WebSphere Connectivity & Integration: Leveraging responsive IT to make your business smarter and more agile


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Hursley Comes To You 2011
WebSphere Connectivity & Integration:
Leveraging responsive IT to make your business
smarter and more agile
Chris Sharp
STSM, Master Inventor

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WebSphere Connectivity & Integration: Leveraging responsive IT to make your business smarter and more agile

  1. 1. Hursley Comes To The Nordics – May 2011WebSphere Connectivity & Integration:Leveraging responsive IT to make your businesssmarter and more agileChris Sharp STSM, Master Inventor WebSphere © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Our world is becoming vastly more complex 33 billion 534 billion RFID tags embedded into Dollars in mobile our world transactions by 2015 70% 1 trillion Of businesses outsource Devices connected to the one or more strategic internet by 2013 activities 85% 50% Of businesses plan to adoptOf enterprises use external more collaborative sourcing cloud services models2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Business leaders must drive growth amidst complexityCEOs are focusing on Innovation New Channels Collaboration 81% believe innovation is 70% are focusing on new 69% are collaborating with key to getting closer to their channels to deliver services customers to deliver better customers to their customers products and services to capitalize on complexity and outmanoeuvre competitors3 Source: IBM CEO Study, 2010 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Your success depends on quickly and flexibly bringingtogether information across a dynamic business network CRMPartners, Suppliers, Cloud Applications & Customers Supply Chain HR / Rich integrationBusiness to Payroll between cloud andbusiness integration on premisefor efficient trading applications Data Mart ERP Call Center Internal Enterprise Powerful & reliable messaging and4 integration across the enterprise © 2011 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011With comprehensive connectivity & integration Integration across End-to-end visibility internal operations, into transactions as hybrid environments they flow across the and extended value multi-enterprise digital chains value chain Governance and community management within and beyond the enterprise5 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Pre-built best practices simplify and speed integration Solve critical integration issues rapidly and ensure success using pre- developed connectivity patterns based on industry best practice • Rapidly establish new connections • Realize full ROI in as little as 6 months • Reduce risk and drive consistency by leveraging deep expertise and proven approaches6 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Build your Dynamic Business Network on a foundation ofrobust connectivity & integration Connectivity & integration is fundamental for your SOA – Flexibly linking applications, information, and processes across the enterprise7 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Only IBM can deliver comprehensive connectivity & integration Faster than Change Extended to the Edge • Fit-for-purpose capabilities that • Comprehensive Application, B2B, can scale to hundreds of millions and Cloud integration capabilities of daily transactions • Rapid integration of sensors, • Rapid integration of new partners, meters, and other devices into services, and policy changes the messaging architecture Effective Everywhere Powerfully Simple • Proven reliability and governance • Pre-built patterns and templates across all integration domains to accelerate time to market • Detailed visibility into end-to-end • Unmatched industry and business transactions integration expertise That tames complexity, drives innovation, and gets you closer to your customers8 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011IBM’s Universal Messaging BackboneProven, Flexible, Robust business data delivery from anywhere to everywhere IBM UNIVERSAL MESSAGING IBM UNIVERSAL MESSAGING Business Sense and Respond Transactions MQ MQ MQ Telemetry MQ Telemetry Leveraging System z Web applications MQ for z/OS MQ for z/OS MQ HTTP Bridge MQ HTTP Bridge Managed File Transfer Real-time Awareness MQ File Transfer Edition MQ File Transfer Edition MQ Low Latency Messaging MQ Low Latency Messaging Extra Data Protection Cloud Platform-as-a-Service MQ Advanced Message Security MQ Advanced Message Security MQ Hypervisor Edition MQ Hypervisor Edition9 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Facilitating your Messaging Backbone in the cloudWebSphere MQ Hypervisor Edition for Red Hat Enterprise Linux for X86 V7.0.1 Rapidly install, configure and deploy MQ messaging solution in the cloud Enables administrators to leverage cloud provisioning to deploy and update MQ solutions New in V7.0.1: – Easily maintain and upgrade MQ installations – Supports for Red Hat Enterprise Linux x86 64- bit environments – Dispense new MQ images rapidly and easily, Optimizes WebSphere MQ for by combining IBM Workload Deployer cloud virtualized environments, enabling appliances or VMWare more flexible hardware utilization, reduced installation and configuration time, allowing more time for strategic initiatives10 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Add security protection to messagesWebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security V7.0.1.1  Protects message contents end-to-end  Helps comply with aspects of regulatory compliance obligations  Reduces time and skills needed to secure messaging What’s New?  Add security services to WebSphere MQ  No changes needed to existing messaging solutions  Protects message contents at the application level  Protects message contents end-to-end by encrypting data in queues, including when residing in queues  Improved customer’s ability to meet regulatory compliance obligations, such as one of 6 key PCI DSS requirements  Simplified administration with centralized policy-based authentication for applications. Supports Hardware Security Modules  MQ currency support and Connectivity Portfolio support - MQ V6.0, V7.0 and V7.0.1, also support MQ FTE V7.0.1.3 11 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Comprehensive Managed File Transfer EnvironmentWebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition V7.0.4  Enables reliable Managed File Transfer  Leverages existing investments in MQ networks and skills  Connects batch-driven file-based systems with message-oriented online applications and services  Supports rapid development of ad hoc transfers  New in V7.0.4: – Enables MFT across a combined MQ and Connect:Direct solution Provide a secure and reliable Managed File Transfer – Transfers files into and out of existing environment across Connect:Direct Connect:Direct networks and WMQ FTE endpoints – Visibility of files that transfer into and out of existing Connect:Direct networks12 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Managed File Transfer across MQ and Connect:Direct networks  Pains – Integrate existing C:D environment with MQ messaging-based environments – Visibility into transfers that flow from MQ FTE into and out of existing C:D networks  WMQ File Transfer Edition V7.0.4 provides – Bridge adds ability to send files to (& receive files from) existing C:D nodes – Enhanced visibility of transfers into/out of Connect:Direct networks WebSphere Connect: FTE C:D Bridge Direct MQ FTE network network FTE C:D Client Node Audit Trail13 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Sense & Respond with WebSphere MQ Telemetry  Messaging optimized for smart sensors and telemetry devices  Enables intelligent decision-making based on remote real-world events  Remote resource management of static or moving assets, people, locations Telemetry capabilities – Direct device integration into back-office – Event-driven publish-and-subscribe – Tiny messaging optimized for resource- delivery of only significant information constrained devices & gateways (RTUs) – Open protocol encourages widespread – Terse protocol & compact header for device enablement fragile & pay-per-byte networks – Last Will & Testament for automated – Advanced device level data buffering handling of device failures or outages intelligent interconnected instrumented IBM Connectivity logistics homes operations stores offshore headquarters MQ Telemetry MQ sensors meters controllers rfid scada14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Reliable, high volume, low latency messagingWebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging V2.6 Respond to business opportunities faster with ultra low latency, high throughput messaging Minimize disruption to business by addressing critical need for constant latency  Near zero jitter  Constant, predictable latency New in V2.6: – Increased throughput and industry leading latency • 98 million messages per second • 1 microsecond latency for shared Deliver high volume low latency memory solutions with high throughput, – Enhanced Consumability flexible message delivery, – Improved Networking filtering and congestion control – Expanded Platform coverage15 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011 Accelerate & simplify for universal connectivity & integration WebSphere Message Broker V7.0.0.2  Eliminate complex and point-to-point integration connecting anything to anything  Simplify integration with intelligent routing and pre-built mediations  Accelerates productivity across user roles with patterns-based development IBM WebSphere Message Broker V7.0.0.1 & V7.0.0.2 What’s Enhanced?  Simplicity and Productivity with pattern creation, refinements and a development community  Universal Connectivity for SOA with nodes for Web Services, email input, CICS, CORBA, JDEdwards and WMQ File Transfer  Dynamic Operational Management adding Web Services Gateway for better manageability, execution group profiles for multi-tenancy and SAML for security  Platform Coverage with new support for SolidDB, Windows 7, and JMS Node enhancements16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Rapidly provision and deploy runtime environmentsWebSphere Message Broker Hypervisor Edition V7.0  Speed time-to-value by rapidly deploying and configuring environments leveraging best practice deployment patterns  Efficiently and cost-effectively deploy and manage ESB deployments, including new flows, fixes, and modifications What’s new?  Hypervisor enablement of WebSphere Message Broker V7.0 for use in virtualized IBM WebSphere Message environments Broker Hypervisor Edition V7.0  Full deployment of Broker image with underlying OS & configurations via IBM Workload Deployer cloud appliances or VMWare17 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011ESB for Quick Integration of Applications and ProcessesWebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V7.5  Decouples complex integration logic from each application providing consistency in connectivity across point-to-point infrastructure diversity BPM  Provides service mediation and hosting on common Portal internet-standard application infrastructure based on WAS  Extends to service registry and repository for SOA Commerce WESB Adapters solutions with a published catalog of services supporting dynamic endpoint resolution  New in V7.5: – Common Web 2.0 role-based business space UI for SOA users of WESB and WSRR, extending to WAS ND, WAS z/OS BPM – Policy resolution extended to cover all binding Achieve efficiencies in skills, cost types and manual endpoints configured in WSRR and time-to-value across your – More powerful transformations with XSLT2 middleware solutions – Textual mediation flow format for a scriptable ESB allowing XML editing with tool of choice – Dynamic service connectivity for any application, including WAS and BPM (any edition)18 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Enhanced connectivity to key applications, systems andstandardsWebSphere Adapters v7.5  Provides service enablement for EIS connectivity and technology standards  Quickly and easily service enable legacy applications, ERP, HR, CRM, and supply chain systems  New in V7.5: – Enhanced Oracle EBS, SAP, Siebel, JDBC, and ECM Adapters – Active-active HA clustering extended to JDBC, Flat File and FTP adapters – New calendar-based scheduling across adapters Unlock siloed information and for inbound event polling extend applications to promote – Delivered with Integration Designer v7.5 (for reuse and maximize ROI WebSphere ESB and BPM Advanced) and with RAD v8.0.3, WAS v8 Base and ND (for java developers) 19 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Increased Visibility and Control for Insight into your SOAWebSphere Service Registry and Repository V7.5  Ensures awareness of available applications, services and their consumers with associated metadata and documents throughout the organization  Helps implement recommended practices and increases runtime agility enabling a policy driven SOA ensuring: – Consistent application of operational policies – Enforcement of governance lifecycle policies New in V7.5:  Improved role-based business space UI widgets for improved user experience, including report hosting to quickly view reports  Enhanced search capability allowing google-type search through metadata and documentation  Updated policy authoring, attachment and Gain insight into SOA services and their analytics, including: consumption, policies and associated – Click-to-assign governance lifecycles metadata in your enterprise – Assertion wizard to help assign assertions to lifecycle transitions – Operational policy analytics for WebSphere Message Broker 20 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Integrate Cloud & On-premise ApplicationsWebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration Connects Hybrid World of Cloud and On-Premise Applications In DaysFastest Time to Market: No software to install or manage; Graphical configuration, not coding; Pre-built Template Integration Processes (TIPs) for the most common integration scenariosLowest Costs: Up to 80% lower costs vs. hand- coding alternatives; Low monthly subscription pricingRapid, Efficient Development: Unmatched flexibility — can be deployed as an appliance, virtual appliance or integration-as-a-service; Pre-built connectors for SaaS, CRM, ERP, all major databases, flat-files, Web Services, messaging systems, etcWhat’s new: WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud –WebSphere DataPower Cast Iron Appliance XH40: purpose- integration enables you to connect built, easy-to-use appliance designed for simplified deployment the hybrid world of cloud and on- to deliver the capabilities needed for cloud and on-premise premise applications within days application integration. –WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition: a virtual appliance to achieve the lowest cost and that can be installed on your existing servers by using highest returns on your virtualization technology. investment in cloud and SaaS –WebSphere Cast Iron Live: A complete multi-tenant cloud models. offering to connect cloud and on premise applications.21 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011DataPower Appliances Drive Business AgilityWebSphere DataPower Integration XI52 and B2B XB62 Appliances WebSphere DataPower Appliances provide a low startup cost, helping companies increase their ROI and reduce their TCO These specialized, consumable, dedicated appliances combine superior performance and hardened security in a easy-to-deploy form factor New in the DataPower XI52 and XB62: – Modular design lowers TCO by efficiently easing delivery of additional hardware features – Up to 40% increase in performance for many use cases WebSphere DataPower Appliances – Enhanced WSRR subscriptions for WSDL and WS- have been leading the marketplace Policy since 2003 with proven solutions New in DataPower XB62: that accelerate time-to-market and – Support for ebXML CPPA v2.0 lower total cost of ownership – Enhanced MQ File Transfer Edition Integration and transaction visibility22 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Unify Platforms, Processes, and WorkloadsWebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance for zEnterprise XI50z Increases ROI with up to 23x better price performance compared to similarly configured competitive ESB offerings Acts as a bridge for distributed and System z platforms by offering built-in, message-level security alongside swift and flexible integration with any-to-any transformation between disparate message formatsNew in the DataPower XI50z:  Security: VLAN support provides enforced By seamlessly connecting isolation of network traffic disparate IT databases and  Improved support: Monitoring of hardware operations, the DataPower XI50z with “call home” for current/expected problems can unify platforms, processes, and workloads to help take businesses  Operational controls: Monitoring rolled into to new heights System z environment from a single console.23 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Simple Multi-box Management for WebSphere AppliancesWebSphere Appliance Management Center Efficiently manage clusters of DataPower appliances including configurations and firmware deployments Monitor the health of appliances from a single pre-configured console New in V4.0: – Exploits new DataPower configuration and firmware management interfaces for greater flexibility and control – Easy to manage deployment policies for Provides fast time to market for lifecycle management, individually or in WebSphere Appliance management managed sets with firmware deployment, – Enhanced UI with navigation by user role domain/config services, and deployment policy management – Out of the box monitoring for visibility and control of performance and availability24 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011 Enable Complex Global B2B Communities Sterling B2B Integration Solutions  Optimize connectivity and transactions across your entire commerce ecosystem  Reduce costs and increase agility with rapid on-boarding or Integration as a Service  Rapidly, flexibly, and securely aggregate information across your dynamic business network  Improve collaborative relationships with partners and customers What’s New: IBM Sterling File Transfer Service New cloud service for file based business-to-business interactions Direct connectivity between Sterling Connect:Direct and WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition V7.0.4 Quick Start and Document Management services for Sterling B2B Integrator Document- and process-tracking from mobile devices File transfer monitoring and alerts to mobile devices Transparently managed FTP processes for System z 25 © 2011 IBM Corporation25
  26. 26. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011 IBM’s Connectivity & Integration across Dynamic Business Networks Cloud based B2B Integration as a Service and Hybrid Cloud real-time application integration Pre-connected partners WebSphere Cast Iron Live Sterling B2B Collaboration Network Sterling B2B Integration Services Smart Devices Rapid Hybrid Cloud Trading PartnersIntegration WebSphere Cast Iron Suppliers Carriers Banks Reliable integration within Standards-based, reliable and the enterprise secure integration beyond the WebSphere MQ enterprise WebSphere Message Broker Sterling B2B Integrator WebSphere ESB WebSphere DataPower WebSphere DataPower WebSphere Transformation Extender 26 WebSphere Service Registry & WebSphere MQ Telemetry © 2011 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 2011Recent announcements from 2H 2010 and 1H 2011.Messaging Integration Foundation• Connect sensors and devices with lightweight and • Grow your SOA adoption with a scriptable and reliable messaging configurable ESB WebSphere MQ Telemetry WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus v7.5• End-to-end message level security, reducing the time • Accelerated integration for universal and skills needed for aspects of common security connectivity standards WebSphere Message Broker v7.0.0.2 WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security • Increased visibility, control and insight into your• Increased performance and availability for low- SOA latency messaging WebSphere Service Registry & Repository v7.5 WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging v2.6 • Unified role-based user-experience with WESB Registry Edition v7.5 to better manage yourCloud integration services WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition• Multi-tenant integration as a service to connect cloud v7.5 and on premise applications WebSphere Cast Iron Live • Enhanced connectivity to key applications, systems and standards• Physical and Virtual integration appliance WebSphere Adapters v7.5 WebSphere DataPower Cast Iron Appliance XH40 WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition • Increased performance and enhanced• Leverage best practice deployment patterns with integration WebSphere DataPower Integration XI52, XI50z, B2B private cloud provisioning XB62 WebSphere MQ & WebSphere Message Broker Hypervisor Edition Managed file transferB2B integration •Enabling customers to leverage their• Cloud service for file-based B2B interactions & investments to enable Managed File Transfers between domains document management services WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition v7.0.4 Sterling B2B Integration Solutions Sterling Connect:Direct27 © 2011 IBM Corporation New announcements at IMPACT 2011
  28. 28. Hursley Comes to the Nordics – May 201128 © 2011 IBM Corporation