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Gene Villeneuve - Moving from descriptive to cognitive analytics


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As the scope of big data rapidly expands, so does the scope of the analytics that are necessary to extract insight from that data. It is simply impossible for humans or indeed rules-based engines to take that information to action. More and more, clients need analytics to make the best decisions possible; or better yet, embed those analytics into processes to automate the decision-making process, which they simply the answers based on the questions being asked at the point of impact. In order to address these rapidly evolving needs, we need to ensure the right analytics capability are deployed to suit each situation, each point of interaction and each decision point within a process. Join this session, and learn how IBM can provide a solution for the varying types of analytics: from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive to cognitive.

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Gene Villeneuve - Moving from descriptive to cognitive analytics

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM Corporation A New Era of Smart Moving from Descriptive to Cognitive Analytics on your Big Data Projects  Date: October 7, 2014  Gene Villeneuve Director & European Sales Leader Predictive & Business Intelligence
  2. 2. A New Era of Smart Agenda  Introduction and some clarification regarding terminology The evolution of analytics Descriptive  Predictive  Prescriptive  Cognitive  Analytics in the Context of Big Data  Big Data & Analytics Reference Model  Sample projects and customer case studies illustrating the evolution of analytics  Current research & development areas © 2013 2 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. A New Era of Smart INTRODUCTION & TERMINOLOGY © 2013 3 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. A New Era of Smart Analytics: a Business Imperative across Industries  LOB buyers are driving new demand for industry solutions At the point of impact Big Data and Analytics All perspectives All decisions All information All people  The new era of computing enables new analytic methods Search Deterministic Enterprise data Machine language Simple outputs Programmatic  Discovery  Probabilistic  Big Data  Natural language  Intelligent options Cognitive © 2013 4 IBM Corporation * Source: IBM Market Development & Insight – GMV 1H2013
  5. 5. A New Era of Smart The Evolution of Analytics Cognitive Analytics Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics Descriptive Analytics Descriptive  “After-the-facts” analytics by analyzing historical data  Provides clarity as to where an enterprise or an organization stands related to defined business measures  Applied to all LoB for fact finding, visualization of success and failure Cognitive  Pertaining to the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment, learning, and reasoning  Range of different analytical strategies that are used to learn about certain types of business related functions  Natural language processing Predictive  Leverages data mining, statistics and ML algorithms, etc. to analyze current and historical data to predict future events and business outcome.  Discovers patterns derived from historical and transactional data to optimize business measures Prescriptive  Synthesizes big data, mathematical and computational sciences, and business rules to suggest decision options  Takes advantage of a future opportunity or mitigate a future risk and shows the implication of each decision option © 2013 5 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. A New Era of Smart The Scope of Advanced Analytics • IBM analytics breadth covers the full spectrum of decisions • IBM is the undisputed leader in advanced analytics Cognitive How can we learn dynamically? Prescriptive How can we achieve the best outcome? Predictive What could happen in the future? Descriptive What has already happened? Information Layer How is data managed and stored? How can everyone be more right… ….more often? BBuussiinneessss VVaalluuee  Reasoning  Learning  Natural Language  Optimization  Rules  Constraints  Machine learning  Forecasting  Statistical Analysis  Alerts & Drill Down  Ad hoc Reports  Standard Reports  Big Data Platforms  Content Management  RDBMS and Integration IBM Big Data & Analytics © 2013 6 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. A New Era of Smart Accelerating the Client’s Journey to Cognitive Win on Innovation COGNITIVE PRESCRIPTIVE Compete on time to business value – through context specific data, methods, workflow. Continuum PREDICTIVE DESCRIPTIVE Analytics The FOUNDATION INFORMATION Reasoning Learning Natural Language Optimization Rules Predictive Modeling Forecasting Statistical Analysis Alerts Drilldown Query Ad-hoc Reports Standard Reports Big Data Platforms Natural, Intuitive or Automated Interaction Context Specific Usage Opportunities to infuse cognition and collaboration in existing solutions and products for differentiation ECM Information Integration RDBMS © 2013 7 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. A New Era of Smart Analytics: a Business Imperative across Industries  Clients realize value through solutions * Source: IBM Market Development & Insight – GMV 1H2013 IBM Watson Engagement Advisor IBM Watson Engagement Advisor Transforms client experience with deep personalized Q&A Transforms client experience with deep personalized Q&A IBM Predictive Maintenance & Quality IBM Predictive Maintenance & Quality Improves productivity, prevents downtime and reduces costs Improves productivity, prevents downtime and reduces costs IBM Credit Risk Management IBM Credit Risk Management Derive competitive advantage from risk management processes Derive competitive advantage from risk management processes IBM Enterprise Marketing Management IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Discover and react in real time to how consumers are interacting Discover and react in real time to how consumers are interacting IBM Social Media Analytics IBM Social Media Analytics Uncover customer sentiment, predict behavior, improve marketing Uncover customer sentiment, predict behavior, improve marketing © 2013 8 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. A New Era of Smart IBM’s Portfolio delivers Business Value  Business value from automation of routine decisions, to transformative new usages of data Line of Business Leaders Industry Solutions Integrated by Design CPO CMO CHRO CFO CIO CRO Mayors Cloud Predictive Prescriptive Cognitive Mobile Social Big Data & Analytics Market-Growth Initiatives Client-Driven Capabilities and Platforms Big Data Infrastructure © 2013 9 IBM Corporation Supported by IBM expertise through BAO services Smarter Commerce Smarter Workforce Smarter Cities Smarter Analytics Cloud
  10. 10. A New Era of Smart Power Systems enables next Generation Big Data and Analytics Applications Power Solutions Power Systems Industry Solutions Business & Predictive Analytics Cognitive Computing IBM Watson Natural Language Learning 1,000+ Concurrent Queries Real-time Analytics Parallel processing memory processing Stream Computing Massive IO bandwidth Continuous data load Design Open & flexible infrastructure - Available on premise or through the Cloud Large-scale ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 99.997% Availability 0 Incidents, Vulnerability 1.3M IOPS Scalability © 2013 10 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. A New Era of Smart ANALYTICS IN THE CONTEXT OF BIG DATA © 2013 11 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. A New Era of Smart Analytics in the Context of Big Data - The Big Data Analytics Challenge From noisy data to trustworthy insights VVeerraacciittyy  Understand jargon and acronyms, eliminate spam Heterogeneous data VVaarriieettyy  Combine, correlate information over 100’s of sources (sites, forums, message boards, newswires…) Timely Decision making VVeelloocciittyy  Make decisions in near real-time over 10K+ messages/second <20% >80% Data Content  Requiring overcoming the high volume, real-time, and unstructured nature of social media and Enterprise data streams Growing volume of data VVoolluummee  Social media or other media source data  Extract concepts from several 100M messages/day  100M+ active users per source Learning, NLP, Discovery • Auditory & visual processing • Logic & reasoning • Improve interventions Data Volume 360-degree Profiles • Micro-segmentation • Predict Behavior Listening and Monitoring • Sentiment, Buzz • Key influencers Analytics Complexity Manual Interaction • Polling & Extrapolation © 2013 12 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. A New Era of Smart Analytics in the Context of Big Data - Key Drivers for Cognitive Analytics  The need for cognitive analytics is driven by the confluence of SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile), Big Data, and Cloud VVeerraacciittyy VVaarriieettyy VVeelloocciittyy VVoolluummee Cognitive Systems © 2013 13 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. A New Era of Smart Analytics in the Context of Big Data - Veracity / Trust / Sentiment  Addressing the information trustworthiness of social media data  Some dimensions of trustworthiness /  Trustworthiness  Sentiment – Jokes – Prosody – Sarcasm – Seriousness – Emotion – Mood – Ambiguity – Humor – Dialect – Social factors … – Social media languages – Context – etc. VVeerraacciittyy Information Provenance Author Classification Integrity Assumption Usage Intention Content Analysis Relevance Determination © 2013 14 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. A New Era of Smart Analytics in the Context of Big Data DeepQA: The Architecture underlying Watson  Generates many hypotheses, collects wide range of evidence, balances the combined confidences of >100 different analytics that analyze the evidence from different dimensions Answer Scoring Learned Models help combine and weigh the Evidence Models Models Models Models Models Candidate Answer Generation Answer Sources Evidence Retrieval Deep Evidence Scoring Primary Models Search Final Confidence Synthesis Merging & Ranking Answer & Confidence Evidence Sources Hypothesis Generation Hypothesis and Evidence Scoring Each year the EU selects capitals of culture; one of the 2010 cities was this Turkish “meeting place of cultures” Question & Topic Analysis Hypothesis Generation Hypothesis and Evidence Scoring Question Decomposition © 2013 15 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. A New Era of Smart Analytics in the Context of Big Data - Watson drives optimized outcomes Generates and evaluates hypothesis for better outcomes 99% 60% 10% Understands natural language and human speech Adapts and Learns from user selections and responses 3 2 1 …built on a massively parallel probabilistic evidence-based architecture optimized for Linux on POWER7+ © 2013 16 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. A New Era of Smart BIG DATA ANALYTICS REFERENCE MODEL © 2013 17 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. A New Era of Smart Big Data & Analytics Platform An innovative, foundational big data platform can help tackle big data’s four V’s (volume, variety, velocity and veracity) with an integrated set of big data technologies to address the business pain, reduce time and cost, and provide quicker return on investment More cost-effectively analyze Analyze streaming data petabytes of structured and and large data bursts for unstructured formation near-real-time insights Access deep insight with advanced in-database analytics and operational analytics Big data platform Systems management Application development Discovery Apache Hadoop system Stream computing Data warehouse Information integration and governance Data Media Content Machine Social © 2013 18 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. A New Era of Smart Big Data Analytics Reference Model - Key Capabilities Components to build a trusted information integration layer with ETL, data quality, real-time data processing, federation, metadata mgmt, … Business Analytics & Applications Layer Data Persistency Layer Infrastructure Services Data Transformation & Integration Layer Heterogeneous Data Sources Visualization & Reporting Layer Comprehensive Big Data advanced analytics layer with applications & research assets on heterogeneous source data Traditional reporting and BI analytics, with visualization & exploration of heterogeneous data Traditional DW system (SOR, ODS, marts) with MDM system, DW appliances, and augmented with Hadoop platform Common infrastructure services, such as systems management, security, backup, information governance, … Heterogeneous data landscape including existing data stored in BSS systems, from the network, external, customer touch points © 2013 19 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. A New Era of Smart Cognitive Analytics Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics Descriptive Analytics SAMPLE PROJECTS AND CUSTOMER CASE STUDIES ILLUSTRATING THE EVOLUTION OF ANALYTICS (IN THE CONTEXT OF BIG DATA) © 2013 22 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. A New Era of Smart Predictive Analytics Demographics Enrichment for unknown Subscribers Gain analytical insight for pre-paid demographics  Understand post-paid subscribers – Using post-paid demographics data (age, gender, income, …) – Gaining insight: propensity/predictive modeling, micro-segmentation, clustering, sentiment analytics, … from appl usage data, web browsing, CDR, social media  Understand pre-paid subscribers – Gaining insight: propensity/predictive modeling, micro-segmentation, clustering, sentiment analytics, … – Demographics data isn't available or not sufficiently trustworthy  Correlate post- with pre-paid subscribers and map demographics – Correlate post- with pre-paid segments, clusters, behavior, interest, … – Map known demographics for post-paid to corresponding pre-paid subscribers Required Data Sources  Voice & data CDR (MSISDN & Usage)  Behavioral data: – Web browsing & search (internal and external), user agent: browser, appl and/or device that made request, content type: type of data sent/downloaded  Public sources (will be used, not required from CSP): – Wikipedia – IMDB – Open Directory Project (ODP) © 2013 24 IBM Corporation  Subscriber reference data (e.g. from CRM or EDW) Predictive Analytics
  22. 22. A New Era of Smart Predictive Analytics Demographics Enrichment for unknown Subscribers CSP Analytical insight Visualization Consumption by Advertisement DATA SOURCES CSP & other  Voice & data CDR (MSISDN & Usage)  MSP (MSISDN & URL)  Behavioral data (e.g. blogs, use of mobile apps, Web browsing & Web search )  Public sources (e.g. ODP)  Metadata, e.g. time, size, …  CRM or EDW IBM Singapore Data understanding Data transformation Data preparation Predictive Analytics PRODUCTS & Tools  BigInsights (incl. BigSheets, SystemT, HDFS, Jaql, …)  Customer Modeler  SPSS Modeler  NLP  DB2 SaaS Correlation Predictive modeling Propensity modeling Micro-segmentation Clustering Sentiment IBM BigInsights Admin Customer Modeler Admin (Predictive Analytics) Data anonymization Data provisioning © 2013 25 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. A New Era of Smart Predictive Analytics Demographics Enrichment for unknown Subscribers Pre-paid CSP Data Sources: Voice/Data CDRs Behavioral Data Source Data Transformation HDFS Analytical Model (pre-paid) DB2 Predictive Model (for pre-paid) HDFS Analytical Model (post-paid) Public Sources (not from CSP): Wikipedia IMDB ODP Post-paid CSP Data Sources: Voice/Data CDRs Behavioral Data • InfoSphere BigInsights • Customer Modeler • SPSS / DB2 / NLP GTS SmartCloud Enterprise Predictive Analytics Analysis/Insight Pre-paid: • Age • Gender • Income Used for gaining Analytical Insight Transformation Anonymization (to be validated) Post-paid CSP Data Sources: Subscriber Demographics Visualization Used for building Predictive Model © 2013 26 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. A New Era of Smart XO Communications takes control of customer satisfaction 142 percent reduction in revenue erosion for customers at most risk of churning $10 million+ savings/year from increased retention and reduced customer service costs 5 months to achieve full return on investment Solution components The transformation: XO Communications had already taken the first steps in identifying customer retention risks through analytics; now it wanted to seize the opportunity to put these insights into action more effectively. By using IBM® SPSS® solutions to hone its predictive models, the company built a richer, more up-to-date picture of its client base and began delivering this data to a greater range of employees. “We are only just starting to realize the true potential that IBM analytics holds across the business.” • IBM® SPSS® Analytics Catalyst — Bill Helmrath, Director of Business Intelligence, XO Communications • IBM SPSS Modeler • IBM SPSS Modeler Server • IBM SPSS Statistics • IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights™ YTP03235-USEN-00 © 2013 27 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. A New Era of Smart Fiserv cuts IT costs while enhancing analytics capabilities with software and infrastructure from IBM $8 million saved in IT costs over a five-year period 90% reduction in the number of midrange servers under management Boosts availability and improves the agility of service delivery Solution Components  IBM® AIX®  IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence  IBM DB2®  IBM InfoSphere® Warehouse  IBM PowerHA®  IBM PowerVM®  IBM SPSS®  IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager and System Automation for Multi- Platforms  IBM WebSphere® Application Server  IBM Power® 770 Business Challenge: Fiserv was seeking new ways to attract, retain and grow profitable customer relationships while helping its clients compete with newer and larger banks. Leveraging predictive analytics applications proved key to this goal, but Fiserv realised that it also needed a more agile, available and scalable IT infrastructure to support its new capabilities. The Solution: IBM information management and predictive analytic solutions enable Fiserv to transform billions of raw transactions into actionable insights that help small and midsize banks better target offers and maximize their marketing dollars. The use of cloud technologies to consolidate and virtualize servers helps reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market. “We have estimated a five-year-cumulative run rate reduction of about $8 million with the server consolidation and virtualization project.” —Leroy Hill, Manager, Midrange Engineering, Fiserv © 2013 28 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. A New Era of Smart Cognitive Analytics Halalan 2013 Social Media Tracking  BUZZ – candidates, topics, personalities, broadcasters Cognitive Analytics – How much / What is being said about the candidates (ongoing and for key “events” like debates, advertisements, etc.), different shows, news anchors. – How does this change over time, what is trending.  SENTIMENT – popular opinion – What do voters like or dislike about the candidates, the parties, campaigns, constituents, etc. – How does this sentiment break down by the different groups (voters, political affiliation, news professionals, demographics, affinity groups, etc.) – Understand brand sentiment, i.e., whether ABS-CBN is being perceived as unbiased and trusted. How are the different news personalities being perceived: credible, neutral, fair?  INTENT – action – What is the intent to act (support / vote) for each candidate. – What election outcomes can be predicted (shifts in candidate sentiment, voter intent, etc.) © 2013 29 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. A New Era of Smart (just a few examples) CURRENT RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT AREAS © 2013 30 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. A New Era of Smart Cognitive Analytics: Technical Capabilities required Watson Solutions – Build on repeatable Assets Watson for Healthcare Watson for Financial Services Watson for Client Engagement Watson for Industry Solutions Sample Advisor Solutions Sample Advisor Solutions Sample Advisor Solutions Utilization Research Banking Insurance Call Center Oncology Care Mgt. Financial Markets Knowledge Help Desk Technical ASK Services DISCOVER Services DECISION Services NLP & Machine Learning 100111001 10010010010 1000101100101 10001010010 00110101 Data Analytics Cloud Mobile Workload Optimized Systems Capabilities Platform Content Tooling Methods Algorithms APIs Ready Build Teach Run Full Lifecycle © 2013 31 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. A New Era of Smart Massive Scale SNA (X-RIME) over BigInsights Current Research Area  Project Overview – X-RIME is a library that consists of MapReduce programs, which are used to do raw data pre-processing, transformation, SNA metrics and structures calculation, and graph / network visualization – Based on IBM InfoSphere BigInsights (Hadoop) – Goes beyond SPSS SNA for churn propensity modeling  Reference – Commercial Solution: China Mobile enterprise blog analysis solution – ARL MSA on Power Benchmarking: Pageranking 390 millions of nodes on 10-nodes power7 cluster (2 hours per iteration) – Integrated to SystemG as GraphBase – Open Source X-RIME on SourceForge  Selected X-RIME SNA Algorithms – Vertex degrees (in/out/both/average/max ) – Weekly connected components – Bi-connected components – Breadth first search (BFS) – K-core – Maximal clique – Community detection based on label propagation – Community detection based on scored label propagation – Community detection based on propinquity – Modularity evaluation – Hyperlink induced topic search (HITS) – Pagerank – Minimal spanning tree (MST) – Ego-centric network – Vertex clustering coefficient – Edge clustering coefficient SSNNAA lliibbrraarryy Message Passing Framework Graph Data Model (Object) MMaappRReedduuccee HHDDFFSS X-RIME Architecture © 2013 32 IBM Corporation
  30. 30. © 2013 IBM Corporation A New Era of Smart Thank you