The truth about application release and deployment top 10 myths exposed


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The truth about application release and deployment top 10 myths exposed

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The truth about application release and deployment top 10 myths exposed

  1. 1. Miissiinnffoorrmmaattiioonn Reeiiggnnss “Worldwide confusion about app release and deployment!” What’s true and not true
  2. 2. Developer hasn’t seen Daylight in weeks Only one way to deploy enterprise apps Family weeps for lost loved one
  3. 3. Only way to deploy enterprise apps. Deployment setups that are truly automatic don’t need special scripts—they work with the tools you already use. Automation means automatic
  4. 4. Dev teamdeploying! loves “Not a special skill,” many say No details missed
  5. 5. Only way to deploy enterprise apps. Deployment is a specialty Don’t make your developers design the deployment process. Set it up so they can test first and then deploy.
  6. 6. Magic spreadsheet tracks everything! Enterprise-level releases “easy to do” Specialized tools deemed unnecessar y
  7. 7. Enterprise apps need more Sure, emails and spreadsheets are OK for simple releases. But what about complex, interdependent, big releases? It’s impossible to collaborate and trace those without specialized tools.
  8. 8. Quality plummets with automation! “I should do it manually,” says exhausted human. Computers unfit for repetitive tasks
  9. 9. Repetitive tasks are what computers do When you automate, you let computers do what they do best. Plus, you’ll get tracking features to help keep things straight.
  10. 10. Savior of release coordination, developers sa sspprreeaaddsshheeeett hh aaiilleedd!y. “ Repetitive manual tasks: great use of your time.”– management
  11. 11. Only way to deploy enterprise apps. Dealing with the spreadsheet is a job in itself Release coordination tools make development faster, easier, and more precise.
  12. 12. Large Release Interdependencies Seamless! “no biggie,” teams say Conventional wisdom: small, frequent changes not profitable
  13. 13. Many hands make lighT work, and all that Small, frequent changes are easier, faster and less risky to make. Automation helps free developers to troubleshoot.
  14. 14. Automation and build: completely separate No transition prep necessary “ We just hit a button, and ever ything was per fect”
  15. 15. Automation requires preparation Test builds before they go into production. Versioning them makes tracking simpler.
  16. 16. rejoices Operations over bottlenecks! No culture changes in sight, thank goodness Management “ el ated ” to hear of backlogs
  17. 17. Backlogs are bad If you’re going to use release and deployment tools, get your teams ready for a change in the way they work.
  18. 18. All Problems Vanished! Developers stymied worldwide “They were here, we automated, now they’re gone,” dismayed programmer says
  19. 19. Getting a payoff takes time and work. There will be resistance and frustration at first. Stick with it.
  20. 20. You’ve heard all the myths about automating application release and deployment. Now let’s get to the truth. Check here for the details. go now