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IBM Smarter Business 2012 - Tivoli Storage Manager


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Hantera mer än bara backup och recovery i TSM. Vi ser på hur TSM integreras med hårdvara för stora mängder data över tid. Hur kan arkivfunktionerna i TSM användas? Vi visar tips och idéer från verkligheten!

Talare: Terje Lindholm, Solution Architecht, ITF

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IBM Smarter Business 2012 - Tivoli Storage Manager

  1. 1. Tivoli Storage ManagerTerje LindholmSvensk IT Funktion
  2. 2. Leading the way for more than 18 yearsTivoli Storage Manager has been a leader inhelping organizations protect, retain and assure Unified Recovery Managementavailability of their most important asset • Backup / Restore• Innovation from the start • Archive / Retrieve• 1st disk-to-disk backup solution • Disaster Recovery• 1st to provide support for both disk and tape • Data Lifecycle Management• 1st to use hierarchical storage management for • Application Protection offline storage • Database Protection• 1st to offer a fully incremental approach for • Virtual Server Protection backup window management • Remote Office Data Protection• Industry’s broadest range of OS and HW • Desktop / Mobile User Protection platforms from laptop to mainframe • Data Deduplication• Emphasizing data reduction since 1993 • Bare Machine Recovery
  3. 3. Storage ManagerBackupArkiv Archive/RetriveHSM
  4. 4. Storage Manager Diskpooler Tapepooler
  5. 5. Storage Manager
  6. 6. Storage Manager Primary Dedup No dedup Copy Activepool
  7. 7. Storage Manager Primary Dedup No dedup Copy Activepool DB2
  8. 8. Storage Manager Primary Dedup DB2 No dedup Copy Activepool DB2
  9. 9. PrimaryStorage Manager Dedup No dedup Copy Activepool DB2
  10. 10. Storage Manager• Reduce infrastructure costs – servers, storage, bandwidth• Reduce operational expenses• Improve application availability and reduce downtime• Efficiently protect Virtual environments• Reduce risk associated with data loss• Achieve regulatory and corporate compliance• Manage your data throughout its lifecycle• Future-proof your data management processes
  11. 11. Contact detailsOnce you have uploaded your presentations and videos to the ftp site (as perslides 5, 6, 7), or if you have any questions in relation to the above, pleasecontact:Chris HeylandProducerGeorge P. JohnsonE: chris.heyland@gpj.comT: +44(0)208 879 2343M: +44(0)7917 076 488