Careful systems design of what services run where to balance needs of cost, security and performance Applying service management to gain visibility and control across all IT operations Always-on infrastructure that provides service reliability and continuous data availability How do you… Requires… Future Made| 20Future MadeIBM Systems | 20
  21. 21. With Operations from IBM, now you can: Reduce critical events by 98% by identifying performance issues before they affect your users Reduce outages by more than 50% by tracking all transactions from start to finish Search and diagnose problems 60% faster by analyzing customer patterns from log data Enable a global mirror recovery point as low as 3 to 5 seconds for near-continuous uptime Provide 99.9999% availability through metro mirroring with HyperSwap Future Made| 21Future MadeIBM Systems | 21
  22. 22. SDV provides round-the-clock availability to avoid disruptions and customer losses Integrated in-memory networking enables high-speed data back-up Advanced clustering with automated failover in seconds provides continuous availability System automation and cloud management increases administration efficiency IBM Systems helps an IT service provider reduce total cost of ownership by 50% and offers continuous service for banking customers who cannot afford downtime | 22
  23. 23. 23 1. A cognitive strategy Determine what data you need, which experts will train the system; where you must build more human engagement; which products, services, processes and operations should be infused with cognition, and which parts of the unstructured 80% of data you most need to focus on to make discoveries for the future. 2. A foundation of data and analytics Collect and curate the right data—data you own, data from others, data available to all; both structured and unstructured. Apply cognitive technologies to this data in order to sense, learn and adapt, thereby creating competitive advantage. 3. Cloud services optimized for industry, data and cognitive APIs The building blocks for products and services are code, APIs and diverse data sets. The platform you choose to develop on, and the agile development culture and methods you embrace, will be critical to your success. 4. IT infrastructure tuned for cognitive workloads Architect a new kind of IT core—a heterogeneous infrastructure that serves as the backbone of your enterprise. Do this rapidly and affordably by harmonizing technologies from public, private and hybrid cloud with distributed devices, IoT instrumentation and your existing systems. 5. Security for a Cognitive Era As cognition makes its way into cars, buildings, roadways, business processes, fleets, supply chains—securing every transaction, piece of data, and interaction becomes essential to ensure trust in the entire system—and in your brand and reputation. The Journey to Cognitive Business | 23IBM Systems
  24. 24. | 1 Future Made| 24Future Made | 24IBM Systems Get started in your journey to become in today’s cognitive era. Learn more about IBM Systems and Download new thought leadership showcasing how leading digital organizations are thinking differently about IT infrastructure Learn more about Cognitive Business and how to outthink the competition as we enter a new era of computing
  25. 25. | 1 Future Made| 25Future Made | 25IBM Systems Thank you.